five reasons.

27 April 2010


top 5 reasons i won't be blogging this week:
i'm not feeling myself at all. {no worries though.}
my laptop has decided it needs to visit geek squad for a little r&r.
my 3 year old is terrified of wearing his big boy underware without a pull-up.
mount washmore is taking over my basement.
& i have about a gozillion deadlines to meet.

i'll catch up with yall next week. promise.

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pinwheel sampler quilt along: finishing

24 April 2010

pinwheel sampler quilt along.

yayyy it's sashing/finishing week!!!

pinwheel sashing layout.

these measurements/fabric requirements are for a 4x4 layout.
use this diagram to construct your top.
easy peasy.

yall will need:
3 short sashings for each row.
12 cut at 12 1/2" x 2 1/2"
3 longer sashings cut at 54 1/2" x 2 1/2"
{piece 2 strips then cut down to 54 1/2"}

right & left verticals are 54 1/2" x 2 1/2"
top & bottom are 58 1/2" x 2 1/2"

quilt should finish at 58 1/2" x 58 1/2"
{3 1/2 yards backing.}

binding: six 2 1/2" x wof strips
{1/2 yard needed.}

my pinwheel sampler top.

so here's my amazing pinwheel sampler quilt top.
yeah...i'm biased like sue me.

i heart it. alot.

let's meet back in 2 weeks & show completed quilts.
that's right. 2 weeks to construct your top, layer, baste, quilt & bind.
so let's get this party started.

i can't wait to start seeing all of yall's quilt tops show up in our flickr pool.
and for the over achievers: please wait to unveil your completed tops.
let's have a pinwheel sampler parade!!!
it'll be fun & worth the wait. promise.

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sponsor giveaway: connecting quilts

21 April 2010

{{comments closed.}}
winner is melody.
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

have yall ever been tempted to make a photo quilt???
something ubber cute with your kids pics on it???
or maybe an anniversary quilt for your parents/grandparents???

my featured sponsor today is connecting quilts.
they speacialize in both longarm quilting AND photo printing.
{learn more here.}

if yall are looking for top quality photo printing...
today is your lucky day!!!

connecting quilts will print 5 photos for you to create your own photo quilt!!!
{that's a $50 value.}

so who wants them???
{winner will be drawn on friday.}

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full swing kits.

20 April 2010

full swing.

as promised:
full swing kits are now available via fat quarter shop!!!

kits can be found here.
free pattern can be found here. {pdf version here.}
& the whole botany collection can be seen here.

this kit/pattern is exclusive to the fat quarter shop.
once they're gone...they're gone.
so go grab yourselves one while the gettin' is good.

and as always...
toot your own horn!!!
if you make this, add the pic to my p.s. i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.
i'd ♥ to see it!!!

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rachel of p.s. i quilt

19 April 2010

easy peasy table runner.

there's nothing like starting your week being interviewed.
yeppers. interviewed.

i just happen to be featured today at handmadenews.
{direct link here.}

so yall go check it out.
go learn some new rachel{ish} things.
leave a comment. give it a thumbs up. do your thing.

thanks for always making a girl feel like she's cooler than cool.
yall rock my socks off.

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pinwheel sampler quilt along: block eight.

17 April 2010

pinwheel sampler quilt along.

it's block eight week!!!

we're gonna do block eight a little bit differently.
now before yall get nervous...hear me out.

i think that it's important that everyone's quilt is a reflection of them.
i know that yall are doing this quilt along to replicate MY quilt...
but make this quilt YOUR quilt...make it reflect YOU.

my quilt was made by 18 different people.
18 different people that had 18 different visions.
i told those 18 peeps to make THEIR favorite pinwheel block.
they did and that's why i truly have a pinwheel sampler quilt.

this week i want yall to make YOUR favorite pinwheel block.
that's right. go on. pick ANY pinwheel block your heart desires.
{make sure it's a block that finishes at 12"x12"}

now before someone feels like jumping off of a bridge...STOP.
have fun picking out a you{ish} pinwheel block.
& yall know the drill...make 2 of them.

here's a list of resources/tutorials that will get yall started:
all hallows block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}
double pinwheel block.
double z block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}
mosaic block.
pinwheel block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}
ranger's pride block.
see saw block.
spinner block. {this is in my 1st quilt.}

i promise to unveil my blocks next week during sashing directions!!!
that's right...we're making quilt tops next week!!!

i'm looking VERY forward to seeing yall's blocks show up in our flickr pool.

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christmas in april.

