cyber monday sale.

30 November 2009

in the spirit of are 5 new christmasy patterns!!!
{pdf patterns.}

today...and today ONLY:
buy 3 get 1 free!!!

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27 November 2009

{yayyy for the christmas tree going up!!!}

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26 November 2009

{happy thanksgiving yall.}

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25 November 2009

{yum. yum. yum.}

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you're invited!!!

23 November 2009

UPDATE: my black friday sale will now become my cyber monday sale.
{i don't want my shoppers that shop brick & mortars on friday to miss out.}

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new moon night.

20 November 2009

{click to enlarge pic.}

oh my goodness!!!
new moon was freaking amazing!!!
SO, SO amazing!!!
not. even. joking.

new moon is 300 million times better than twilight!!!
like you almost can't even compare them.
totally different leagues.

chris weitz totally knocked it out of the park!!!
{i SO wish he would have been the director for twilight.}
he did the book SO much justice.

the scene we all dreaded...when edward left...
*sniff, sniff*
even more painful to see & hear.
my heart broke for bella.

the october, november & december pages...
i personally liked how they depicted them on screen.
{the change from october to november could've had more contrast though.}

did half of the movie budget go to taylor lautner's trainer???
the guy is ripped. wow.
instead of a 6-pack, he's sporting an 85-pack. haha.
i really think those 30 extra pounds agree with him.

the werewolves made me almost pee my pants.
{remember how i told yall i am scared to death of werewolves???}
well it happened...i was in tears...almost hyperventilating.
& it wasn't so much jacob in wolf form, but sam that really freaked me out.
{my niece was cracking up over this.}

when edward thinks bella is dead...
LOVED that scene.
yall just wait.

edward + red robe in volterra fight scene = awesomeness!!!
the whole scene with the volturi...amazing.
aro & jane were SO spot on.

and i'll close with this...
i personally LOVED the ending.
some people didn't, but i did.

i have SO much more i could elaborate on.
i'll be a good girl and wait though.

so who has opinions???
i want to hear them.

p.s. only 222 days until eclipse!!!
{yeah...i SO just said that!!!}
i can't wait for june 30th, 2010

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19 November 2009


it's new moon time!!!

actually we're gonna see twilight first.
then new moon.


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siggy this & siggy that.

18 November 2009

hi-5!!! i did it.
i finished all 70 of my signature blocks!!!
{these are for the repro signature block swap.}

so here's what i want to talk to yall about...
i'm considering hosting a modernistic siggy swap.
{this will be after the kick off the new year.}

i'm projecting this will be a swap with fabrics from designers like:
kate spain, tula pink, lila tueller
amy butler, patty young, anna maria horner
denyse schmidt & heather bailey.
{just to name a few.}

a few guidelines as of now:
the swap will be centralized.
international peeps are welcome.
a tutorial will be posted on my blog for the blocks to be made from.
{i am also going to mock up a setting pattern for our blocks.}
everyone will HAVE to use quilt shop quality fabrics.
we will communicate via flickr.
& a charity quilt will be donated!!!

i'm ONLY gauging interest now just so i know what to expect.
so let me know if yall are interested.

please note:
saying you are interested now does not automatically commit you to the swap.
there will be official sign ups after the new year.

oh and don't forget about my giveaway!!!
the prizes are AMAZING!!!

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meet rachel griffith.

17 November 2009

so today i am being spotlighted over at quilty pleasures.
{quiltmaker magazine's blog.}

pssst: there's a giveaway happening too!!!
rumor has it they are giving away a fat quarter bundle!!!

so yall go check it out and make this girl a happy camper!!!
{direct link here.}

and for the p.s. i quilt faithful...i'm having a giveaway too!!!
some lucky someone will win something i brought home from market!!!
so comment away!!!

p.s. my friendship bag tutorial is being featured over at sew mama sew today too!!!
what a day for p.s. i quilt

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a few things i learned from quilt market.

