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29 June 2010

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winner = val laird
email: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

we all love being pampered, right???
being quilty pampered is even better.

today's featured sponsor is pastimes online.
basically a smorgasbord of all things quilty.

Prize for psIquilt sponsor

one lucky p.s. i quilt reader will win the following:
quilter's tea & strainer
4 bundle of silk quarters
scissor keeper kit w/ pattern
& more.

and leave a comment over at val's blog too!!!
everyone loves more chances, right?!?!

so who wants pampered?!?!
*winner announced on friday*

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in less than 24 hours...

28 June 2010


yeah baby!!!
*i had to remove the video/trailer, it was making my blog load really s l o w*

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rachel's cheesy corn chowder.

24 June 2010

rachel's cheesy corn chowder.

what y'all will need:
3 cups milk
2 cans cream corn OR 1 can cream of chicken soup
2 cans whole kernel corn, drained
2 cans new potatoes, coarsley chopped
1 lb. smoked sausage, sliced
2 cups sharp shredded cheese
2 tbl. parsley

the making part:
mix milk, corn, potatoes & smoked sausage together in a stock pot.
warm thoroughly over medium-high heat.

remove from heat.
add shredded cheese & parsley.
once the cheese is completely melted, add salt & pepper to taste.
{the cheese will thicken your chowder.}

trust me that it's yum. yum. yum.

note: using grilled corn on the cob instead of whole kernel corn is amazing.
just sayin'.

oh & if you're the brave type...
add some crushed red pepper flakes or some of your fav hot sauce.
it kicks it up a notch.

hope y'all enjoy.

xo, rachel

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sponsor giveaway: quilter girl

22 June 2010

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winner = purple quilter queen
email rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

well tula pink fans...today is your day.

today's featured sponsor is quilter girl.
she specializes in longarm quilting.
{she offers finishing services as well.}


quilter girl will give one lucky p.s. i quilt reader this tula pink doll quilt.

yall heard that right...a plume doll quilt.
{measures 25" x 25"}

without fighting...who wants it???
*winner will be drawn on friday*

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my pinwheel sampler.

21 June 2010

pinwheel sampler. {quilt along.}

pinwheel sampler. {quilt along.}

pinwheel sampler. {quilt along.}

pinwheel sampler. {quilt along.}

pinwheel sampler. {quilt along.}

what can i say?!?!
i'm in ♥ with this quilt.
how's that for a predictable statement?!?!

this quilt will have a special place in my heart because of my pregnancy.
i announced the pinwheel sampler quilt along before i knew i was preggo.
well i had a tiny suspicion, but i was being naive.

i think "morning sickness" every single time i look at this quilt.
& how i just HAD to push myself to not let anyone down.
{i had over 350 of yall to answer to.}
it was a struggle, but SO worth it.

please see our flickr group for other completed pinwheel samplers.
pinwheel eye candy galore.

quilt stats:
fabric = simple abundance by bonnie & camille for moda
size = 58 1/2" x 58 1/2"
quilting = darla padilla
complete directions found on my sidebar

oh & for the record...
if i had it to do over again, i totally would've used red print for the binding.
just sayin'.

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17 June 2010


lookie what i got.

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sponsor giveaway: burgundy buttons

15 June 2010

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winner = kristen
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

fabric. fabric. fabric.
oh how we love thee.

my featured sponsor today is burgundy buttons.
fabric galore.

leah loves moda like i do.
trust me...it's a good thing.


one lucky p.s. i quilt reader will win some moda.
but not just any moda. 12 days of christmas moda.
{a jelly roll PLUS 1 yard of that gorgeous christmasy red print.}

yall have to work a little bit for this moda goodness.

here's the deal...we're giving yall five chances to win!!!
one: leave me a comment.
two: follow my blog. or tell me if you already are.
three: follow leah's blog. or tell me if you already are.
four: sign up for leah's newsletter. or tell me if you already are.
five: spread the word via twitter, facebook or your blog.

make sure to leave a comment for EACH entry.
it makes my job much, much easier.
*winner will be drawn on friday*

oh & one more thing...
from now until friday enjoy 10% when you shop burgundy buttons.
use code PSIQUILT

on your marks.
get set.

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scrappy = happy

14 June 2010

scrappy = happy

fyi: this tulip really makes my heart happy.

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coin collecting.

