my 2009 favs.

30 December 2009

my 2009 favs.

well it wasn't easy...but i did it.
i give yall my favorite projects of 2009.

i hope that yall are as inspired by my collage as i am.
i can't wait to see what unfolds for me & p.s. i quilt in 2010.

happy new year yall.

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snow day.

29 December 2009

snow day.

it's totally okay to be 27 years old and still ♥ to play in the snow, right???
thought so.

these are my new emu boots compliments of santa baby!!!
{there are more snow day pics via my flickr.}

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cookies {& milk} for santa.

24 December 2009

cookies for santa.

well here they are.
santa's cookies & milk.
yum yum yum.

hope yall have a merry christmas eve!!!

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yayyy for siggy blocks.

21 December 2009

yayyy for siggy blocks.

my repro siggy blocks are here!!!
{these are for the repro signature block swap.}

i heart them. alot.

i can't wait to arrange {& rearrange} them to construct a quilt top.
good times.

i mentioned before that i'll be hosting a modernistic siggy swap.
{this will be after the kick off the new year.}

to see the projected guidelines and details...go here.

i'm still ONLY gauging interest, just so i know what to expect.
so let me know if yall are interested...or still interested.

please note:
saying you are interested now does not automatically commit you to the swap.
there will be official sign ups after the new year.

i have a date with the griswold's and this plate of delish christmas cookies.
i'll catch you cats on the flip side.

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mawmaw's poke cake.

18 December 2009

mawmaw's poke cake.

my mawmaw is the world's best cake maker.
that woman can make any cake better ... even a fruit cake!!!

mawmaw's poke cake recipe:
1 box white cake mix
1 cup boiling water
1 package jello
1 tub cool whip

mix and bake cake according to directions on cake mix box.
let cake cool in pan for 10 minutes.

poke cake with fork.
mix water and jello.
pour jello mixture over your cake.

refrigerate for 30 minutes.
then add cool whip on top.

your very own jello poke cake.

my favorite ...
mix 1/2 a package of black cherry jello with 1/2 package raspberry jello.

there are several variations to this recipe ...

there's a pudding poke cake:
instead of jello & water, use chocolate pudding & milk.
{cool whip optional.}

then there's a creamsicle poke cake:
instead of jello & water, use 1 cup crush orange coke.
{has to have cool whip ... yum.}

of course there are countless jello mixtures y'all can play with.
yum. yum. yum.

hope y'all enjoy.

xo, rachel

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hunky dory.

17 December 2009

hunky dory.

lookie what i've been playing with.
i ♥ this line SO much.

what fabric line are yall playing with???
inquiring minds want to know.

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irish flood quilts update.

16 December 2009

just wanted to give yall a quick irish flood quilts update.

packages received: 8
blocks received: 50
battings received: 1
fabrics donated: 1 fat quarter bundle
longarm services donated: 2

for all yall that have donated so far...
yall have made my heart happy.
thank you.

and i wanted to pass this along...
the amazing gals at irish quilting magazine have been SUPER busy!!!
they have already HAND delivered 30 quilts!!!
{30 quilts!!!}
isn't that awesome?!?!

i know that christmas is in 9 days but there's still time to help!!!
for details go here.

and here's another way to help out...
my pal elizabeth is auctioning off one of her quilts to help out.
{not just any quilt...her dolly dresses quilt!!!}
go check it out...& help out if you can.

thanks again to all my bloggy pals for block/batting/longarm donations!!!
and thanks to the fat quarter shop for the fat quarter bundle!!!

my next irish flood quilts update will reveal quilt tops!!!
{maybe even a few completed quilts!!!}

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dots and checks and dresses!!! oh, my!!!

13 December 2009

once upon a time there was a girl named dorothy.
although she loved the farm life, she longed for something more.

she was tired of hanging out with farm boys…she wanted a man… be the misses to someone’s mister.

“how am i ever gonna find a man in this played out checker dress?” she pondered.
and then it hit her…

"i’ll go see the wizard of aaah’s!!!"
"she’ll help me spruce up my dress collection, in turn sprucing up my love life.”

