the basics charity challenge.

22 February 2011

the basics charity challenge.

no matter who we are, we all need basics.

we all need clothes, shampoo & food.
some of us even need diapers & lady products.

some of us go about our business buying these things without a second thought.
some of us even buy the best of the brands because we "have" to.

some people can't provide diapers or formula for their babies.
some people can't even live in a safe environment.

thinking about these things doesn't nomally produce warm & fuzzy feelings...
but helping people with these needs can!!!

a few of us peeps have teamed up with cara to promote the basics charity challenge.

we know quilters are some of the most kind hearted peeps on the planet.
so please stop over at cara's to see how YOU can help out.
{direct link here.}

fyi: giveaway prizes are being offered as an incentive to give...
but the real prize is knowing you helped out!!!

as an extra incentive for my ps i quilt readers:
if yall give in the basics charity challenge, come back & tell me.
one of yall lucky peeps will win a special surprise goodie package from me.

♥ rachel

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a very indecisive woman.

18 February 2011

cup o' tea

i'm a thinker. & an analyzer.
i over think. & i over analyze. <--it's what i do.

instead of giving yall the normal rachel post...
step inside my brain & hear what's going on.

6am friday morning:
it's friday. i have to blog today.
what should i blog about?!?!
i could show baby scruffily.
no. not far enough along to warrant a blog post.

oooh!!! my new patterns came last night!!!
i could blog a sneaky pic.
no. not yet.

speaking of patterns...i need to take a teaser pic of that one fabric.
maybe later. it's still dark outside.

i want oatmeal creme pies for breakfast.
better not. one always turns into two.
i really shouldn't hork down 2 oatmeal creme pies for breakfast.
i'm trying to lose weight, remember?!?!

what was i thinking about?!?!
oh yeah. my blog.
what can i blog about?!?!

it's too quiet in here. i need some music.
wait...did i just think that?!?!
how can a mom of 4 kids think it's too quiet?!?!
*insert HOUSE's voice: MORON!!!*
i should be savoring all this early morning quietness.
the kids will be up in an hour or so.

*opens itunes anyways*
hmmm. pick something soft that way it still seems quiet.
oh yeah. jake gave me that cd with that one guy on it.
man that guy's voice is like butter.
& that acoustic guitar.
god i love acoustic guitar. i could listen to it all day.
hey...i should facebook & tweet that.

crap. i just spent half an hour on facebook & twitter.
the kids will be up soon!!!

okay. back to blogging.
how about a recipe?!?!

if i was monica i would have all my blog posts scheduled.
it would be ubber organzied. & probably color coded somehow.
reckon i'm pheebs today. "ps i quilt, ps i quilt, why aren't i blogging you?!?!"
wow. i'm such a dork.
if shane EVER knew i just sang that in my head, he'd totally make fun of me.

okay. let's start with a pic.
if i get a good pic, i'll know what to blog.
what do i already have edited & in flickr ready to go?!?!

yeah so getting lost in flickr didn't work out so well.
the kids are up now. nice going rach.

i guess i can use that cup o' tea pic i was gonna use for a photography post.
what the heck am i gonna talk about though?!?!
what if people really knew that i'm this big of a dork?!?!

so what if they did?!?!
i mean it's me...the real rachel. <--a very indecisive woman.
yeah. blog that.
shane outta love that.

it's SO 10am & you're still at square one.
just blog it.
what's the worst that can happen?!?!
people might laugh at you?!?!
so what. you like making people laugh.

hitting post now.

♥ rachel

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swiss chocolate.

