an update.

23 July 2012

thanks for all the emails and comments about my father in law.
it means more than i could ever express.

he came home last week, but then we had another scare and he was back in the hospital this past week.

he came home yesterday and we're hoping {& praying} that everything goes back to normal.

i'm really looking forward to getting myself back on track.
i know that i have more than my fair share of looming deadlines, but i really just miss things.
things creating, blogging and actually sewing two pieces of fabric together.

so here's to getting back in the saddle. and soon.

ps - and me no likey this posting without pics thing.
my next post will have a picture.
i guarantee.


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a rough patch.

10 July 2012

last week was great.
we went out of town, stayed with great friends and visited family.

this week . . . it's been rough. already.
yesterday my father-in-law had a heart attack.
and this morning, my husband's great aunt passed away.

so if y'all are the praying type, please pray.
and if you're among the nonpraying type, please send lots of healing thoughts.

our family will appreciate it all.


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