build a quilt workshop: cascade

31 December 2011


the first set of build a quilt workshop classes went over really well.
so well, in fact, that i've been gearing up & making plans for a new class.

in case you missed out on the first classes, here's a little refresher. . .
the idea is to host online workshops in a quilt along style atmosphere.
we'll be using a private flickr group as our platform.
and everyone loves taking classes with their friends, right?!?!

class will start mid january.
once your class fee is paid, you'll be invited to join our private flickr group.
and that's when the fun starts.
{providing we all like this concept, more classes will be added.}

build a quilt workshop: cascade

cascade class-
in this class we will build a modern patchwork quilt.
this class is perfect for beginners through advanced quilters.

build a quilt workshop: cascade
*cascade quilt we will be building*

pay the cascade class fee HERE.
limited spots available.

paid class members will recieve a 20% discount via fat quarter shop towards their next purchase. {code will given via flickr group.}

so who's ready to build some quilts?!?!

♥ rachel

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25 December 2011

we wish you a merry christmas & a happy new year!!!

♥ the griffith's

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grandmomma's sausage cheese pie.

20 December 2011

grandmomma's sausage cheese pie :)

grandmomma's sausage cheese pie.

here's what y'all will need:
1/2 pkg jimmy dean sausage
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
4 eggs
1/2 cup milk
frozen pie crust
optional: crushed parsley flakes

the making part:
brown sausage; drain.
mix all ingredients together.
pour in frozen pie crust.
optional: sprinkle crushed parsley flakes on top.
bake 350' for 30 minutes or until firm & golden brown. <--it's best to set these on a cookie sheet while baking. it helps brown the buttom of the crust. let it cool. hork it down. note: we ALWAYS double this recipe because it's gone in a blink of an eye.
i mean, you might as well use the whole pkg of sausage.
PLUS the frozen pie crust package already contains 2 crusts. <--win/win :)

if you like a little kick to your breakfast, grandmomma always did 1/2 pkg mild sausage with 1/2 pkg hot sausage. <--i just use a whole package of regular or country mild to keep it kid friendly.
BUT if you're the type that likes a little sweetness, the maple sausage is pretty good too.

this is perfect for company.
grandmomma served it with fresh fruit, like cantaloupe.
i can personally just stand over it and eat straight from the pie plate with a fork. <--don't judge :P

hope y'all enjoy.

oh and one more thing...
not all sausages are created equal.
i'm a huge jimmy dean advocate.
i believe that jimmy dean is the BEST sausage in the world & other sausages just aren't welcomed in my house.
so, please, use jimmy dean if you make this recipe.

xo, rachel

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merry giftmas :)

19 December 2011

merry giftmas.

i don't know about yall, but i'm busy working on handmade christmas gifts.

my current project is making a gozillion homemade heating pads.
vanessa has a simple tutorial, if you're looking for one.

they make the perfect gift for teachers, hubby's coworker's wives or even the bachelor best friend who has been known to take over the one that you made for yourself.

i'd love to know what yall are crafting for christmas gifts this year.
please leave a link of what you're gifting or working on.
either a link showing the finished product or the pattern/tutorial that you are using.

i can't wait to sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and read through yall's giftmas list.
and maybe i'll even pick a winner or two :)

♥ rachel

*note: it may take a few minutes for your link to appear. this is normal.*

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art gallery winners.

16 December 2011

congrats to our winners!!!

purple bundle winner = jeni.
jeni's pics just make my heart happy. and i kinda wanna adopt her as my little sister :P

citrus bundle winner = emilie.
emilie has a SUPER cute blog and i personally dig this post. <--we think alot alike :)

ladies, please email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

♥ rachel

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13 December 2011

{comments closed.}


i don't know about yall, but i do enjoy looking at pretty stacks of fabric.

i think that different colors & prints stimulate my creative side in different ways.
how about yall?!?!


i have never, ever been a fan of purple - but pat bravo seems to have recently changed that.
don't yall just love these colors?!?!
i know i do.


and look at this citrusy mix.
again, not a normal rachelish color palette, but me likey.
me likey alot.

i honestly like that pat bravo has a way of making me step outside of my norm.
i love how vibrant & saturated her fabrics read.
and i love the way they stimluate my creative side.

remember my market loot?!?!
it seems that yall just loved my art gallery fabrics.
and as luck would have it, the good peeps over at art gallery thought it would be nice to share some of their yummy fabrics with yall :)

so up for grabs...
2 bundles - each has 10 half yard cuts of assorted art gallery fabrics!!!
note: there will be two seperate winners.

to enter:
simply "like" pat bravo on facebook.
AND please leave a comment telling me which bundle you would pick, purple or citrus.
{winners will be announced on friday.}

♥ rachel

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sewing with oilcloth.

08 December 2011

sewing with oilcloth.

fact: i've always been afraid to sew with oilcloth.
so much so that i've never even purchased oilcloth or laminated fabrics.

while at market, i just happened to come across a book signing with miss kelly mccants.
she was promoting her book sewing with oilcloth.
needless to say, i was intrigued, so i stuck around.

kelly talked a little bit about oilcloth and her book.
she even handed out little samples of oilcloth so we could make a small project from the book.
note: i totally recommend her book. <--it's SUPER informative.

sewing with oilcloth.

well i finally got the courage to play with my oilcloth :)
obviously this was a smaller project, but sometimes a small project is all it takes.
btw: i think i see some cute oilcloth banners in my future.

so are yall for or against oilcloth???
inquiring minds want to know.

♥ rachel

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still here. promise.

06 December 2011

christmasy quilt :)

so what happened to november?!?!

sorry i was awol, but we had a whole lot going on over here.
everyone in the griffith house was sick at least twice. <--hardcore flu type sick.
our daughter kept coming home with head lice thanks to her school bff.
patterns were printed with a major error.
oh and there was a little flea bombing mixed in as well.

i haven't forgotten about yall. promise.

i'm SO glad it's december.
november was ugh with a capital u.

the most creative thing i've done lately is decorate for christmas.

now that the sickness is gone, i'm trying to get back in the groove.
i would like to start with remaking our stockings.
stockings i made 5ish years ago.
stockings that kind of make me cringe because of unmatched seams & cheap fabric.
stockings that my hubby just happens to love.
stay tuned for how that will go down. <--wish me luck :)

and because i know someone will ask...
quilt above = my christmasy synchronized squares quilt.
{tutorial is available HERE.}
fabric = flurry by kate spain for moda

ps - all pattern orders are being processed.
the month of november and the printing error has really set me back.
please remain to be patient with me as i play catch up.
i promise they'll be in your hands as soon as possible.

♥ rachel

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