my market loot.

04 November 2011

my market loot.

hyperreal garden & pure elemets by pat bravo.
i'm head over heels in love with it.

my market loot.

more delish art gallery fabrics. . .bespoken by pat bravo.
yep. still hardcore in love. *sigh*

for the record: i think i came home with about 23ish yards of art gallery fabrics :P

my market loot.

oh and this yummy salt air fat quarter bundle. {by cosmo cricket.}
looove it.

i also have books & patterns . . . as well as more fabric. <--yes, more fabric.
but this is enough show & tell for now.

now if yall will excuse me, i have a house full of sick people.
thank goodness the kids are out of school on monday & tuesday.
i feel a good dose of bleach & lysol coming on.

♥ rachel

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fall quilt market recap.

03 November 2011

quilt market recap. {notes.}

even though i already knew what to expect, market still hit me like a mack truck.

i'm still nursing a market hangover.
i've been home since sunday night and just unpacked my suitcases yesterday.
and that's just my clothes. <--i still have all my market loot to go through :)

market is like a tornado.
there one minute, gone the next.
so i take notes.
notes that i'm still trying to work through.
it's a good thing, but i really just wanna nap. HA.

quilt market recap. {houston skyline.}

day 1 - schoolhouse/sample spree day:
first things first . . .
to the two super sweet girls that walked up to me & v early that morning -
i am SO sorry if we seemed short with yall.
we were trying to figure out where to pick up our badges.
and we couldn't find our other friend.
we were caught off guard and yall were super sweet to introduce yourself to us.
and honestly for the next couple days, v & i would bring yall up in coversation because we felt horrible. we're not jerks. promise. <--i feel a little bit better now. phew.

i only had one schoolhouse session in my sights, but i ended up in a few more...
valori wells, vanessa christenson, thomas knauer, betz white and lotta jansdotter.

quilt market recap. {me & betz.}

speaking of betz white . . . lookie here at us.
so true story: kimberly jolly {owner of fat quarter shop} was all "rachel stand over there with betz so we can get take a picture with you, her & your bag" and all i could think was "but i didn't get the button put on the front pocket yet" <--talk about being a dork, huh?!?!
i'm proud to report that since this pic, a lovely green button has been added.

*pretend there's a pic here of hundreds of women storming through one door here*
sample spree was sample spree. <--kinda like the running of the bulls but instead of running from bulls, people are running to fabric :P
{i only took one pic at sample spree . . . horrible lighting = horrible picture.}

day 2 - floor is open:

quilt market recap. {bard & mary}

miss barb & miss mary.
i just love these sisters.
they never, ever fail at making me laugh.
i'm eager to make myself one of those dotty bags. and i will. one day.

quilt market recap. {american jane.}

oh my word.
i already adore sandy klop, but her booth this market . . . yum!!!
love, love, love.

quilt market recap. {lucie summers.}

i'm also in love with the look & feel of lu summers' fabrics & whatnots.
SO darn pretty.
and that quilt . . . *covet*

quilt market recap. {daisy cottage.}

i spotted lori holt's fabric right away.
i just love her style.
just look at those pom poms. and those lamps. *swoon*
i want need this fabric.

quilt market recap. {lost & found.}

and this fabric *sigh* by my mind's eye.
i'm really digging the peachy-ness of this line with those yummy greys.
SO pretty. and oh so me.
another must have in my book.

quilt market recap. {betz white.}

ah betz white's booth.
just lovely.
i promise i would think that even if my quilt wasn't in it. really.
{the quilt in the back = my melly}

quilt market recap. {me & emily.}

and this girl - emily herrick - i could just be her bff in real life. for reals.
after years of "knowing" each other online, we finally met.
instantly we were down like 4 flat tires on a low rider.
love this girl. love her fabric. and love that we finally met.

quilt market recap. {pat bravo.}

and last but not least . . .
i am in love with pat bravo & art gallery fabrics.
i have loved them from afar for quite some time now, but now it's capital L O V E love. <--and yall know i don't use capital letters lightly :P

quilt market recap. {art gallery.}

i mean just look at this wall.
i could frame this and hang it in my quilty room. for reals.
and i NEED that pillow. like yesterday.

all in all it was a great market.
even though market is way bigger than little ol' me, i still had my fair share of representaion.
i had a total of 8 quilts among various booths.
and that was both refreshing and a little terrifying. lol.

i'm missing a ton of pics, but c'est la vie.
i carried my cell phone AND my camera, yet still came home without the pics i needed.

for instance . . .
i had so much fun catching up with peeps like julie, john, kate, jana, katy, cara, jen and so many others.
but i'm kicking myself for not taking pics!!!
all yall rock my socks off btw.

come back tomorrow and i'll show yall my market loot!!!

♥ rachel

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