the ugly truth.

26 January 2010

make life.

first off:
thanks for all the congrats.
yall are the sweetest, most kind peeps on the planet.

morning sickness hit me full a semi truck.
not. fun. at. all.

so what's going on in the griffith house?!?!
well i haven't touched my machine. i won't even admit how long it's been.
our laundry is beyond breeding. it's taken over the basement.
and if it wasn't for my amazing hubby, we'd be eating cereal every night for dinner.
{well they would be. me & eating aren't exactly bff's right now.}

i have a million and a half emails to answer.
the pinwheel sampler quilt along is taunting me.
and i'm up against a major quilty deadline.

it's times like these when i wished we lived closer to my momma.
the good news is, my ma-inlaw will be back in town next week.
{hey ma: maybe you'll come help me with laundry, please?!?!}

i know my blog has been ubber quiet.
please just know i am thinking about yall.
{and all the stuff that i should be getting done.}

i haven't even pre-ordered new moon yet.
that statement alone is proof in the pudding.

so for now i will continue to live on graham crackers and strawberry gatorade.
oh boy. lol.

miss yall.
and i miss food.
but i don't miss the weight i'm losing.

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a blessing.

20 January 2010

we're pregnant!!!
*no official due date yet. we are projecting mid to late september*

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...your ad here...

19 January 2010

...your ad here...

are yall crafty/quilty businesses looking for ad space???
p.s. i quilt is now accepting sponsors.

p.s. i quilt is a very high traffic site.
averaging about 2,000+ hits a day.
{that's over 60,000+ views a month.}

this is ideal advertising for:
online fabric shops/stores
etsy shop owners
blog designers
long arm quilters
and even bloggers

p.s. i quilt has limited ad space.
please email rachel{at}psiquilt{dot}com for rates and info.

a note to my readers:
no need to worry.
p.s. i quilt is not turning into a crazy ad fest.
because of these sponsors, we will be having more sponsored giveaways.
and we all ♥ giveaways!!!

*sponsor selection is at the discretion of p.s. i quilt and the site's vision*

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full swing quilt kit.

18 January 2010

full swing quilt kit.

one of the perks of going to quilt market last fall was meeting people.
i was lucky to have met up with the gals of fat quarter shop.
now lookie what happened...a fat quarter shop exclusive!!!

exciting stuff, i know!!!

in true rachel fashion it sports moda fabric and is easy peasy to piece.
{fabrics are botany by lauren & jessi jung.}

full swing quilt kits will be available in march.
sign ups are now though!!!
{click here to sign up to get your very own kit.}

so yall go get yourselves signed up for a kit!!!
and then tell me if you did...cause i'm nosey curious like that.

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i am alive. promise.

16 January 2010

i am alive. promise.
just been a little under the weather.

i'll be back to posting come monday.

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pinwheel sampler quilt along.

12 January 2010

pinwheel sampler quilt along.

welcome to the pinwheel sampler quilt along yall.

my pinwheel sampler quilt is my all time fav quilt.
i really, really love it.
apparently i'm not the only one though.
i get emails about that quilt all. the. time.

so to celebrate today being my 400th post...
i'm gonna teach yall how to make your very own pinwheel sampler quilt.
{we'll spend the next 12ish weeks making it.}

note: we are not making my exact pinwheel sampler quilt.
it will be equally as awesome. promise.

simple abundance.

this week we will focus on our starting materials.

materials needed:
1 layer cake of your choice
{feel free to use fat quarters.}
3 yards light solid

for those inquring minds, i will be using:
a simple abundance layer cake
& moda bella solids in natural {sku #9900-12}

i have started a pinwheel sampler quilt along flickr group.
i can't wait to see everyone's quilts come to life.

pinwheel sampler quilt along. {button.}

grab a button, join in the fun & spread the word.
i hope yall are as excited as i am.

oh and i'm working on some sponsored giveaways.
more about that once i see how many people are joining in.

so who's in???

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make life.

11 January 2010

make life.

lookie what i've been playing with.
{make life by sweetwater for moda.}
me loves it.

#1 question in my inbox right now:
will you be running another modern siggy swap???
the correct answer is yes, but not at this time.

now if you'll excuse me...
i'm working on something really cool for yall.
come back tomorrow.

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modern siggy swap.

