gearing up.

30 April 2013

sweet tea
it's that time again, folks.

the time where i can't get enough done, my to do list is the size of texas and i feel like i haven't slept in days.

i've been living on sweet tea, utilizing my very trusty sample makers and probably driving my hubby insane.

i'm gearing up for quilt market.
so, y'all stay tuned.

xo, rachel

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ready. set. go. :)

24 April 2013

ready. set. go. :) #psiquilt #rachelgriffithdesigns
click here to start shopping.

xo, rachel

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a sneak peek. :)

22 April 2013

a sneak peek. :)
xo, rachel

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18 April 2013

global bazaar. (blend fabrics.)
it's amazing how many times a quilter can fall in love with different fabrics, isn't it?
take these, for example.

fabric = global bazaar by josephine kimberling for blend fabrics.

the colors are so vibrant.
and the prints are oh, so dreamy.
this lovely stack just sat & sat because i didn't want to hack the fabrics to bits.
am i the only person that does this? i doubt it, but still.

this was my first time playing with blend fabrics.
they are very, very nice to work with.
i highly recommend y'all trying them out.

my sweet friend, jennifer, came into town a few weeks ago.
jennifer is one of the masterminds behind the vintage honey shop. (read more HERE.)
while our kiddos had a play date, we did, too.
yayyy. :)

jennifer & melissa.
because we couldn't bare to cut into the prints, we made infinity scarves.
here's the beauteous jennifer & melissa being perfect models.
i still have to finish my scarf, of course. slacker.
but i love the ones we finished for these two lovelies, don't y'all?

with our scraps, jennifer was planning to make some teething necklaces.
i can't wait to see how those turn out.

oh, and i have to say, i might have found a new addiction with making infinity scarves.
how about y'all?
have you tried your hand at making them?

xo, rachel

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pillowcases or sleeping bags?

12 April 2013

pillowcases in action
so, i did it.
i finally made a pillowcase.

every single time i see someone make pillowcases, i'm like, "i should do that."
of course, i never do.
but we legit need more pillowcases in this house.
so, i was motivated and on a mission.

i pulled out one of my favorite prints of all time and gave it a go.
(fabric = odds & ends by julie comstock for moda.)
note to self: hunt for more of this fabric!!!

upon a recommendation, i followed a you tube video to make these.
it was simple enough, but the pillowcases are huge.
like i could fit two pillows in each pillowcase.
OR miss lindsey could use them as sleeping bags.
i'm so not kidding.
note: i changed the trim size. i used a 1 1/2" strip instead of the 2" indicated in the tutorial.

i really love the look of these.
but i think i'm going to buy some new, beefy pillows.
that, or just deal with how big they are.
these are for our bed, as decoration, so i haven't decided yet.

before i commit to a pillowcase making frenzy, what pillowcase tutorial do y'all use?
inquiring minds want to know.
please & thank you.

xo, rachel

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the one where i spoiled myself.

08 April 2013

the one where i spoiled myself.
the day before the flu broke out, i went to the original sewing & quilt expo here in cleveland.
i behaved myself.
for the most part.

among the vendor list, miller's dry goods.
although they are located here in ohio, i've never made the trip to visit them.
needless to say, i spoiled myself a bit with some of their goodies.

my owl pincushion.
within the past few years, i have acquired a love for owls.
i fully blame the quilting industry for this.
i just had to have this little guy.
cutest pincushion ever.

my log cabin pincushion.
and apparently because i don't have enough pincushions, i had to have this one, too.
if i'm being honest, i'll probably never, ever paper piece a pineapple block like this.
well, that's how i justified this purchase anyways.

my dotty scissors.
oh, and quilters always need more scissors.
especially if they are mini, aqua & dotty.
it's written somewhere in the bylaws.
i'm sure of it.

my needlecase.
i saved the best for last.
this needlecase was probably my most favorite purchase of the day.
here it is all folded up and ready to go.

my needlecase.
and here it is opened up. (it does lay completely flat. fyi.)
adorable, right?!?!
me thinks yes.

in addition to buying these goodies, i took a class.
something awesome came from meeting that teacher, but more on that later.
but let's just say, y'all might be seeing me at the georgia quilt show this fall.

also, i tried my hand at longarm quilting.
i thoroughly enjoyed it and was pretty darn good at it.
if i had an extra billion dollars, i'd gladly spoil myself with one of those bad boys.

xo, rachel

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05 April 2013

in the past 14 days, 3 out of 4 kiddos, plus the hubby, had the stinkin' flu.
so. not. fun.
but thank the good lord above that that's over.

things are starting to get somewhat back in order.
today is the last day of spring break. (again, thank you, jesus.)
i'm starting to get a bit stir crazy with these kids. lol.

i've spent the last week cleaning like a mad woman.
legit spring cleaning.
and i decided that my kitchen needed a pick me up.
although i'd love to knock out a wall, paint, install new flooring and refinish the cabinets, i had to stick with some new decorating.

see that platter on the wall?
it's a turkey platter.
and i love it there.
hanging plates on the wall makes me think i'm turning into my great grandmother.
i'm okay with that.

oh, and look at those yummy fat quarter bundles.
left: honey honey by kate spain.
right: simply style by v and co.
i think they'd play quite nicely with each other, don't y'all?

xo, rachel

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