♫ “i’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of aaah’s…” ♫

the wizard of aaah’s designed 12 spectacular dresses for dorothy.
and of course they ALL matched her amazing red shoes.

feeling confident in her new dress she decided to stroll through the park.

and there he was...

mr. perfect was standing in her favorite spot…
the little bridge she'd always came and pondered things at.

he gave her a smile and a hello.
he was tall, handsome and had an irish accent.

she meet & instantly fell in love with mister connor o‘ banion.

the rest is history…she became the misses to his mister.
and they lived happily ever after…in ireland.

{i'm gauging interests for kits. let me know if yall are interested.}

edit to add some q & a:
will you offer single pattens??? yeppers.
what's the size of the quilt??? 54" square.
what fabrics are used??? all farics are lakehouse dry goods.

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doing vs. not doing

11 December 2009

what i haven't been doing:
hanging around blogland
tweeting like chad ocho cinco
answering emails
laundry. {ewww.}

what i have been doing:
cuddling a sick toddler
rereading twilight...yet again
living on christmas chocolates
filling etsy orders
quilting when time permits

and to answer the #1 question in my inbox right now:
andrew is starting to feel better.
thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.
yall are the best!!!

p.s. make sure yall stop by on sunday.
yall won't be disappointed.

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before & after. {glace.}

09 December 2009

i ♥ seeing before & afters.
don't yall???

this is one of my favorite table runners.
i'm planning on making a few for christmas gifts as well.
we'll see how far that goes. lol.

we are contemplating taking our little andrew to the emergency room.
i thought that blogging while hubby gave him a bath would calm my nerves.
so if you are the praying type...please pray for him.

i'm telling yall this because i might become m.i.a for a few days.
i'm sure yall understand.

oh and in the spirit of giving...
my holly jolly table runner pattern is 50% off until the 15th.
just because i feel like it.

edit: i got an email that the pattern was sold out.
it has been relisted and the links have been changed.

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the griffith photo collage.

08 December 2009

so this is what i do...
i "piece" things together.
and i'm SO okay with that.

i gotta tell yall...
i'm in ♥ with the new photo collage in my living room!!!

it's sentimental {& a little unbalanced} and i think it's perfect.

me & my handy dandy manly man created it.
{thanks honey for putting up with my indecisiveness.}

oh and my barn house loves it.

i know this is just a glimpse of my photo collage...
but trust me when i's rocks out.

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and the winners are...

07 December 2009

i didn't forget about the giveaway!!!

first i want to say a huge thanks for all yall's sweet comments.
they really made my ♥ happy.

and secondly...i drew more than one winner.
cause that's how i roll.

here are the lucky winners:

all these ladies have won moda precuts!!!

ladies...please email me ASAP.

and for those inquiring minds...
fabric in pic = verna by kate spain for moda fabrics.

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dolly blog.

04 December 2009

don't walk.
go over to holly holderman's blog...aka holly blog.

she's hosting another dolly dresses blog-a-thon!!!
today is the first day!!!

there are some VERY talented ladies invloved!!!
so trust me when i say...
yall SO don't want to miss any of the cutestness!!!

lean in closer so i can tell yall a secret...
yall just might see something rachel-ish during the blog-a-thon.

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irish flood quilts.

01 December 2009

it's NO secret that i ♥ ireland.
it's our homeland...our roots.
knowing this, yall will understand why this is SO close to my heart.

yall might {or might not} have heard about the flooding in ireland.
it's said that it's the worst occurrence in the past 800-ish years.
the south & west ends are effected first, followed by the midland areas.

500-600 homes have already been effected.
the news in county cork displaced families at a staggering 18,000.
it could be weeks or months before many residents can even estimate damages.
i know!!! heart breaking!!!

so here is where we can come in!!!
we can take our hobby and put warmth back in ireland for the flood victims.

how can yall help???
yall can make & donate disappearing nine patch blocks.
yall can make & donate charity quilts.
yall can donate backings & battings.
yall can donate longarm quilting.
easy peasy stuff.

i am colaborating with irish quilting magazine for this cause.
these ladies are the best of the best and are already putting things into action.

any blocks, quilts, backings & battings can be sent to me.
{in case you can't send international mail.}
or you can send them directly to ireland.

i realize that it's the christmas season...
please just take a few minutes to consider helping.
a disappearing nine patch block takes about 5 minutes to make.
that 5 minute block will warm someone's heart EVERYTIME they see it.

