how about a giveaway?!?!

29 July 2009

~comments closed. winner announced at the bottom of this post.~
SUPER sorry that i've been away SO long.
i've been riding a little emotional roller coaster.

my granddaddy gave us a BIG scare this weekend.
we thought that he had a stroke, but i'm happy to report that he's fine.
thank god.

i was told some amazing news that i'm dying to tell yall.
as soon as i can spill the beans, i will.

and then there are a few other things, but i'll spare yall for now.
nothing bad.

okay so how about a giveaway?!?!
the gals at the fat quarter shop saw my last post...
they graciously donated a $50 gift certificate for one of yall!!!
how cool is that?!?!

here's what yall have to do:
leave me a comment answering this...
what is your fav color combination to work with???

want another entry???
blog about my giveaway on your blog.
{you can borrow my pic.}

want to be added a third time???
follow my blog.
{if you already do, just remind me.}

to make things easy, enter one comment per entry, like so...
{comment 1:} my fav color combo is...
{comment 2:} i blogged about it.
{comment 3:} i'm following you.

so let the giveaway begin.
winner will be announced august 1st.
wow. 1408 comments. madness.

~winner is rose.~
please email me asap!!!
ssg3369 {at} hotmail {dot} com

if i don't hear from you, i'll have to draw another name.
{it's only fair.}

thanks for all the comments yall.
it's been fun to read through them all.
{and YES, i read them ALL. promise.}

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22 July 2009

if you had a $50 gift certificate to the fat quarter shop,
what would you buy???

spill the beans.
inquiring minds want to know.

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it. was. awesome.

21 July 2009

i got to spend all day with this guy.
it. was. awesome.

no quilty stuff today.
come back tomorrow.

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20 July 2009

lookie what i played with today.
it's okay to be jealous.
i won't hold it against you.

just wait till yall see the finished product.
*insert my evil laugh here*

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to label or not to label.

17 July 2009

to label or not to label.
that is the question.

do yall label your blog posts???
i see alot of blogs that do, and alot that don't.

i've been pondering labeling for a while now.
i just can't decide if i should continue not labeling...
or start labeling.

note to add: i'm not asking about if i should title my post.
i will always have post titles.
i'm talking about the keywords you add to the bottom of your post...labels.

so talk to me.
let me know why i should be labeling.
or let me know why not labeling is okay.
either way...please give your opinion.

and for those inquiring minds...
mini honey buns in pic=avairy & objects of desire for moda.

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christmas table topper kits!!!

16 July 2009

*jumping up & down with excitement*
and i am SO on cloud nine!!!

christmas table topper tutorial can be seen HERE.

yall can choose from:
crazy 8 by sandy gervais (like mine)
figgy pudding by basic grey
frosted memories by holly taylor
glace' by 3 sisters
or gypsy rose by fig tree quilts

i can not even begin to tell yall how excited i am about this!!!
{thanks again lani...if i could hug you, i SO would!!!}

so yall go get yourselves a kit!!!
and then tell me which one you bought!!!
cause i'm nosey curious like that!!!

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a peak.

15 July 2009

something new is in the works.
details coming soon to a blog near you.

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vaca pics: take two.

14 July 2009

so i guess now is the time to confess my love of antebellum homes.
i absolutely love them!!!
i think it's the southern belle in me.

i just love how rich with history these home are.
i had the best time listening to my granddaddy tell me stories.
he's quite the charlestonian history buff.

aren't these homes just gorgeous???
my favorite is the big yellow one of the corner.
i want one just like it.

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my pinwheel sampler quilt.

13 July 2009

it's finished!!! it's finished!!! it's finished!!!
isn't it absolutely beautiful?!?!

i am so in ♥ with this quilt.
like i've literally been like linus and everything.
not. even. joking.

so to my bee inspired group:
thank yall SO much for making my blocks!!!
and thanks for helping me bring this quilt to life.
yall. are. amazing.

and to julie:
i just heart you.
the quilting is exactly what i envisioned.
thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
you. rock. my. socks. off.

*grinning from ear to ear*
i really, really love this quilt.

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my first quilt.

11 July 2009

so because i adore camille, i'll shame humor myself for a brief moment.
here is my contribution for the parade of quilts...

i know it's not a quilt...but here's the 1st blanket i ever made.
i made this at the ripe ol' age of 16.
i credit this blanket for the fabric loving person i am today.
{you can read more about this blanket HERE.}

and this...*sigh* the 1st quilt i ever made.
i made this at the ripe ol' age of 21.
well actually this quilt was started in 2004 and it still needs binding.
me & this quilt have a strong love/hate relationship.
{you can read more about this quilt HERE.}

and here is my most recent quilt.
so recent that it debuted on the moda bake shop yesterday!!!
{direct link HERE.}

i ♥ this quilt. ALOT.
so much so that i don't even want to put it away until christmas.

it's fun to see a mini evolution of my quilts.
{& to think of the ones that were created in between these three.}

so the big million dollar question is this:
what have i learned since the very beginning???

#1 the rotary cutter is a girl's best friend.
#2 iffy fabric when bought, will still be iffy when it's in your finished quilt.
and #3...
never ever forget that you set your dr. pepper next to where you are quilting.
bad ju ju. promise.

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christmas table topper tutorial.

10 July 2009

ho ho ho!!!
it's christmas in july!!!
i really hope yall are gonna like this one.

it's over at the moda bake shop.
so go make this gal happy and show me some love.
{direct link HERE.}

if you make this, add the pic to my p.s. i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.
{and of course the moda bake shop flick group too.}

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home again, home again.

09 July 2009

hey yall.
we're home again, home again.
home sweet home.

i know i'm not the first person to say this...
but i need a vaca from my vaca.
i am SO tired.

i missed my machine!!!
{and my pretty fabrics!!!}

i really, honest to goodness meant to blog more.
i went down with the goal of blogging at least every other day.
obviously that didn't happen.

but the good news is...
i took over 1000 pics and i'll be sharing them with yall.
{in between regular posts.}

AND i went to the most amazing quilt shop EVER while i was gone.
i promise i took about 100 something pics in that place!!!

things might continue to be a little quieton my blog.
only because i have ALOT of catching up to do.

things like:
moda bake shop, quilting bee blocks, swaps,
quilting, bindings & quilty pal gifts.

not to mention:
summer camp is about to start for fall football.
& i can't forget that devil i like to call laundry.

so please bear with me.
i missed yall.

and for those inquiring minds:
fabric in pic=mill house inn by fig tree quilts for moda.
{thanks again lani for sending it to me!!!}

p.s. if you are a scrapbooking peep, check out this giveaway.

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vaca pics: take one.

02 July 2009

note to add: the man {lol} in the pics is my nephew, not the hubby.

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