26 November 2010

{yayyy for the christmas tree going up!!!}

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25 November 2010

{happy thanksgiving yall.}

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24 November 2010

{yum. yum. yum.}

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to all yall...

23 November 2010

i just wanted to say thanks.
yall are the sweetest, most kind peeps on the planet.

thanks for all the comments, tweets, emails & phone calls of support.

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19 November 2010

warning: this is not my normal quirky rachel post.

so yesterday the griffith family, meaning all 6 of us, were in a car accident.

shane was driving.
we had just picked up jackson from school.
we were on our way to a doctors appointment.
we were stopped at a read light.
a read light we’ve sat at a million times.
then a driver coming toward us started having a seizure.

suddenly everything was in slow motion right in front of me.
as the car hit us i remember saying “oh jesus.”
all i could think of was our four kids behind me.
MY kids. the kids I’M supposed to be protecting.
my heart just sank in my chest and i was beyond scared.
then the car hit us.

before i give someone a heart attack, we are all fine.
thank god!!!

our truck is completely totaled.
but that’s not important. really.

it’s been about 20 hours since then.
physically…i’m fine.
mentally…i’m a little messy.

i write this with a heavy heart.
but i write this to say that all those things i’ve been stressing about just don’t matter.

i don’t care that i’m not a real pattern designer.
i don’t care that i haven’t touched my machine in forever.
i don’t care about my blog stats, giveaways & tutorials.
i. just. don’t. care.

i care that our accident could’ve been WAY worse.
i care that i could be missing my children &/or my husband.
i care that maybe i haven’t been thankful enough for what i DO have.

today i’m gonna hug my little ones a little longer,
kiss my hubby a few more times,
and thank god for what i have been given.

i hope yall will do the same.

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sponsor giveaway: pastimes online

17 November 2010

{comments closed.}
winner = dutch quilter
email: rachel {at} psiquily {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

and it's giveaway time.
woot woot.

today's featured sponsor is val over at pastimes online.
yall need to take a field trip over there. tons o' stuff.


today one lucky p.s. i quilt reader will win two patterns!!!
good times.

here's the deal:
val needs some help picking out a new BOM.
yall need to go vote on which one you would be most interested in.


her BOM's include:
jeval dupioni silks, cottons, silk pins, sewing machine needles,
embroidery needles, weeks dye works wool,
floss {weeks dye works or jeval silk floss, step by step blog postings,
videos, prozes & more.

THEN leave a comment here telling me you voted.
*no vote, no entry*

let the voting & commenting begin.
{winner will be drawn saturday.}

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gettin' figgy with it.

15 November 2010

gettin' figgy with it.

gettin' figgy with it.
get it???

fig tree fabrics + old will smith song + my mad dork skills.
gettin' figgy with...oh nevermind.

the yellows in this line are the best yellow fabrics EVER.
just sayin'.

for those inquiring minds:
fabrics = fresh cottons by fig tree quilts for moda
{get your own HERE.}

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100 blocks blog tour.

10 November 2010

{{comments closed.}}
winner = alicia
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com


well here she is yall.
my block for quiltmaker's 100 blocks.
ain't she purrrdy?!?!

i thought to myself:
i heart string blocks.
i heart pinwheel blocks.
& i heart lots o' solids in my quilts.

then voila...
pinwheel o' strings was born.

pinwheel o'strings hourglass

here she is moonlighting as an hourglass block.
she's fiesty like that.

pinwheel o'strings table runner

oh and here she is playing it cool & casual.
we call this her housewife side.

as yall can see...there are many sides to miss pinwheel o' strings.


i hope yall are enjoying the blog tour.
just like the peeps before me, let's have a giveaway!!!

one lucky p.s. i quilt reader will get to enjoy their very own copy of the magazine.

so who wants it?!?!
{winner will be drawn on friday.}

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sponsor giveaway: reannalily designs

09 November 2010

{{comments closed.}}
winner = sandy
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

sponsor giveaway.

hey howdy 'bout a giveaway?!?!

today's sponsor is reannalily designs.
if yall don't know jen should.
she's an ubber sweetheart with ubber cute patterns.

reannalily giveaway

one lucky p.s. i quilt reader will win two of jen's newest patterns!!!
*and the crowd goes wild*

so who wants 'em?!?!
{winner will be drawn on friday.}

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04 November 2010


lookie what i'm thumbing through.
cuteness galore.
{get your own HERE..}

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two months.

02 November 2010

miss lindsey.

miss lindsey is two months old already.
where does the time go?!?!

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