this is what i call 'passin' time'

06 June 2008 as promised i am posting what i've been working on since the endless love quilt was put on hold. it seems like alot to take in {tehehe} but i've been having a blast! here's one project that i did for my mawmaw. {she's part of the vacation stop so i HAD to make her something.} plus i made something for our house, something for me and well, just keep reading. lol. i love, love, love pat sloan. seriously. and i fell head over heels in love with her 'big block beauty' quilt in june 08 american patchwork & quilting. well i didn't want to tackle the whole quilt, seeing as i'm leaving in a few weeks, so i decided to make one block. these blocks are huge. {18 inches!} and i wanted to get a feel for the quilt before committing myself to it. so, i decided to cut enough fabric for 2 of those blocks. i originally wanted to make 2 tabletop sized quilts, but the hubby said to make one a pillow and one table topper. so i did. what do yall think??? the pillow was adopted as my kids 'favorite new play thing' as well as the hubby's 'couch' pillow...tehehe. {no wonder he said make a pillow!} and the little table topper will go with us to it's new home at the mawmaw's house in georgia. {and seriously, those fabric colors are SO not that primary looking. the yellow is a rich buttercream, and the blue is SO beautiful. and that floral pattern is amazing in person. my camera really did NO justice for these fabrics.} lol. now in the bottom picture, you will see that challenge mini wall quilt from awhile ago, he lives there under my shelf, doesn't he look happy there??? lol. and those green & brown blocks are something for ME. yayyy. they are blocks that i'm making as part of pat sloan's book club. fun stuff! i chose to do a 'go irish' theme, which seems to be working out really well, but more on that later. {i promise!} i have also been working on another project, but i can't share it with yall yet. why you ask??? well frankly because i KNOW my momma, and she reads these blogs and what i'm making is for she'll cheat and see it before vacation. tehehe. so "nana nana boo boo momma!" that i've written a novella, tell me what yall think. and seriously, i have a-whole-nother blog to write for my newest project. *stop laughing!*

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