luck o' the irish weekend

31 March 2008

o-righty then. i'm excited to share with yall that i actually got lots-O-work done on my irish quilt this weekend. {thank heavens!} in a previous blog i told yall that since st. patty's day passed i was so unmotivated to work on the irish quilt, but this weekend i must have stumbled upon a good ol' four leaf clover because i was very motivated and had a blast. i transformed my fabric into a wonderful piece of art, and i think that i love this quilt more than any i've done so far. {it must be the irish in me.} good news is: quilt top is completely assembled, applique is on. so all i have to do is layer, quilt and bind. bad news is: this is a gift for my bestest friend and i have to say farewell to my most favoritest quilt. lol. {note to self: add making another irish quilt to my list.} pictures will be posted soon!!!! {i told myself i wasn't aloud to post a pic until it was motivation to myself.}

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spring has sprung...but have i

24 March 2008

so i am trying really hard to make a dent in my stash. seeing as i'm addicted to fat quarters i should probably start there. tehehe. {i might need a step-down program from buying fat quarters!} here is a small glimpse of my wonderful fat quarter stash...isn't it lovely??? i'm trying to talk myself into working on a spring/summer wall quilt today. {but my heart wants me to do it in fall colors/ reckon i'll have to make two!} either way, i'll keep yall posted.

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she's a beauty!!!

23 March 2008

so she's here!!! i'd like yall to meet my newest niece miss sophia leeann. isn't she beautiful??? i left the hospital, got the hubby and kiddies and took them up to meet baby sophie and when i walked into the room miss sophie was all wrapped up in the quilt auntie rachel made her!! i honestly got all teary eyed. :O) it was such an awesome feeling. my sister said that the whole nursing staff had been complimenting baby sophie's quilt. i had to share this with yall. {because only other quilter's know that deep down satisfaction of seeing their work put to use for the 1st time for that special someone it was intended for.} it melted my heart. and here she is...auntie rachel's quilt and all. :D

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it's time...she's coming!!!

20 March 2008

okay yall, i just got a call from my sister-inlaw, she's going to be induced in a few hours. and i'm totally excited. (this is the new niece that i made the pink and green craddle quilt for, with the prairie points.) i'm so excited that i can't stand myself. so, i wanted yall to know. pictures will, without a doubt, be coming soon. this makes niece #3 for now we have 8 total nieces & i love being auntie rachel!!!

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if i could hi-5 myself...i would

19 March 2008

i did it...i made a doll. how cool is that? pretty spiffy, that's what i think. my intentions were to make her for my friend shannon's daughter, but my daughter melanie fell in love with her. and when i was about to send her it about broke my daughter's heart. so, this is sallie mae. {and now i have to make her a twin sister to send to my gal pal's daughter.} but i did it, and if i could totally give myself a hi-5...i would. *wink*

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irish luck...not so much

18 March 2008

my bestest gal pal in the whole wide world said that all she wanted for her 30th birthday was a st. patty's quilt.
of course i was all too willing to tackle this, being i'm the ONLY quilter she knows.
but i have honestly been so unmotivated since the good ol' green day has passed. boo.
that's bad on my part.
i do have all the fabric cut and ready to go, but i keep finding excuses to not work on it today. geez.
like right now i should totally be working on it, but i told myself that i HAD to check my email, myspace,, etc.
bad rachel bad.

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zippidy doo dah

12 March 2008

well yall...i finally did it.
i finally posted pictures of my quilting ventures.
so, by all means, feel free to check them out. {and comment}
and i was thinking that i need to network on here better...i need to figure out how to make some more pals to talk to about all my spiffy projects :O)
have a good day yall.

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