16 November 2009

a few things i learned from quilt market:

you acquire WAY more than you think you will.
{bring an extra suitcase. or two.}

people take pics of you left & right.
{whether you want them to or not.}

some people are exactly what you expect when you meet them.
{some people...not so much.}

fashion stops from the knees down.
{and for good reason.}

you can never take too many pics.
{trust me on this.}

sample spree is the zoo it's depicted to be.
{you HAVE to witness it though!!!}

you need to make a conscience effort to walk the floor.
{you might miss something if you don't.}

& you need at least a week to recover.
{okay...maybe two...ish.}

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only 6 more days!!!

13 November 2009

*scroll down and pause my music before you hit play*
speaking of my's been twilighted to celebrate the movie release.
{don't regular music will be back...eventually.}

so raise your hand if you are excited for next thursday!!!
{midnight showing, here i come.}

p.s. i SO don't have a new moon shirt for thursday...say what???

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hanging quilts: the rachel way

11 November 2009

so i ♥ having quilts all over the house.
because of that, i have to come up with new, different & exciting ways to display them.
{i'm weird like that.}

so without further ado...i give yall a new tutorial.

materials needed:
2 wrought iron plate holders {yes, yall read that right.}
drywall screws
a stack of quilts you wanna display

as you can see...handy dandy manly mans are opitional.
i chose to utilize mine for this project. lol.

{your handy dandy manly man will know where to put your drywall screws.}

place your plate holder on the wall, turned the wrong way.
this is the magic of me displaying my quilts.

yall will overlap both of your plate holders to make one long holder.
isn't it gorgeous???
me loves it.

{by overlapping the plate holders, you create that pretty little scroll in the middle.}

are yall excited yet???

next add some spiffy twig & berry garland.

i should confess that i have twig & berry garlands all over my house too.
i think i'm addicted. lol.

now add your very own fabric wreath.
{sameless plug. haha.}

then add your stack of quilts to the hooks!!!

now stand back and admire your quilty goodness!!!
{it's okay to oooh & aaah for a few minutes!!!}

and as always...
toot your own horn!!!
if you make this, add the pic to my p.s. i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.

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100 blocks.

10 November 2009

okay so quiltmaker magazine has this bad boy coming out!!!
it's 100 blocks from today's top designers.
{& it's on it's way to newstands now!!!}

over at quilty pleasures {quiltmaker's blog} they are celebrating.
they are having giveaway after giveaway over there!!!
this is all part of their 100 blocks blog tour.

i told my pals over at the magazine that i would let yall know.
yall wanna win fat quarter bundles, right???
that's what i thought.

they even started a flickr group!!!
so go see what all the hub bub is about.

p.s. if yall haven't already...go tell vanessa happy birthday!!!
& tell her she has great cows or something like that.
she LOVES a good laugh.

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fabric wreath tutorial.

09 November 2009

so here's my new moda bake shop goodie!!!

it's straight from the oven.
& it's over at the moda bake shop!!!
so go check it out & tell me what yall think.

and as always...
toot your own horn!!!
if you make this, add the pic to my p.s. i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.
{and of course the moda bake shop flick group too.}

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promises, promises.

07 November 2009

so things have been really hectic here.
things like kiddos being sick.
things like an emergency root canal.
things like still unpacking.

the good news is my internet is on.
the bad news is my laptop won't pick up the connection.
i'm SO not a happy camper about it.
*sigh again*

so you know what they say:
"the best laid plans...yadda yadda yadda."

i have been slowly getting back in to the grove.
where did october go???

i just wanted everyone to know that i am alive.
my blog WILL be back in order asap.
that's a promise.

i'm going to get rude with my service provider come monday.
that's another promise.

and i still have lots to show & tell about market.
yet another promise.

i miss yall.

p.s. the honey bun in the pic=a new moda bake shop goodie in the works.
{it's essence by sandy gervais.}

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