sneak peak #1.

30 September 2009

p.s. yall have to check out the sneak peak julie showed today!!!
it cracked me up!!!

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nothing but the truth.

29 September 2009

well market is upon us!!!
i actually fly out in 9 days!!!

i think it's pretty safe to say this...
blogging might be sporadic between now & market.
but what i will do is post some sneak peaks for yall!!!

sneak peaks of:
market projects.
moda bake shop projects.
secret projects.
everyday projects.
{maybe i'll be cool enough to actually post a real post too!!!}

just please don't give up on me.
i promise this is a temporary thing.
just wait until i post all those market pics!!!

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a thank you giveaway!!! winners.

25 September 2009

enlight of celebrating new moon hitting theatres,
i took all the comments containing "italy" and threw those in a hat.
{& picked 4 winners since there's 4 books in the twilight saga .}
for my twilight peeps you KNOW why i picked italy!!!

so without further ado...the winners are...

jennewby said...
i would go to italy.
i've always wanted to go there.
i love italian food!
greece too!
so i'd try to hit both places!

molly said...
i would choose a trip to europe.
there are so many places there i want to see
(austria, italy, paris, london, ireland...the list goes on).

angela said...
so now i want to go to italy!
or perhaps scotland or denmark.
i would love to see all that old world stuff.

jabeybaby said...
i have always wanted to go to italy!
there is just so much to see there.
all the history and the country side is suppose to be beautiful also!
(i'm even trying to learn italian!)

yall need to email me so we can talk turkey.

p.s. and i know i'm a huge twilight dork, and i'm SO okay with that.

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i heart fabric pumpkins!!!

23 September 2009

i heart fabric pumpkins!!!
my house is covered with them every september thru november.
{the stripy one is my fav!!!}

to celebrate fall's arrival...
i restocked my fabric pumpkins pattern at p.s. i quilt: the shoppe.
{along with some other goodies.}

i want to thank yall for all my birthday wishes!!!
every single one of them made my heart happy!!!
{even the ones that told me i was being silly.}

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breithlá shona dhuit ráichéal.

22 September 2009

{happy birthday rachel.}

i've known for a whole year that this year i would be 27.
yeah...well that still didn't hit home.

it was a statement from the hubby that did it.
he says to me...
"i'm SO glad your 27!!!"
and then it hit me.

i'm 27!!!
me. rachel. today.

so here i am...3 years from the big three-oh.
actually i'm kinda freaking out about it.
now it's okay {gulp} for people to refer to me as being in my LATE twenties???

i woke up to my toddlers singing happy birthday to me.
and then the hubby kissed me & said...
"just think, in 3 years, i get to buy you a scooter!!!"

fyi for my non f.r.i.e.n.d.s readers...
rachel's boyfriend, tag, bought rachel a scooter for her 30th bday!!!
so yeah...let the countdown to the scooter begin.

today's plans:
bff is coming over to help decorate for fall.
inlaws coming over & bringing dinner.
and tonight i have a date with legends of the fall.

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fabric police lineup.

21 September 2009

mrs. griffith...
know that none of these suspects can see you behind your screen.

please tell us...
with 100% certainty...
which one of these fat quarter bundles has held you hostage this past week.

was is suspect #1???
mezzanine by patty young for michael miller

was is suspect #2???
rouenneries by french general for moda fabrics

or was it suspect #3???
spooktacular by sanae for moda fabrics

*dramatic pause*

it was...
the general!!! suspect#2!!!
i'd now those french inspired prints ANYWHERE!!!
even in a 500 feet away!!!
he kept mumbling something about a man named 'market' and how my number is up!!!

but don't let miss mezz & ol' spooky fool you!!!
they were in on it the WHOLE time!!!
they kept distracting me while the general was out of site.

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a thank you giveaway!!!

14 September 2009

comments are closed!!! winners announced here.
i won, i won, i won!!!
and it's all because of yall's votes!!!

thank you!!! thank you!!! thank you!!!

as a way to say thanks, let's have a giveaway!!!
i'm going to giveaway a few of my pdf patterns...of the winner's choice.
{2 more pdf's will be added to the shoppe before this giveaway ends.}

how to enter:
leave me a comment answering this...
if you could go on an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would it be???
& why???

winners will be announced next week.

can someone please tell me who makes this dot fabric???
i only had a fat quarter of it and of course it was missing the selvedge.

p.s. only one week until my birthday!!!
so to start that celebration...
check out the freshly released new moon trailer!!!
{only 66 more days!!! yayyy!!!}

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08 September 2009

so my labor day weekend was full of labor.

completed 2 bee blocks.
completed 2 doll quilts for swaps.
completed 2 table runners for gifts.
completed some other odds & ends.
{my flickr photostream has all the proof yall need.}

tomorrow's agenda:
more labor.

p.s. only 14 more days until my birthday!!!

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the ego has landed.

04 September 2009

i spy with my little eye...
something that's scruffily!!!

that's right peeps...
i, rachel griffith, am in the new moda bake shop magazine ad.
{along with 21 other amazing ladies!!!}

i'm okay now. promise.
but ego was big for at least 12 whole hours minutes.

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a two day glimpse.

03 September 2009

as promised...
mister jackson's 1st day of school pic.
gotta ♥ that smirk.

yall know the one...
the "do you HAVE to take my picture & put it on your blog" smirk.
yeah...everything is blogable in the griffith house.

i've been sketching like my life depends on it.

and i took these 26 lovelies and hacked them to bits!!!
{for the cottage quilting bee.}

and for those inquiring minds...
fabrics=arabella by pat sloan for p&b textiles.

p.s. only 19 more days until my birthday!!!

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dot com.

01 September 2009

can yall do me a favor???
1st: go into your google readers, your blogrolls & bloglines.
2nd: add...

that's right!!!
i'm officially a dot com!!!
and i'm SUPER excited about it!!!

i was SO tired of saying "racheldashgriffithdotblogspotdotcom"
and i was also tired of telling people to google "p.s. i quilt"

so now i can be all cool and say...
i'm at "psiquiltdotcom"
*huge sigh of relief*

blogger & google should update yall,
but please just make the change so it's for sure done.
i don't want to lose any of yall.

in other news...
the griffith house is getting over the sickness.
thank god.
{& thanks for all those well wishes!!!}

i'll be back later with jackson's 1st day of school pics.
{i just had to share my dot com news with yall.}

p.s. it's september 1st...know what that means???
there's only 21 more days until my birthday!!!

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