good news.

24 October 2008

okay yall.
new internet connection will be hooked up on halloween.
sorry i have been away.
{stupid time warner.}

i DO miss yall.

so until halloween...

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a little more fall on my wall.

13 October 2008

so i didn't really have any plans today.
i mean i have a few projects going on, but i needed a break.

so i crossed my fingers and hoped that time warner was done being stupid.
i really wanted to do some blog surfing.
{see this post if you are lost.}

well i always start with the roll o' blogs listed on the right.
and there it 'today' project.
miss vanessa at v & co. just so happened to have posted a tutorial today.
and she inspired me to make one of my own.
{go here to check her's out.}

i made mine to fit a 13x13 black picture frame.
{weird frame size isn't it???}

i had a large berry wreath hanging there between those rotiron sconces.
{which are HUGE by the way.}
and the hubby and i have been trying to figure out what i could make for that spot.
we knew that we wanted it to change with the seasons.
and until today...nothing jumped out at us.

i'm going to be the sneaky wife and see how long it takes the hubby to spot it.
{work all day. football tonight.}
i know i know...devil woman.
but it'll be fun.

still not the best picture quality on above pics.
i'm really thinking that i'm gonna have to get a new digital camera.
i have an hp now, but i want a canon.
want in one hand...wish in another right???

and to the owner of the blog
i have alot of people that come to my blog by way of your blog...
and i wanted to check your blog out...because i ♥ blog surfing!!!
...but it told me i had to be invited.

out of anyone out there watching trueblood on hbo???
it's SO not anywhere near as good as twilight to me, but i like it.
i was just curious if anyone else was a fellow fan.
{you can find out more about it here.}

p.s. twilight the movie comes out in 38 days!!!

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all the way from ireland.

12 October 2008

i am a lucky girl.
*insert shamrock here*

why am i lucky???
well miss cathi sent me a birthday pressie ALL the way from ireland.
how sweet is that???
SUPER sweet.

the 1st picture is EXACTLY what i saw when i opened the box.
the hubby called me a HUGE dork because i HAD to have the camera before i went farther.

the 2nd picture are ALL my treasures all laid out.
i got a nifty postcard with a sweet bday wish.
irish tea...yum.
a REAL irish shamrock.
pot holder & tea towel set.
bailey's truffle die for.
and she even sent my kiddies some lamb shaped chocolate lollipops.

such a sweet bloggy friend.
and you can beat your bottom dollar when i go to ireland i will HAVE to visit her!!!
thanks again cathi. you rock my socks off.

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boo hoo. and woo hoo.

11 October 2008

boo hoo:
okay so seriously my internet is lame.
i'm having tons o' problems with time warner.
{which ticks me off.}
so if you don't see new post from me...that's why.

woo hoo:
and while time warner puts a damper on my social life...
i thought i'd give yall a little something for your viewing pleasure.
just go here and enjoy.
{only 40 more days!!! yeah baby!!!}

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my fall babies...and then some.

06 October 2008

aren't these the cutest kids you've EVER seen???
i mean besides your own of

sorry...i'm being the annoying braggy mom.
but i can't help it.

we took these while momma was here.
and she loves these pics just as much as i do.

nothing too new here.
today i did made a few of my cottage blocks.
for nanette's christmas cottage block exchange.
{read about it here or click on the button to the right.}

you'll also notice that i added another fun little button while you are over there.
melissa is kindly hosting a cottage house warming party.
SUPER cute idea and a great way for everyone to view all the cottages we are making.
{check it out here or click on the button to the right.}

oh and i did start reading 'twilight' over again.
i mean i HAVE's for the book club.
if you feel 'lost in the sauce'...see previous post: a confession.
i know i know...bad rachel...but what can you do???

so until next time.

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a confession.

05 October 2008

my name is rachel.
and i'm addicted to twilight.

i really wasn't kidding when i 'mentioned' it in my previous post.

i these books like crazy.
and i'm DYING for the movie to come out!!!
{once again see the countdown widget at the bottom of this blog!!!}

so are any of yall twilight fans???
i gotta know!!!

i can't be the only twilight obsessed dork in blogland.
{and i mean that with love.}

to find out more about the books...go here.
to find out more about the movie...go here.

and if you haven't read the books:
go directly to bookstore.
do not pass GO.
do not collect $200.

update: i woke up this morning {october 6th} and guess what i found...
pat sloan picked twilight as our october book for her book club!!!
does it get any better than that??? seriously??? tehehe.
see for yourself here.

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i AM alive. promise.

04 October 2008

no i did NOT fall off of the face of the planet.
i've been in ireland.

i kid i kid.
if i was indeed in ireland...i would NOT have put a pic of MY house up there.
it would, without a doubt, be a breath taking photo of the emerald isle. promise.
but i heard yall saying 'shut up...she was???'

so what have i been doing???
well the question is...what HAVEN'T i been doing.

FIRST: momma was here.
we had SO much fun.
she spoiled me rotten. {and the kiddies too.}
she gave me some of my grandmomma's jewelry...
we went shopping {ALOT}...
we watched movies...
and then she left and i was SUPER sad.
i need her to live closer to me...seriously.

THEN: i got completely knee deep into reading.
what was i reading???
{4 books actually.}
it took me 4 days but i finished 4 novels: moon...eclipse...breaking dawn
{all by mrs stephenie meyer...and i'm addicted!!!}
twilight the movie comes out 11.21.08!!!
{you'll notice a countdown counter at the bottom of this blog!!!}

also i've been enjoying all my bday gifts.
boy did i make out!!!

what did i get???
well this stuff:
my claddagh ring {yeah baby!!!}
a new shelf for the living room with the fixin's {meaning with berry swags and fall decos.}
primitive lap quilt.
tons o' books...including: tour ireland with pat sloan & pat sloan's favorite techniques.
a bundle of nikki fat quarters. {pat sloan's}
new clothes.
and i'm sure i'm forgetting something.

THIRD: it's football season.
i've been really consumed with that.
did i mention that the hubby is a coach???
and i'm the team mom???
yeah...lot's going on there.
AND i was asked to be the cheer leading coordinator for the whole league next season.
boy oh boy...decisions...decisions.

and LASTLY: the whole griffith clan has been down with a sickness this past week.

so that's been my wild & crazy life since september 23rd.
i have missed yall like crazy!!!

oh and pat sloan asked me to be the resident chef of her october newsletter!!!
i shared my caramel apple fall cake.
go here to check it out.

and yall should check this irish quilting magazine!!!
yall will totally fall in love with sherry's blog's a great one.

so i think that that's about it.
i didn't wanna overload yall with pics AND info.
so let me know what yall wanna see and i'll post it next.

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