15 April 2010

12 days of christmas.

so 12 days of christmas may just be my most favoritest christmas line of all time.
not. even. joking.

that kate spain...she's brillant i tell ya.
{thanks k for being SO awesome & for ummm letting me steal your pics.}

12 days of christmas.

the quilt shoppe has 2 of my moda bake shop goodies kitted up for yall:
my christmas table topper & my scruffily quilt.
{there's a limited supply of get 'em while they last!!!}

christmas table topper.

i'm thinking i need a 12 days table topper this christmas, aren't you???
{12 days of christmas table topper kit here.}


& i personally need every scruffily quilt i can get my hands on.
{my original scruffily quilt is the most used quilt in my house. no lie.}
{12 days of christmas scruffily quilt kit here.}

it's if we all get started on christmas quilts now...
we should be done by midnight on december 24th, right???

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siggy block invasion.

14 April 2010

siggy block invasion.

consider this my distress signal.

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12 April 2010


so i've got a new moda bake shop goodie in the works.

don't yall just love this color palette???
{fabric=frolic by sandy gervais for moda.}

*note to add*
backing fabric is sku #17515 11
{yall can get it here.} sold out. BACK IN STOCK.

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pinwheel sampler quilt along: block seven.

10 April 2010

pinwheel sampler quilt along.

here are the instructions for block seven!!!


yall will need:
two 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" squares of focal print fabric {mine=red}
two 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" squares of solid fabric {mine=cream}

two 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips of solid fabric {mine=cream}
two 1 1/2" x 8 1/2" strips of solid fabric {mine=cream}
two 1 1/2" x 10 1/2" strips of solid fabric {mine=cream}
two 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" strips of solid fabric {mine=cream}

two 1 1/2" x 8 1/2" strips of secondary print fabric {mine=aqua}
two 1 1/2" x 10 1/2" strips of secondary print fabric {mine=aqua}*

*if you are using layer cake pieces...
add two 1 1/2" x 2" strips of secondary print fabric {mine=aqua}
yall will need to piece your 1 1/2" x 2" strips to your 1 1/2" x 10" strips.
& then trim your whole strip down to 10 1/2" long.
this is the only way to do this with layer cake pieces.

{pretend i was cool enough to take a pic of my hst blocks.}

using my hst tutorial, use your 3 7/8" squares to make 4 hst blocks.


this is our block layout.
simple, but cute.

pinwheel sampler quilt along: block seven.

sew all your pieces together to construct your block.
i really like the simplicity of this block.

pinwheel sampler quilt along: block seven.

now make one more block in a completely different color scale.

obviously i have some addiction to the red in this line.
i couldn't help but use it twice.

so that's 14 blocks down. only 2 to go.
are yall antsy to be done yet???

i can't wait to start seeing all of yall's blocks show up in our flickr pool.

{pdf version of this tutorial can be found here.}

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i heart table runners.

08 April 2010

vintage ribbons table runner.

i heart my vintage ribbons table runner.
it lives in our bedroom on our dresser.
my goal is to have a french general themed bedroom.
doesn't that sounds delish???
{vintage ribbons table runner tutorial here.}

easy peasy table runner.

i also heart my easy peasy table runner.
it lives on our kitchen table...for now.
i faintly hear our new baby's room calling for it.
{easy peasy table runner pattern here.}

lickity split table runner.

& i heart my lickity split table runner.
it's currently living at birds of feather.
rumor has it that i'll be teaching this table runner as a class.
pretty dang exciting huh???
{april 21st. 6pm-8pm.}

oh and i'm currently baking up a new goodie for the moda bake shop.
it just might be another table runner.

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braggin' rights.

07 April 2010

braggin' rights.

there's just something about seeing your face in a magazine...
that makes you wanna brag.

so i'll be that annoying person that toots their own horn.
& i'm enjoying every minute of it.

a huge thanks to moda.
i ♥ you more than fresh peaches.
and that's saying alot coming from a georgia girl.

{magazine = american patchwork & quilting. june issue.}

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breaking the news.

05 April 2010

hunky dory. yum.

it's a girl!!!
{according to the sonogram i had on saturday.}

so to everyone that begged us to find out...
you're welcome.

due date: september 7th

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rachel's potato salad.

01 April 2010

rachel's potato salad.

what y'all will need:
2 pounds red potatoes, peeled & quartered
4 hard-boiled eggs, coarsely chopped
6 strips crisp-cooked bacon, crumbled
1-2 tablespoons onion, chopped {optional}
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 1/2 tablespoons mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon parsley
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

the making part:
put the potatoes in a saucepan & bring to a boil.
cook until fork tender.

drain & transfer potatoes to a salad bowl.
season with the salt, pepper and lemon juice.
add the onions {optional}, parsley and eggs.
combine the mayonnaise and mustard and add to the bowl.
sprinkle the bacon over the salad and toss to mix well.

serve immediately or refrigerate.
the beauty of this potato salad is it's good warm or cold.

i do everything BUT the onions until it's completely made.
i make 2 bowls: one with onions. one without.

hubby likes it cold with onions.
i like it warm without onions.

this recipe can easily be doubled for family picnics.
and be warned ... it doesn't last long.

hope y'all enjoy.

xo, rachel

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