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27 February 2013

i've heard your emails and pleas.

i've been trying my best to fix these pesky pinterest/flickr bugs.

hopefully they are all fixed now.

so, pin it.

pin it good.

xo, rachel

ps. see that nifty little red pin it button down there?
you'll be seeing that at the end of every post from now on.
just a little something something to help fuel y'all's pinning frenzy.
you're welcome. ;)

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2wenty thr3e winner.

25 February 2013

playing with pretty fabric. :) oh, and i finally bought my first roll of washi tape.
i can't tell y'all how much i enjoyed reading the responses to my last giveaway question.

at the age of 23, y'all were ...
getting married
making babies
travelling europe
graduating college
buying houses
saying goodbye to loved ones
and learning to quilt

thanks so much for sharing.
i really mean it.

without further ado, the winner is ... heather.
congrats, heather.
email me: rachel (at) psiquilt (dot) com

in between reading my email this weekend, i made this huge quilt block. (it's 18 1/2" x 18 1/2")
cute, huh?

fabric = color me retro by jeni baker for art gallery fabrics

what did y'all work on this weekend?

xo, rachel

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2wenty thr3e.

21 February 2013

(comments closed.)

2wenty thr3e.
okay, so we all know that i heart kate spain's and bonnie & camille's fabrics.
i, without fail, love every line they produce.
well, i'm officially adding eric & julie comstock to that list.

just look at their newest line ... 2wenty thr3e.
i'm loving the colors.
and their fabrics are whimsical and oh so fun to play with.

today, the lovely folks at fat quarter shop want to give one of y'all a whole fat quarter bundle.
aren't they the best?!?!

to enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite memory of being 23 years old.
if, for some reason, you're not 23 yet ... ummm hi, young one. tell me what you hope to accomplish by your 23rd birthday.

so, i'll go first ...
when i was 23 years old, our family was blessed with our second child. <3

one comment per person, please.
winner will be drawn this weekend.
good luck.

xo, rachel

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ps i quilt: sew & tell.

19 February 2013

i love finding what peeps have made based on my patterns and tutorials.
here's what some of y'all have been up to ...

Top!! YA!!
josie mcrazie's version of my impromptu quilt. (pattern HERE.)

black and white quilt 2
strlightstitchr's version of my full swing quilt. (pattern HERE.)

friendship bag
amylouwhosews' version of my friendship bag. (tutorial HERE.)

This snow isn't good for much but it does make a pretty quilt photo backdrop. This Hello Betty postage stamp went to my mother-in-law.
kldemare's version of my postage stamp quilt. (tutorial HERE.)

Scruffily Pillows
karrielyne's version of my scruffily pillow covers. (tutorial HERE.)

grocery bag dispenser
mary1602's version of my grocery dispenser. (tutorial HERE.)

sfranks4's version of my disappearing nine patch quilt. (tutorial HERE.)

Fabric Wreath
messygoat's version of my fabric wreath. (tutorial HERE.)

Rainbow Smitten Quilt
anna_levengood's version of my smitten quilt. (pattern HERE.)

Origins Scruffily
paisley crazy's version of my scruffily quilt. (tutorial HERE.)

just lovely.
all of them.
go ahead and click through the pics and tell these peeps how awesome they are.

if y'all have made anything based on my patterns or tutorials, please feel free to add them to the ps i quilt: sew & tell group.
we all love a bit of show & tell, right?

xo, rachel

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let's talk scraps. (and stash.)

11 February 2013

let's talk scraps.
so, let's talk scraps. (and stash.)

what makes a scrap piece of fabric?
i've given this some thought, but i don't think that all scraps are treated equally.
and correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that we all have different views on our fabric stashes.

what makes a scrap a scrap?
one might argue that a scrap is based on the actual size of the piece of fabric.
example: 2" squares or 2 1/2" strips.

another might argue that a scrap is any piece of fabric leftover from piecing your quilt.
example: 6" x 8" rectangle, 1/4 yard cut, or even an unused fat quarter.

and then, there are those that might argue that if it's at least an 1/8 of a yard, it's considered stash, not scraps.

so, what do y'all think?
what's YOUR definition of scrap?
and at what size do your scraps get added to your stash?
inquiring minds want to know.

xo, rachel

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pinafore bag.

09 February 2013

pinafore bag.
so, i needed a new bag.
yes, needed.
it's legit.

my pattern of choice = pinafore bag by me & my sister designs.
my fabrics of choice = max & whiskers by basic grey for moda.

all in all, i'm in love.
i think the handles were my least favorite part, but i LOVE the pleats!!!

and here's the truth ... y'all need a new bag, too.
go ahead and tell your husband i said so.

xo, rachel

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chugging along.

06 February 2013

over the past week, i've been working pretty steady on my postage stamp quilt.
here's proof ...

cutting 2 1/2" segments. #likeaboss ;)
cut, cut, cut.

playing musical squares. :)
playing musical squares.

stitch, stitch, stitch.
stitch, stitch, stitch.

25 blocks down, a quilt top to go. ;)
25 blocks down, a quilt top to go.

so, what are y'all working on?

xo, rachel

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