27 March 2013

this has been the story of my life since about 2:00am saturday morning.
darn kids at school sharing their flu germs with my kids.

today is the first day of spring break for the griffith kiddos.
i was hoping for some fun and games, but for now, we'll be taking it easy.

so, what's new with y'all?
tell me about your easter plans.
or what project you're currently working on.

xo, rachel

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22 March 2013

hex n more.
my lack of blogging is a result of being smack dab in the middle of designing.
i'm cooking up some pretty awesome stuff.
pinky promise.

more coming soon.

xo, rachel

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a new venture.

19 March 2013

so, lookie what i made. it's a massive 24 1/2" block. i think i have a brilliant plan for it. more to come. :) #xplusalong
chances are, if you are on instagram, you've noticed a few quilt alongs lately.
yes, another place to get roped into unplanned projects. ;)
(i'm @rachelgriffith if you're on there.)

enter the #xplusalong.
i thought the x and + block was pretty cool, but i didn't feel the need to join the others.
that was until holly starting making her blocks.
her blocks just spoke to me.
(see holly's completed x and + quilt HERE.)

y'all know me, i heart a good quilt along, but there's only so many hours in the day.
and in an effort to make sure i don't add 50 more WIPs, i like to make smaller commitments.
i had to learn this lesson the hard way. trust me.

so, here's what i did.
i made one big block.
it's 24 1/2" x 24 1/2"
and just like that, my need to have my own x and + quilt is satisfied.

i'm planning to make a great, big pillow out of it.
fun, right?

i want to hand quilt it. (i blame you, camille.)
and i want to use perle cotton.
but i've never hand quilted a thing.
like ever.

so, here's where y'all come in.
i'm not sure what weight to buy. (is 8 just right?)
i'm not even sure how to get started. (any pointers?)
and lastly, what color should i use? (light grey? pink? yellow?)
i'm hoping y'all can help me out.
please and thank you.

xo, rachel

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washi tape.

15 March 2013

washi tape.
i've admired washi tape from afar for quite some time.
for some unknown reason, i just never purchased any.
i would see peeps using washi tape and i'd love it, then go on about my business.

well, a couple of weeks ago, i decided to break down and join the world of washi tape users.
i bought one roll.
it was black with white polka dots.
predictable, i know.

i really liked it.
then the purchase above happened.
and, well, let's just say that i might have pushed some more buttons the other day.

my current favorite uses for washi tape include, but are not limited to ...
hanging quilt blocks up on the wall
making plain envelopes look spiffy
accenting doodling in my sketchbook
and auditioning paint samples in my kitchen

so, what about y'all?
are you on the washi tape bandwagon?
if so, tell us what you use washi tape for.
if not, give it a try.

for those inquiring minds:
washi tape = mixed assortment (purchased from pick your plum)
fabric = pearl bracelet (in hiho silver) by lizzy house for andover fabrics (purchased from pink castle fabrics)

xo, rachel

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hello world.

13 March 2013

oh, for heaven's sake. she's just too darn cute for me to handle sometimes. ;)
miss lindsey says hi.

i thought y'all could use a little lindsey update.
can y'all believe she's 2 1/2 years old?
and potty training?
and going off to college soon?

xo, rachel

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fat quarter gang winner.

10 March 2013

is it just me or did this past week fly by?
man oh man.

day light savings time began today.
be honest, who is in need of starbucks?
it can't just be me.

it seems y'all are pretty mixed when it comes to deciding between dot & stripe fabric.
i'm more of a dots girl, but i love a good stripe, too.

so, without further ado, the winner is ... julia
congrats, julia.
email me: rachel (at) psiquilt (dot) com

the weather today is just gorgeous.
it's nearly 60 degrees.
i almost want to weed my flower beds.

what are y'all up to today?

xo, rachel

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playing with color.

06 March 2013

playing with color.
i love to play with color.
true story.

playing with color. (green/yellow/orange)
ions ago, i hacked my kona color card to bits.

playing with color. (blue/purple)
just so i could properly play with all these colors.

playing with color. (pink/red)
it was the best decision i've ever made.

playing with color. (neutral/brown)
i suggest y'all do the same.

playing with color.
just don't blame me when you start buying solids by the bolt, okay?

xo, rachel

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quilted heating pad.

04 March 2013

(comments closed.)

quilted heating pad.
it's march 4th, folks.
that means that today is MY day for the fat quarter gang.

i'm gonna show y'all how to make a quilted heating pad.
it's SUPER simplistic and perfect for aches, pains and general warmness.

the tutorial is over on the art gallery fabrics blog.
so, go check it out and tell me what y'all think.
(direct link here.)

and as promised ...
a set of fat quarters (that matches the set i used for my project) is up for grabs.
one of y'all lucky readers will win all 8 of the fat quarters pictured above.

to get in on the giveaway ...
my rules: leave a comment telling me which you like more: dots or stripes.
art gallery's rules: subscribe to the art gallery fabrics blog AND follow art gallery fabrics on pinterest and facebook.
(winner will be drawn thursday.)

hope y'all enjoy.

xo, rachel

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almost there.

02 March 2013

almost there.
ladies & gents, i give y'all a completed quilt top.

i have to say, i've really fallen in love with this quilt.
it's just so happy.
and scrappy.
and all together lovely.

i'm hoping y'all can help a girl out.
i've been trying to pick out a good backing.
what color backing would you choose?
aqua? yellow? grey? orange? green?

xo, rachel

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