i heart fall.

23 August 2010


my confession: i'm addicted to fall.
like seriously addicted.


i get fall fever at least a million times a year.
not. even. joking.

it's a secret.

falling leaves.
hoodies with jeans & flip flops.
homemade apple cider.
my birthday.

it only seems fittin' that i should have a fall/autumn quilt in a magazine, right?!?!


i know i've said it before about other quilts...
but i really, really LOVE this quilt.

it's jelly roll friendly.
it uses bella solids.
the quilting is flipping amazing.
& it can be found in mccall's october/november quick quilts magazine.

miss kimberly over at the fat quarter shop loves this quilt too!!!
kits are available HERE.
{single issues are available HERE.}

quilt stats:
fabric = awesome by sandy gervais for moda
size = 60 1/2" x 60 1/2"
quilting = darla padilla

i'm SO ready for fall.
how about yall?!?!

remind me to show yall the spring version of this quilt.
you know...one day.

p.s. i'm still preggers.
when that changes, i promise to let yall know.
pinky swear.

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a step back.

09 August 2010

a step back.

i'm sure by now yall have noticed a lull in my blogging.

we're on the home stretch as far as baby griffith is concerned. {yayyy!!!}
it's football season. {hubby = coach. son = player.}
we're in a moving transition. {new baby = new house.}
& i have 2 toddlers to tickle in between meals, laundry & doctor appointments.

needless to say...my dance card is full.
but i love it.

so this is me...waddling signing off.

yall just rest assured that baby griffith pics will be posted ASAP.
promise. promise. promise.

p.s. to answer the #1 question in my inbox right now...
baby griffith's name is a surprise.
*that was my evil laugh*

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02 August 2010

baby belly pic. {as of july 1st.}

so this was my belly about a month ago.
the view hasn't changed much.

okay so maybe it's a little more rounder.
& maybe my belly button is threatening to pop out.
& maybe...just maybe i can't see my feet.

baby griffith in t-minus 5 weeks & counting.
or maybe she has different plans.

babies do have their own timing you know.

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