16 February 2011

{comments closed.}
winner = beth
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

swiss chocolate.

if seeing "robert kaufman" on that ribbon instead of "moda" made you fall out of your chair...
trust me you ain't the only one.

amanda murphy emailed me to see if i wanted to play with some of her new fabric.
it's not the normal rachelish color combo, but i do have the perfect quilt planned for it.

here's how i figure it...
miss lindsey needs a "football" quilt. yes a football quilt.
flag football season will be here in a month.
football = lots of outside time for us griffith's.

we are now the eagles and our colors are blue & white.
let's face it...white fabric and football are SO not bff's.
that and blue fabric really isn't very girly looking.

enter swiss chocolate.
blue. cream. pink. chocolate brown. yum.
i forsee the perfect football quilt in the making.

the tricky part was choosing a pattern.
of course i wanted to use something that would be ubber cute.
BUT i didn't want to freak out if a cleat happened to run across it.
*flag on the play*

enter scruffily.
yum yum pint sized scruffily-ness is in the making.
be still my heart.

and guess what...
i have some extra swiss chocolate precuts that are free to a good home.
who wants them?!?!
*winner will be drawn friday*

{fyi: yall can buy swiss chocolate here.}

♥ rachel

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every february fourteenth.

14 February 2011


wanna know the #1 reason i heart valentine's day?!?!
its so i can say this in my best janice impression EVER...
"happy valentine's day!!!"
*and i might say it like a million times, but it's my ONE day to get away with it*

yep. i'm way addicted.

p.s. yall HAVE to watch the WHOLE episode.
it's the one with the candy hearts.

♥ rachel

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two weeks from today...

09 February 2011

two weeks from today...

two weeks from today i'll be on a plane to texas.
two weeks from today i'll be away from lindsey for the first time since birth.
two weeks from today i'll cry like a baby in the airport bathroom.
two weeks from today i'll just be rachel, not mommy, to everyone i'm around.
two weeks from today i'll call home a million times.
two weeks from today i'll have to just let go.

because in two weeks from today...
i'm teaching folks how to make my quilts.

♥ rachel

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07 February 2011


i'm loving this creamy, buttery goodness.

fabric = buttercup by fig tree quilts for moda

♥ rachel

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postage stamp quilt along: finish it up

03 February 2011

{winners posted below.}

postage stamp quilt along.

welcome to the finish it up part of the postage stamp quilt along yall.

postage stamp quilt along layout.

by now everyone should have a completed quilt top.
we're gonna finish this bad boy up now.

there's just four final steps:
layer, baste, quilt & bind.

when you're done...pat yourselves on the back!!!
yall just completed a bedsize quilt in a month.

i can't wait to start seeing yall's completed quilts show up in the flickr pool.

i'll show pics of my postage stamp quilt when she's home from my quilter.


just a reminder:
the postage stamp quilt along is being sponsored by fat quarter shop.

TODAY is the LAST DAY to get your two jelly rolls at 20% off!!!!!!
just enter "PSIQUILT" during checkout.

about the giveaway drawing:
leave a comment with a link to your completed quilt top pic via our flickr pool.
*yall have to provide a link to be eligable*

1st prize = $100 fat quarter shop gift certificate
2nd prize = $75 fat quarter shop gift certificate
3rd prize = $50 fat quarter shop gift certificate

comments will be closed & winners will be drawn within 24 hours.
i know that's quick, but a completed top {not quilt} is all that was needed to qualify.

i hope yall enjoyed this quilt along as much as i did.

1st prize = kristin {here's her quilt.}
2nd prize = holly {here's her quilt.}
3rd prize = katie {here's her quilt.}
email: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

congrats to the winners.
a special thanks to all yall that joined along.
& a huge thanks to fat quarter shop!!!

♥ rachel

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01 February 2011

the question:
so what does...
a quilt, a longaberger basket, a candle & a stack of nicholas sparks books have in common?!?!

the answer:
they are all on the cover of my 1st real pattern.
*woot woot*


that's right...
i'm officially a real, honest to goodness pattern designer.

i'd like to introduce yall to flipside.


i know it's been said before...
but i love this quilt.


she's simplistic, yet stunning.
even when she's freezing her butt off, knee deep in the snow, getting her picture taken.


& in true rachel fashion she uses her fair share of bella solids.
*big dreamy sigh*


qult stats:
fabric = central park by kate spain for moda
size = 58" x 58"
quilting = darla padilla


and guess what?!?!
yall can get kits at fat quarter shop. {HERE.}
& single patterns are available HERE. {& HERE.}

i did it.
i actually told yall.
i hope yall enjoy this pattern as much as i do.

♥ rachel

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