falling for fall.

31 August 2011

falling for fall.

it happens every year.

i fall madly in love with fall.
i just can't help it.
i'm a fall/winter girl.

so i have this rule.
a rule that i can't decorate for fall until september 1st.
mainly because i get the itch in early august.
of course i know it's like lava outside but my brain insists that "if i decorate it, fall will come."

some years i do really good.
and some years not so much.

this year is that year.

i totally caved.
i went ahead and decorated for fall.
and you know what?!?!
i'm not the least bit sorry.

anyone else have this problem???

pic above = my fall fabric wreath.
{tutorial can be found HERE.}

♥ rachel

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aqua or black???

29 August 2011

aqua or black???

remember my bag confession???
well i should've added this to that confession...
sometimes i have a harder time picking bag fabrics than i do quilt fabrics.
i know it's weird, but it's the truth.

i'm in love with the top black print. <--like hardcore in love.
but i can't figure out which solid should be my lining.

so here's where yall come in...
should i use aqua or black???

and because i know someone will ask...
fabric = max & whiskers by basic grey for moda.
bag pattern = emma day bag by grand revival

♥ rachel

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sponsor giveaway: dawn's quilt corner

26 August 2011

{comments closed.}
winner = mary
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com


once again it's giveaway day!!!

today's featured sponsor is dawn's quilt corner.
i'm loving the dotty fabrics she has.


one lucky ps i quilt reader will win a bliss jelly roll.
and let me tell yall...it's such a yummy fabric line.

to enter:
simply tell me what you'd make with this jelly roll.
and for an extra chance...follow dawn's blog. <--or tell me if you already do.
{winner will be drawn monday.}

ps i quilt readers get 20% off at dawn's quilt corner.
just enter "psiquilt" upon checkout.

so who wants this lovely jelly roll?!?!

♥ rachel

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the one with the jello conversation.

25 August 2011

*warning: if you love jello, run away & never look back at this post.*

the one with the jello conversation

so let me start by setting the scene...
it's tuesday night. it's like 10pm.
we're sitting at this lovely farmhouse dinner table and everything is all gravy.
{we = me, jennifer, julie & rita.}

we're talking about quilts.
we're talking about family.
and then we started talking about food.

yeah we should've just stopped while we was ahead.
but NO. no we didn't.

*insert the jello conversation*
i'm not even entirely sure how we started talking about jello.
and honestly i think that once i found out the truth...i was in complete shock.

they proceed to tell me that jello is made from...hooves.
yep. real freaking hooves.
like from real pigs & real cows.
and not just their hooves but also their intestines.

i'm sitting there and all i can say is "shut the front door."
i'm literally reliving all the times i horked down some jello.
i'm talking throwing down some mad amounts of hooves in my day.

of course i don't believe it.
but NO someone {aka julie} says "google it!!!"
and so we google it WHILE rita grabs a box a jello from the kitchen.
bad idea. again.

let me just say that bill cosby is SO not on my favorite list of people right now.
shame on you bill cosby.
everything is SO not "OBKB" with this.

also keep in mind that i'm in the southern part of ohio.
i'm totally & completely kid free and without the hubby.

AND to top it ALL off.
i'm headed home last night and i'm not even kidding when i say that this...
my hubby says, and i quote, "the kids made you some sugar cookies & JELLO while you were gone."

what the heck?!?!
of course my kids made jello.
we haven't eaten jello in months BUT MY KIDS MADE ME JELLO!!!

this is a true story.

and i'd like to say that no animals were harmed in that making of this blog post...
BUT i have a whole freaking bowl of hooves in my fridge as we speak.

epic fail.

♥ rachel

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let's meet.

22 August 2011

let's meet.

so let's meet.

who: me & julie herman {with joan hawley & rita fishel}
when: wednesday, august 24th
where: creations sew clever
what time: 10am - 3pm
why: well cause it's me & julie. together. in the same state.
and we're signing copies of fresh fabric treats.
and we're showing off our quilts.
and i can personally guarantee you will laugh at with us :P

so who's ready to rsvp?!?!

♥ rachel

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sponsor giveaway: green fairy quilts

18 August 2011

{comments closed.}
winner = kelly
email: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com


so it's giveaway day folks.

today's featured sponsor is green fairy quilts.
yall know i love precuts...and boy do they have precuts.
lots & lots of precuts.

promenade fq bundle

one lucky ps i quilt reader will win this promenade fat quarter bundle.
it's SO pretty. me wants it.
oh and my friend cyndi walker just happens to have designed it. {hi cyndi. xoxo}

so here's the deal...we're giving yall five chances to win!!!
one: leave a comment re: your thoughts on back to school shopping. you likey? you don't likey?
two: follow my blog. or tell me if you already are.
three: follow green fairy quilts blog. or tell me if you already are.
four: sign up for green fairy quilts newsletter. or tell me if you already did.
five: spread the word via twitter, facebook or your blog.
*winner will be drawn on monday*

♥ rachel

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initial thoughts.

16 August 2011

quilts & more - fall '11

today is a good day.

well because the new quilts & more hits newstands today, that's why.
oh and because this issue just happens to include a little something of mine!!!

inital thoughts. {girl version.}

i'd like to introduce yall to initial thoughts...
a simple baby quilt that showcases strippy flying geese & a monogram.
i heart this quilt alot. <--it's my "go to" baby quilt. really.

know what else i heart???
all the awesome peeps that are in this issue with me.
peeps like joanna figueroa, camille roskelley, cherri house, & monica solorio snow <--just to name a few.

so run, don't walk to your fav quilt shop & pick up your own copy.
i promise yall won't be disappointed.

ps - to see a boy version of initial thoughts click HERE.

♥ rachel

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15 August 2011


i've been in a funk.
i'm sure yall know this funk i speak of.

the kind of funk where you're completely overwhelmed.
and not just by a certain task, but by everything.
and by everything, i mean everything.

maybe yall don't know this funk.
maybe it's just me.

either way i'm blogging to tell yall that i'm gonna leave this funk behind.
cause me no likey. at all.

so with that being said...
i think it's time to stretch my creative mojo's legs.
fabric therapy = brillant thinking

what would yall do with these lovelies?!?!
just curious.

oh and for those inquiring minds...
fabrics = picnics & fairgrounds by denyse schmidt
{thanks jennifer for sending me these yummies. you're the best. xoxo}

♥ rachel

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