a thank you giveaway!!! winners.

25 September 2009

enlight of celebrating new moon hitting theatres,
i took all the comments containing "italy" and threw those in a hat.
{& picked 4 winners since there's 4 books in the twilight saga .}
for my twilight peeps you KNOW why i picked italy!!!

so without further ado...the winners are...

jennewby said...
i would go to italy.
i've always wanted to go there.
i love italian food!
greece too!
so i'd try to hit both places!

molly said...
i would choose a trip to europe.
there are so many places there i want to see
(austria, italy, paris, london, ireland...the list goes on).

angela said...
so now i want to go to italy!
or perhaps scotland or denmark.
i would love to see all that old world stuff.

jabeybaby said...
i have always wanted to go to italy!
there is just so much to see there.
all the history and the country side is suppose to be beautiful also!
(i'm even trying to learn italian!)

yall need to email me so we can talk turkey.

p.s. and i know i'm a huge twilight dork, and i'm SO okay with that.

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