more quilting space!!!

30 June 2008

yayyy. we got the house we've been wanting. hi-5!!! and so i will be spending the next couple of days moving. sounds like fun huh??? i'm SO excited...our new house will give us SO much more room. {including more quilting space!!!} i'm still unsure as to when our internet will be hooked up at the new house, but i will try to stay in touch.

so until next time...happy quilting.

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for the wallace in me

28 June 2008

so i was given info about a competition for quilters with scottish connections or a love for scotland. how fun is that??? fun...real fun!!!

i have a little more irish heritage then i do scottish, but this is for the wallace in me.

entry is open to ALL quilters, no matter the skill level, from anywhere in the world. 25 quilts will be chosen to go 'home' to scotland {how awesome is that???} to be showcased at the 2009 loch lomond quilt show. {not to mention appear in a special book called 'homecoming quilts'}

check out the link and let me know if yall will be entering. i know i am.

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it's NEVER to early to quilt for the holidays

26 June 2008

so i did a fun little project. it was a sew along with pat sloan. and it was super fun. i decided to use fall colors and fabrics. and this definitely put me in the fall spirit. {so much that my niece & i painted our nails a deep plum color last night!!!}

i think that this is an awesome little table runner/wall quilt. i can use the bright orange with plum side for halloween and then flip it over to the pumpkin, maple, acorn side for thanksgiving. i love multi purpose projects. don't you???

this measures 20 1/2 x 37 and i swear up and down that pat has the very best technique for flying geese units. yall should try it. i'm SO not intimidated by them anymore because she makes them SO simple.

check out her website.

so, with that being said, i'm off to play in my holiday fabrics.
bring on the pumpkins, hay bales, falling leaves, and scarecrows. i'm ready.

{and then snowflakes and hot chocolate with santa baby!!! i better stop before i quilt something christmas!!!}

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summer stash challenge...why not

24 June 2008

so i ran across a cool little number today. how fun. it's a summer stash challenge. the gist is make a quilt, any size before the end of august, without going to the fabric shop. {except for batting, backing or thread!}

so i said to should do this. so i am.

won't you join us??? you know you want you.

Eileen's Attic: Summer Stash Challenge - Sign-Up!

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my blog finds a new home

23 June 2008

o'righty. i have moved my blog. to yes, you guessed it, right here. i have found that it was very hard for some people to navigate where it was before, over at, so i made this happy quilting place...mixed with some everyday life.

i did take the liberty to repost all my older entries from the other site. it felt easier that way. lol.

this blog isn't quite where i want it but it's mine. tehehe.

so enjoy. tell me what yall think.

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mary poppins gets the job done

17 June 2008

do you ever wish you were mary poppins??? that you could just snap your fingers and the fabric would just cut itself...perfectly??? you know you have...right???

well i have spent the last, oh i don't know, million hours cutting fabric for my ohio outdoor quilt festival quilt. and i STILL have fabric to cut!!! geez. lol. i have about 3/4 of the fabric cut, but ummm, i HAD to piece some stuff together. {i needed a change of pace because i was getting bored fast. lol.} does that ever happen to yall???

i don't have pics just yet for yall. but i will in my next blog. but to refresh yall's minds. {or for people that missed that blog} here is what i'm working on.

holly holderman's sweet retreat. {june 08' american patchwork & quilting}

more details coming a blog near you.

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jumpin' in with both feet

07 June 2008

mmkkayyy. so i am VERY excited about my next project. i hope yall will be excited with me. lol. i am jumping in with both feet with this one!!! i have decided, with much anticipation, to enter the ohio outdoor quilt festival. *whoo i said it!* i am EXTREMELY excited...and nervous, but i'm gonna do it!!! i have decided, with much persuasion from the hubby, to try to enter 3 major quilts {1 my own personal design and 2 coming from a magazine or book} and then a few smaller quilts. *whoo i said that too!* i have a huge support system through my family & friends, they are all as excited as i am. but i need my quilting family to support me too. tehehe. so what do yall think??? honestly???

a FEW things about the ohio outdoor quilt festival: it's august 9th. you will see about 400+ {yes i said 400+} quilts hanging on barns and century old buildings. {how awesome is that???} it is NOT a juried show. all visitors are handed a ballot to vote for their favorites. you can offer your quilts for sale OR just take them for the viewing pleasure of others. this year the catergories are: most popular, best use of color, most unusual, most popular vintage quilt, and most popular small quilt. {are you as excited as i am yet???} lol.

here's a link to their website:

so check it out. and if any of yall are going already, we have to meet!!! seriously!!! and for those of yall that aren't going, trust me when i say, "i will take a million pictures to share with yall!"

so now that i've told you all about it, i will tell you about my 1st entry. are you ready for this??? my heart is pounding just typing this and showing it to yall. and i would not be lying if i told yall that i'm so happy i have tears in my eyes. *don't laugh!* {wait i gotta laugh at myself. okay i'm done!} so drumroll is the pattern i'm using for entry #1...and the following picture is the fabrics i have chosen to use.

