no worries.

22 October 2009

*que bob marley*
don't worry...'bout a thing.
cause every little gonna be alright.

so i'm alive.
i'm getting reports of peeps freaking out due to my absence.
my blackberry is reflecting worried emails & texts.
not to mention the phone calls i've been getting.
{11 days=forever in blogland.}

no worries.
i'm okay.

some genius thought that moving around market time was a good idea.
that genius would be me. {& the hubby.}
*what the heck were we thinking???*

so i went to houston.
came straight home and moved.
and my new house is boxes upon boxes.

oh and...
i have less than 9 days to have a secret project in another country.
that's right...another country!!!
it's NO where near being done.
what i can tell you's bed sized.

i won't have internet at my house until monday-ish.
right now i am "borrowing" this connection.
it's either from a new neighbor or the middle school down the street.
so yeah...i better disconnect myself. lol.

i have SO much to show & tell.
and yes...i have tons o' stuff from market!!!
lots of goodies. lots of pics. lots of stories.

just please bare with me until i get this monster of a quilt made.
{& for my legal internet connection!!! haha.}

just know that i am alive.
and i miss yall like crazy!!!

in the meantime...i get emails on my blackberry.
so leave me some comments that'll make my heart happy.
{and distract me from unpacking!!! ewww.}

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moda angels.

11 October 2009

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for vanessa.

10 October 2009

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and then there was market...

me, vickie & julie.

julie, rachel cross, me & vickie.

me, anne sutton & my itsy bitsy that anne gave me!!!
yes folks...anne sutton gave ME a bitsy dog!!!
we're totally bff's now.
{i heart you anne!!!}

vickie, julie, angela & a BAD pic of me.
angela is the best!!!

me, THE lissa, julie & vickie.
oh rock my socks off!!!

more details coming soon.

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vintage ribbons table runner tutorial.

09 October 2009

so ummm can i just say that i LOVE this table runner???
because i SO do.

wanna make one too???
i made a tutorial for yall over at the moda bake shop!!!
so please make this girl happy & show me some comment love.
if you are going to be at market...
stop by the moda booth and check out my table runner!!!

and as always...
toot your own horn!!!
if you make this, add the pic to my p.s. i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.
{and of course the moda bake shop flick group too.}

p.s. for those inquiring minds...
this is sneak peak #1.

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sneak peak #2.

07 October 2009

p.s. i didn't forget about yall. promise.

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spooktacular table runner.

05 October 2009

my spooktacular table runner pdf pattern is now available!!!
{& i have ONE runner already made and ready to come live with somebody.}
both are over at p.s. i quilt: the shoppe

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quilt market reports. {with pam kitty morning.}

04 October 2009

what won't they think of???

yall wanna see a bunch of pics & "insider" stuff from market, right???
well look no further.

pam has a linky list of us market goers in one place.
{the list is currently forming.}
so now yall won't miss a beat or a market post.

so without further ado, i give yall...

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