are you feeling lucky???

29 July 2008

so seriously there are a go-zillion bloggers doing giveaways right now.
if you are feeling lucky...enter.
great prizes going around.

4 fat quarters of your choice:

a surprise winter giveaway:

an angel's story book {has 12 projects}:

super cute tea towel & fabric:

and this is just to name a few. thought i would share the love. lol.

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a boy & his pillow: a true love story

so is this not the cutest thing or what???
you are seeing mister andrew jay with HIS pillow. wasn't made for him, it was made for the hubby...but you see how far that went. lol.
i used one block from pat sloan's big block beauty to make it.
{which was super fast and simple!}
i just had to share this with yall.
it's moments like this, that i quilt for.

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am i lost???

28 July 2008

i'm trying to get myself out there, but i feel lost in blogland.

i read blogs...ALOT.
i comment blogs...ALOT.
i've joined quilting gallery & quilter's get listed.
yet...i think that my blog is lost and people can't find it.
hhmmm. how to fix this???

i quess i'll keep on keeping on.
reading blogs.
commenting blogs.
and people will find me.

maybe i should do a tutorial.
or giveaway.
any thoughts???

on a lighter note: i started cutting my fabric for pat sloan's crooked cabin sew along last night. fun stuff!!!

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do you eq???

27 July 2008

do you eq???
inquiring minds want to know. lol.

i'm thinking that i wanna get eq6.
i don't personally know someone that has the program, so i thought that i would ask yall.

so please share your thoughts: likes...dislikes. pretty please.
you'd really be helping me out.

and if you do eq...
i've read alot of reviews about eq6 not being better than eq5. any thoughts on that???
{because that'll save $70}

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another great day!!!

26 July 2008

so yesterday was a family day.
don't you LOVE those days???
the days where you just hang out...maybe shop...have football practice...and STILL have time to do a little fabric auditions!!!

that was my day yesterday. it was a great day.

the fabrics i auditioned were for my crooked cabin quilt along with pat sloan.
did i tell you that i'm using christmas fabrics???
{yes i just said christmas!!!}

and so today while the hubby is working i've been hanging out with the kiddies, tinkering around the house, reading blogs...such a carefree type of day.

and while i finish this blog, rest assured that i'm on my way to quilting wonderland!!!

another great day!!!

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my current stuff

24 July 2008

okay so currently i'm working on a few fun things.

endless love. {see previous blogs}
little man tate's quilt. {for my sisters new addition...which also happens to my summer stash challenge. that's right, i didn't buy ANY new fabric for it. hi-5!!!}
something that i can't disclose, due to my momma reading this blog. {you're laughing aren't you???}
stars & blooms wall hanging {another pat sloan pattern}
and i'm starting the crooked cabins quilt today by mrs. pat sloan. {well i'm just picking out the fabric today, but still.}

geez o'pete you might say...but it's all good. really.

oh and i got my 1st paying quilting job. for a doctor. yayyy.

and today i got turned on to a NEW blogger...penny...{some great reading}...check her out. she has the cutest diaper changing pad tutorial. AND she's doing a giveaway. you can find her here.

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and i'm back!!!

23 July 2008

well well well. here i am blogging from our new house. yayyy.
it rocks my socks off...seriously.

i have MUCH more quilting room.

let see, what's new with me...2 weeks is a long time to not write a blog. i seriously was having withdrawls. {stop laughing!!!}

i won some fabric from the wonderful mrs. pat sloan. AMAZING fabric i might add. so amazing that i ordered more. {oh yeah!!!} and along with that i ordered a book of hers too. and starting next week i will be happily tagging along in the 'crooked cabin' quilt along. fun stuff.

oh and did i mention that my new house is LESS than one block from a quilt shop.
i know you're thinking, 'shut up!' but seriously...there is. so i'm quiltin' good in the neighborhood.

AND i found out that my sister is having a baby boy on monday. yesterday i spent ALL day working on his quilt, and it's SUPER cute. i'll post pics soon. i promise.

so that's it for now. i missed yall.

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