the pattern is holly holderman of lakehouse dry goods. it was featured in american patchwork & quilting june 08 issue. now instead of using white like she did, i wanna use the cream. and where her design is yellow, i will be using the blues. and where her small floral print is used, i will be using the lightest pink/cream fabric. {that will also be the prairie points.} and then obviously the pinks will be where her pinks are. it will be the same size as hers, 82' square. and the only huge, huge difference is i am NOT doing those big floral blocks, i'm doing something special there. something that will be unveiled later. {i promise yall will love it!}

i will let yall know the other major pattern{s} i have chosen when this one is about done. i don't wanna overwhelm myself. {that's why at the top i said "TRY to enter 3 major quilts"} but i should tell yall, that i am working on one of the smaller quilts already. it should be done this weekend. yayyy.

so what do yall think??? honestly???

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this is what i call 'passin' time'

06 June 2008 as promised i am posting what i've been working on since the endless love quilt was put on hold. it seems like alot to take in {tehehe} but i've been having a blast! here's one project that i did for my mawmaw. {she's part of the vacation stop so i HAD to make her something.} plus i made something for our house, something for me and well, just keep reading. lol. i love, love, love pat sloan. seriously. and i fell head over heels in love with her 'big block beauty' quilt in june 08 american patchwork & quilting. well i didn't want to tackle the whole quilt, seeing as i'm leaving in a few weeks, so i decided to make one block. these blocks are huge. {18 inches!} and i wanted to get a feel for the quilt before committing myself to it. so, i decided to cut enough fabric for 2 of those blocks. i originally wanted to make 2 tabletop sized quilts, but the hubby said to make one a pillow and one table topper. so i did. what do yall think??? the pillow was adopted as my kids 'favorite new play thing' as well as the hubby's 'couch' pillow...tehehe. {no wonder he said make a pillow!} and the little table topper will go with us to it's new home at the mawmaw's house in georgia. {and seriously, those fabric colors are SO not that primary looking. the yellow is a rich buttercream, and the blue is SO beautiful. and that floral pattern is amazing in person. my camera really did NO justice for these fabrics.} lol. now in the bottom picture, you will see that challenge mini wall quilt from awhile ago, he lives there under my shelf, doesn't he look happy there??? lol. and those green & brown blocks are something for ME. yayyy. they are blocks that i'm making as part of pat sloan's book club. fun stuff! i chose to do a 'go irish' theme, which seems to be working out really well, but more on that later. {i promise!} i have also been working on another project, but i can't share it with yall yet. why you ask??? well frankly because i KNOW my momma, and she reads these blogs and what i'm making is for she'll cheat and see it before vacation. tehehe. so "nana nana boo boo momma!" that i've written a novella, tell me what yall think. and seriously, i have a-whole-nother blog to write for my newest project. *stop laughing!*

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wanna see my babies???

so i thought that maybe, just maybe, yall would like to be introduced to my babies. these are my rugrats...the ones that i have to TRY to quilt around. lol. the biggest baby, the hubby, was at work when we took this, so it's just me & them. i DO love this picture, we took it this past monday after jackson's graduation. so from left to right: there's miss melanie nicole who is 2 1/2 years old, she's gonna be the one to keep me on my toes. tehehe. then there's little ol' me. and then there's mister andrew jay who is 17 months old, his smile seriously makes me get the 'warm fuzzies' inside. and lastly there's mister shane jackson who is 6 years old {going on 13}, he just graduated kindergarten on monday...geez that came fast. so, i know's it's not quilting related, but everyone likes to show off their kids...and i would like to see all of yall's too. {hint hint} and don't laugh, but i totally had to hunch down to get even IN this picture, WHILE i tried to take the picture myself. hahaha. it was funny to say the least, and i think we all giggled the whole time. i love these kind of moments!

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momma to the rescue

04 June 2008

so my momma is coming to the rescue...for the endless love quilt. {thank god.} after a million dollars for gas and groceries, i had enough 'play money' to get the photo fabric sheets {a big pack this time} and a few cuts of fabric for another quilt, but not enough for my printer ink. seeing as we will be leaving in 23 days for vaca, i need to get it done. so my momma is going to purchase the ink for me. yayyy. i really think that she is more excited about this quilt then anybody. tehehe. and i had to tell yall. so within the next few days, i will be rocking out some major one-on-one time with granddaddy's quilt and of course share it with yall.

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endless love: on hold

02 June 2008

well i gotta tell yall...i am at a stand still on the "endless love" quilt. i miscalculated the picture, by accident, and i cut it too short. {talk about being frustrated.} anywho i went to print another one, on my LAST piece of photo fabric, and my printer decided to run out of ink. {even more frustrated.} so i have a printed fabric picture...half is beautiful and the other is black and white. yuck-o. and with it taking $100+ to fill the gas tank, while providing necessities to 3 children, ink and photo fabric weren't in the fundage this pay period. but as soon as i can get to work on it, i promise yall will know. i have been working on a few different things. {and finished a few things!} pictures will follow soon...i promise.

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