prep work.

21 November 2012

to do.
today it's all about prep work.

prepping some bindings.
prepping some side dishes.
and prepping myself for a turkey coma.


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at last.

15 November 2012

breaking dawn part 2 :)
tonight is THE night.
i have a date with miss ashleigh. (my niece/bff)
and it's finally time to see part 2 of breaking dawn.

so here's how our night will look:
hours of standing around waiting to pick the perfect seat.
way crowded, way loud theatre.
over priced buttery popcorn with twizzlers.
and edward cullen.

i can't wait. :)

the TWO winners of the amy butler spots fat quarter bundles are ...
stacey and sonia.
ladies, email me: rachel (at) psiquilt (dot) com


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dots and spots.

13 November 2012

{comments closed.}

my new dotty bag.
i'm not sure if this comes across on my blog or not, but i'm SUPER in love with dots.
anyone who knows me in real life can attest to this.

i give y'all exhibit a.
this is the bag that i made for quilt market.
it's dotty from head to toe. and it's delicious.
(pattern info HERE. fabric info HERE.)

there are approximately 432 more exhibits, but i'll stick with "a" for now.

i have many different dots in my repertoire.
BUT the one set of dots that i haven't gotten my hands on, are these ...

... amy butler spots. *swoon*

my friends over at fat quarter shop thought that torturing me by giving y'all some of these lovely dots would be fun!!!
TWO lucky ps i quilt readers will win a whole fat quarter bundle of amy butler spots.
disclaimer: i can't be responsible if you're mail is hijacked by my minions.

to enter:
go to fat quarter shop's dots and spots page.
find your favorite dotty print and then come back to tell me which one it is.
be specific.
winner will be drawn on thursday.


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weeknight chicken pot pie.

08 November 2012

weeknight chicken pot pie
i love me some chicken pot pie.
like realllllly love it.
but let's face it, chicken pot pie takes some effort.
and sometimes that's just too much effort to try to muster on a weeknight.

*enter weeknight chicken pot pie*
it's the perfect blend of a home cooked meal and the "i need to hurry up and feed these people" meal.
true story.

what y'all will need:
2-3 lbs. chicken breast, cooked and shredded
2 (12 oz) packages your favorite frozen mixed vegetables, thawed*
2 (10 3/4 oz) cans cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 cup bisquick baking mix
1/2 cup milk
1 stick butter, melted

*as unamerican as it sounds, i don't like peas in my chicken pot pie.
my frozen veggies = broccoli, califlower & carrots made by birds eye.

arrange chicken in the bottom of an ungreased 9" x 13" pan; set aside.
mix veggies with soups and broth; pour over chicken.
combine biscuit mix, milk and butter; spread over veggie mixture.
bake at 375' for one hour.
let sit for 10 minutes.

i can't be held accountable if y'all become addicted to the biscuit topping.
yes, it's THAT yummy.

hope y'all enjoy.


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a halloween tale.

05 November 2012

trick or treat - edit
once upon a time there was a momma who thought she would be wicked cool and order amazing trick or treat-ish fabrics to make THE best trick or treat pillowcases on the planet.
so the momma purchased the aforementioned fabrics after halloween LAST year vowing to make THE best trick or treat pillowcases for THIS year.
the question is, did that happen?!?! of course it didn't.
BUT the momma has vowed to her children, and now you fine folks, that THE best trick or treat pillowcases WILL be ready for halloween NEXT year.
pinky swear.

a few things ...
#1} the green lantern would like for me to point out that he was NOT picking his nose. he was adjusting his mask.
#2} the witch is my mother in law. the lollipop girl with the jack-o-lantern bucket is my niece.
#3} thanks to hurricane sandy, we didn't trick or treat until this past weekend, so i promise that i'm not super duper lame for not posting this sooner.
and #4} we always used pillowcases for trick or treat growing up. did y'all?!?!


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