09 June 2010

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winner = dandelion quilts
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

coin collecting.


i heart this quilt alot.
it JUST made it home sweet home.
yep. envision me being linus. it's totally okay.
& it's SO the truth. HA.

i'm featured over at the quilty pleasures blog today.
{direct link here.}

so yall go check it out.
make sure to leave a comment here and over there.

coin collecting.

i'm giving one lucky peep a copy of the magazine my quilt is featured in.
i'll even sign it if the winner wants me to.

note: i know i am SUPER crazy to have 2 giveaways at once, but yall love it.
admit it.

so show some love.

coin collecting.

quilt stats:
fabric = pure by sweetwater for moda
size = 55" x 70"
piecing = caroyln st. clair
quilting = maggi honeyman

and quess what?!?!
kits are available HERE.
*kits are mailing in august when fabric is released*

single issues are available HERE.
mentioned in a moda video HERE.

p.s. and just so yall know...
that top pic may just be one of my all time fav quilty pics EVER.
i knew it as soon as i snapped it.

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sponsor giveaway: wish upon a quilt

08 June 2010

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winner = amy
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

it's giveaway day!!!

today's featured sponsor is wish upon a quilt.
they specialize in being a one stop quilty shop.

not only are they a brick & mortar, but they also make their products available online.
{not to mention they are john's local shop!!!}


wish upon a quilt will give one lucky p.s. i quilt reader...
a signed copy of kathryn schmidt's rule breaking quilts book PLUS a $25 gift certificate!!!
good stuff huh?!?!

yall check them out & sign up for their newsletter.
{they have a $25 gift certificate drawing every month.}

so who wants this book & gift certificate???
*winner will be drawn on friday*

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almost irish.

07 June 2010

almost irish.

so i remember it like it was yesterday.

i was standing in target.
my cell phone rings.
unknown number.

note: let's be honest.
99.9% of the time i hit the ignore button on unknown/private numbers.
this time, for some reason...not so much.

almost irish.

me: hello
irish voices: hi rachel!!! it's sherry & terri from irish quilting magazine.
i almost faint. for real.
me: oh hey yall.
of course i said hey yall. not. even. joking.

sherry: we wanna pick up your almost irish design for publication.
me: *crickets chirping*
sherry: are you there rachel???
me: *clears throat* yeah. sorry about that.
just so you know...people are staring at me because i'm jumping up & down in target.
sherry: HAHAHA. you're in target???
me: yep. HAHA.

my thoughts: good going rach.
you basically just told an editor of a magazine that you're a loser.

sherry: *still laughing at me being a loser*
rachel: *i'm doing that nervous OMG laugh*

almost irish.

we proceed with our convo.
iron out due dates.
make plans to meet for lunch at fall market.
& i even said that i could stay on the phone with them all day just to listen to their accents.
yeah. huge dork. i know.

almost irish.

so here we are 9 months later.
lookie at my quilt.
IN freaking IRELAND.

almost irish can go down in the books as my 1st ever published pattern.
i may or may not have cried the first time i saw these pics.
just sayin'.

almost irish.


it's totally okay that i'm jealous of my own quilt right?!?!
i mean it's been to ireland. and without me.

*blows raspberry*

almost irish.

oh & look...SHEEP!!!
real, honest to goodness IRISH SHEEP.
be still my heart.

i think they love me quilt.

almost irish.

quilt stats:
fabric = rouenneries by french general for moda.
size = 80 1/2" square
quilting = rhonda morrison

and guess what?!?!
kits are available HERE.
single issue are available HERE.

just sharing the irish wealth.

so what do yall think???
me loves it.

note: no sheep were harmed in the making of this quilt or photoshoot.

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color me happy.

03 June 2010

color me happy.

so here's my new moda bake shop goodie!!!

it's straight from the oven.
& it's over at the moda bake shop!!!
so go check it out & tell me what yall think.
{direct link here.}

and as always...
toot your own horn!!!
if you make this, add the pic to my p.s. i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.
{and of course the moda bake shop flickr group too.}

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snip & spin.

01 June 2010

snip & spin.

i feel like an outlaw when i cut fabric with my scissors.
like i'm breaking ALL the rules.

but you know what?!?!
i like it.

it's okay to feel like a bad mama jama sometimes.

like right now...i totally feel like iceman from top gun.
i can even spin my scissors like val kilmer and everything.

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