happy shopping.

29 May 2010

make life.

it's shop update time.

lots o' precuts & some rachel-ish patterns.
yall check it out.
{direct link here.}

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quiltmaker's small quilts.

24 May 2010

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winner is elaine.
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

g i v e a w a y ! ! !

so my pals over at quiltmaker are sharing the wealth.
one lucky p.s. i quilt reader will win a copy of their small quilts magazine.
*please forgive the lack of a picture. it's all blogger's fault.*

cuteness galore in this magazine.
pinwheels. triangles. flowers. even buttons.
yall want to win it. trust me.

so who wants it???
*winner will be drawn later this week.*

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coins gone wild.

22 May 2010


coins gone wild.

so here's surprise #2.
i'm in the sweetwater booth.
again...i know it's my quilt instead of me.
just let me pretend like i'm there.
it helps my ego. trust me.

intially this quilt was supposed to hang in the moda booth.
plans changed last minute and now it's hanging out with my sweetwater pals.
*last minute change=why my quilt is missing from the 1st pic.*

i'm honored that karla & lisa deemed my quilt worthy enough to hang out with them.
SUPER honored actually.

this beauty will be featured in quiltmaker's july/august issue.
it hits newstands in a couple of weeks.
{kits will be available too.}
*you can see a tiny glimpse of the magazine right above my quilt.*

forgive me when i say...i heart this quilt. alot.
at least i'm ubber up front about being biased.
so that counts for something, right???

another special thanks to julie for taking these pics for me.

all in all i'm still pretty bummed about not being at market.
but i am VERY grateful to say that rachel griffith was still there.
even if it was just my quilts.

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fun flower patches.

21 May 2010

fun flower patches.

fun flower patches.

fun flower patches.

fun flower patches.

so here i am with surprise #1.
i'm in the lakehouse booth.
okay so my quilt is...but it's still classified as me. so there.

i heart holly holderman & she's like butter to work with.

miss pkm showed yall a sneak peak of my quilt a few months ago...
now i get to shout it from the rooftops that it's a rachel griffith quilt.

this little beauty will be featured in mccall's quick quilts jan 2011 issue.
{and rumor has it that a kit will be available via fat quarter shop.}
exciting stuff indeed.

so do yall love it???
i do, but i'm biased like that.

a special thanks to julie for taking these pics for me.

p.s. i still have another surprise up my sleeve.
keep watching for it.

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cheers & jeers.

18 May 2010


well the flu is gone, but strep throat is here.
market is in 2 days & i'm now forced to stay home.
i'm really bummed out about it, but what can you do???

i still have some awesome market stuff to show & tell though.
i'll share them later this week when things can be revealed.
exciting stuff. promise.

oh & this picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything.
i just like to look at it.

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cough. sniff. & ache.

11 May 2010

well i'm sick. like flu-like sick.
& it sucks. hardcore.

we'll catch up one of these days.

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*clap, clap*

06 May 2010

*clap, clap*

if you're addicted and you know it, clap your hands.
*clap, clap*

if you're addicted and you know it, clap your hands.
*clap, clap*

if you're addicted and you know it,
then your stash will surely show it.

if you're addicted and you know it, clap your hands.
*clap, clap*

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sponsor giveaway: reannalily designs

04 May 2010

{{{comments closed.}}}
winner is miss MGM.
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

let's face it...we all like to win stuff.
admit it. we do.

my featured sponsor today is reannalily designs.
pattern cuteness galore i tell ya.

jen uses military uniforms to construct her patterns.
& i'm a sucker for military uniforms.
{i did marry a united states marine after all. tehehe.}

note: no need to worry if you don't have military uniforms.
her patterns feature fabric only instructions too.

today she's offering one lucky p.s. i quilt reader 3 patterns...
*adjustable aprons, the cube purse & half square triangle jubliee*
AND her ubber cool seamingly accurate seam guide.
{a $30 value.}

the question of the day is...who wants 'em???
{winner will be drawn on friday.}

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