pattern resources:
disappearing nine patch tutorial here. {& here.}
lap size disappearing nine patch quilt tutorial here.
irish quilting flood relief quilt pattern here.

if there are any questions, i will update this post.

question #1: when is the deadline???
we currently don't have a hard date.
i know that we are aiming to do this as soon as possible though.

question #2: can i donate towards shipping costs???
absolutely!!! any and all donations are appreciated.
i can write you a reciept too for tax purposes.

question #3: can i just send blocks???
yes!!! your blocks will be made into a quilt top.
{either by myself or the ladies at irish quilting magazine.}

question #4: what address do i send my blocks/quilts to???
if you are sending to me...
i will give you my address upon request.
{i don't want to publish it on my blog.}

if you are sending to ireland...
irish quilting magazine
flood relief in action
berowra djouce
county wicklow

question #5: can we donate completed quilts that aren't disappearing nine patch???
finished quilts do NOT have to be disappearing nine patch quilts.
please feel free to donate whatever type of quilt you are lead to donate.

please take a button and spread the news!!!

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cyber monday sale.

30 November 2009

in the spirit of are 5 new christmasy patterns!!!
{pdf patterns.}

today...and today ONLY:
buy 3 get 1 free!!!

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27 November 2009

{yayyy for the christmas tree going up!!!}

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26 November 2009

{happy thanksgiving yall.}

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25 November 2009

{yum. yum. yum.}

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you're invited!!!

23 November 2009

UPDATE: my black friday sale will now become my cyber monday sale.
{i don't want my shoppers that shop brick & mortars on friday to miss out.}

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new moon night.

20 November 2009

{click to enlarge pic.}

oh my goodness!!!
new moon was freaking amazing!!!
SO, SO amazing!!!
not. even. joking.

new moon is 300 million times better than twilight!!!
like you almost can't even compare them.
totally different leagues.

chris weitz totally knocked it out of the park!!!
{i SO wish he would have been the director for twilight.}
he did the book SO much justice.

the scene we all dreaded...when edward left...
*sniff, sniff*
even more painful to see & hear.
my heart broke for bella.

the october, november & december pages...
i personally liked how they depicted them on screen.
{the change from october to november could've had more contrast though.}

did half of the movie budget go to taylor lautner's trainer???
the guy is ripped. wow.
instead of a 6-pack, he's sporting an 85-pack. haha.
i really think those 30 extra pounds agree with him.

the werewolves made me almost pee my pants.
{remember how i told yall i am scared to death of werewolves???}
well it happened...i was in tears...almost hyperventilating.
& it wasn't so much jacob in wolf form, but sam that really freaked me out.
{my niece was cracking up over this.}

when edward thinks bella is dead...
LOVED that scene.
yall just wait.

edward + red robe in volterra fight scene = awesomeness!!!
the whole scene with the volturi...amazing.
aro & jane were SO spot on.

and i'll close with this...
i personally LOVED the ending.
some people didn't, but i did.

i have SO much more i could elaborate on.
i'll be a good girl and wait though.

so who has opinions???
i want to hear them.

p.s. only 222 days until eclipse!!!
{yeah...i SO just said that!!!}
i can't wait for june 30th, 2010

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19 November 2009


it's new moon time!!!

actually we're gonna see twilight first.
then new moon.


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siggy this & siggy that.

18 November 2009

hi-5!!! i did it.
i finished all 70 of my signature blocks!!!
{these are for the repro signature block swap.}

so here's what i want to talk to yall about...
i'm considering hosting a modernistic siggy swap.
{this will be after the kick off the new year.}

i'm projecting this will be a swap with fabrics from designers like:
kate spain, tula pink, lila tueller
amy butler, patty young, anna maria horner
denyse schmidt & heather bailey.
{just to name a few.}

a few guidelines as of now:
the swap will be centralized.
international peeps are welcome.
a tutorial will be posted on my blog for the blocks to be made from.
{i am also going to mock up a setting pattern for our blocks.}
everyone will HAVE to use quilt shop quality fabrics.
we will communicate via flickr.
& a charity quilt will be donated!!!

i'm ONLY gauging interest now just so i know what to expect.
so let me know if yall are interested.

please note:
saying you are interested now does not automatically commit you to the swap.
there will be official sign ups after the new year.

oh and don't forget about my giveaway!!!
the prizes are AMAZING!!!

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