y'all guessed it!

19 September 2014

consider this my confession for jumping on the bandwagon.  #modernmaples
i have finally jumped aboard the modern maples bandwagon.
i'm SUPER excited to make this quilt.

y'all know me, i'm kind of addicted to fall.
so, why not have a really adorable fall quilt?

i started out using mostly katie jump rope fabrics. (shown in previous post.)
but once i started cutting fabrics, i took out a few and added a few others.
i love my first block.
what do y'all think?

oh, and for those of y'all that don't know about the modern maples quilt, here's some logistics:
modern maples was designed by amanda jennings of hey porkchop!
she designed the quilt for john adams' (quilt dad) book, pretty in patchwork: holidays.
there's even a whole flickr group devoted entirely to modern maples. sigh.

have you made your own modern maples quilt?
if not, do wanna join along?
apparently, there's a little sew along going on over on instagram. (#simplymodernmaples)
OR if you wanna drool over even more modern maples, there's always #modernmaples via instagram.

xo, rachel

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a little fall fun.

10 September 2014

oh, hi.
so, i've been hoarding these lovelies for quite some time.
i pulled them out the other day, and i think i have a plan.
do y'all have a guess as to what i'm doing with them?

here are some hints about the pattern i plan on using ...
it is NOT my pattern
it IS a fall pattern
and i'm almost positive you've seen a handful of these quilts via blogs, instagram & flickr.

any guesses?

xo, rachel

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