07 January 2010

modern siggy swap. {intro.}

welcome to the modern siggy swap yall.

in this version of the siggy swap we'll be using fresh, modern fabrics.

some fresh, modern fabrics would included any of the following designers:
kate spain, heather bailey, anna maria horner, tula pink,
amy butler, lila tueller, joel dewberry, paula prass, patty young
denyse schmidt, sandi henderson, erin mcmorris, tina givens
basic grey, momo, & chez moi.
just to name a few. lol.

if you have a question about a certain fabric, just ask.

if you've seen my tutorial, you know these blocks are easy peasy to make.
the amount of blocks made will depend on the number of swappers.
if we have 50 swappers, yall will make 51 blocks.
if we have 100 swappers, yall will make 101 blocks.
{sign ups will close at 100. that's a promise.}

so why the extra block???
i am asking that everyone make one additional block.
i will be making a charity quilt with all extra blocks.
this quilt will be blessed to a worthy cause.
{us swappers will discuss this later on.}

just a few particulars/guidelines:
you must follow my siggy block tutorial.
you must use quilt shop quality fabrics.
you must use a white fabric as your block centers. not cream.
you must handwrite your signature. not machine stitch it.

this will be a centralized swap...
meaning all blocks will be mailed to me.
with your blocks you'll include a SASE for blocks to be returned to you.
note: if you don't send a SASE, you blocks will live at my house until you send one.
it's only fair.

since this is pals are very welcomed!!!
{we will use paypal for US postage fees.}

we will be communicating through our modern siggy swap flickr group.
NOT this blog.

sign ups start now and will stay open until january 15th at midnight.
deadline for mailing blocks will be march 1st.

sign ups will be conducted via email.
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com
{please use "modern siggy swap" in the subject line.}

your email should include the following info:
your name.
your flickr link.
your address.

even though yall are signing up via email...
leave a comment so everyone can see who is playing along.
{that's the fun part before the swapping part.}

modern siggy swap. {button.}

and please take a button to spread the word.
trust me that yall won't want to miss out.

sign ups close when we reach 100 swappers or january 15th.
whichever comes first.

sign ups are now closed!!!
{we hit 100 swappers within a few hours!!!}

send your email, join the flickr group, leave a comment & grab the button!!!
on your marks...get set...go!!!

p.s. i've already made all 101 of my blocks!!!
{i had to have pics for the blog & button. lol.}
it only took me the weekend to make them all.
101 might sound like alot, but it was easy peasy.

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basket o' strings giveaway.

06 January 2010

basket o' strings giveaway.

i have a few strips left over from my dolly dresses quilt.
okay, not a few...more like a basket full.

these would be perfect for a stringy doll quilt.
{if you've never made a string block, my block o' strings tutorial will help.}

so who wants them???
yall know i make people work for my giveaways.
no "pick me" comments aloud.
cause that's how i roll.

if you want them, answer this question:
"what is your all time fav book??? and why???"
easy peasy

i'll go first:
i'm sure yall were thinking twilight, right??? well that's wrong.
i am SO in ♥ with the story, the south & the characters!!!
{my daughter's name is melanie after all.}
plus i'm a georgia girl and all us southern girls love gwtw!!!

i always make yall work for giveaways, but at least it's always fun!!!
i can't wait to read yall's comments!!!

winner will be announced next week sometime.

winner is jennifer.
email me at rachel{at}psiquilt{dot}com

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why i heart ohio.

05 January 2010

why i heart ohio.

a stolen kiss in the snowfall...with squished noses!!!
i ♥ this pic SO much.

{for more griffith family snow pics, see my flickr.}

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siggy block tutorial.

04 January 2010

siggy block tutorial.

a siggy block tutorial.
on your marks...get set...go!!!


yall will need:
ONE 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square of a white fabric.
{my white fabric of choice is bella solids by fav!!!}
& TWO 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" squares of a awesome print.
{this yellow print is by the amazing kate's her verna line.}


draw a line, corner to corner, on the WRONG side of your 2 1/2" squares.


lay one of your 2 1/2" squares on your 3 1/2" square, like so.


stitch across your drawn line.


rinse & repeat for the second 2 1/2" square.


press the 2 1/2" square towards the outside of your 3 1/2" square.


trim your excess fabric off 1/4" from your stitched line.
{this saves from bulkiness when quilting.}


stand back and look how pretty it is.
moving on.


now autograph it.
& tada...your very own siggy block.

for those inquiring minds:
the aqua print is by the talented patty's her mezzanine line.
{i highly recommed getting a whole fat quarter bundle of it.}

pssst...come closer...
modern siggy swap sign ups are later this week.
are yall excited yet???

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