a real life quilt made with love.

30 December 2013

look to the stars. (for kim.)

okay, so forgive my sappiness.
it's coming.
i already feel the lump in my throat as i type.
for real.

when i designed my book, quilts made with love, of course i envisioned it being used by every day quilters.
of course i wanted it to be the go to book for every occasion.
what i didn't anticipate, was that i would use my own book so soon.
yeah, i knew i'd make a baby quilt sometime soon.
i feel like i'm always making baby quilts, don't y'all?
but what i didn't see coming, was making a quilt from the comfort section.

she's like the older, perfect sister i never had. sometimes, you meet people that can just come and go from your life without a second thought. well, kim, is not one of those people. i heart you, missy ma'am! here's to many more years of friendship and sn

over the past six months, i've grown really close to my friend, kim.
i stayed with her and her family while i was teaching in october and that just sealed the deal.
instant best friends.

kim's son received orders for deployment.
yep, the "d" word that no mother or military wife ever wants to hear.
i can attest to this firsthand. (marine corp wife, remember?)

kim and i were at quilt market and we were talking about her son leaving soon.
we got all teary eyed and everything.
so much so, that mister blue nickel studios stopped to make sure we were okay.
little did he know, we were planning a deployment quilt for kim's son.
right then and there, all three of us vowed to make this special deployment quilt.
(thanks, scott! you're awesome!)

boom. done. also, siiiiiigh. @gogokim
we started being sneaky on instagram and facebook about our project.
we didn't want kim's son to find out.
(mike, if you are bored and happen to be reading this, go away! your mom is going to kill me!)
because of our vague sneakiness, our mutual friend, amy, texted me to find out what was going on.
i filled her in and then BOOM. we decided to be sneaky too.
we even roped in a third mutual friend, becky.

currently playing with these lovelies. they make my heart SO happy. #ilovestuffineverycolor

you see, kim is the type of gal that will give you the shirt off her own back.
she's truly a light.
i heart her. amy hearts her. and becky hearts her.
we went behind kim's back and planned her own deployment quilt.
not only did we coordinate this all from states away underneath kim's nose, but the best surprise was yet to come.

me with that yankee i married. #teachntravel

kim, amy & becky all live in virginia.
i live in ohio.
i just couldn't think of kim receiving her quilt and not seeing her face.
so, i snuck to virginia. (a big thank you to the hubby for accompanying me on this adventure!)

after failed attempt after failed attempt of trying to lure kim out of her house, we pulled into the driveway.
i banged on the door. no response.
it's pouring rain, folks.
no kidding.
finally, i called her.

ring, ring ...
kim: hello.
me: hey, what are you doing?
kim: working.
me: oh. from home?
kim: yes.
me: come to your door!
me: yes, ma'am. i am.

real life convo ...
me: cause i love you!
a bunch of hugging.
a bunch of oh my gods.
a bunch of you're in troubles.

i snuck down to virginia last night just to surprise @gogokim this morning!!! with the help of @amylouwhosews & @sarcasticquilter, we made kim her own deployment quilt! (her son was deployed last month.) i love my quilty sisters! and i heart this lady SO

kim turned to me and said, "so, really. why are you in virginia? are you teaching?"
and i said, "nope! i'm here to see you! come to the back of my van."
amy, becky, my hubby and babylouwho (amy's cutie) were all in the van.

i LOVE that we got to surprise you, @gogokim, but i might love this picture more. (; #surprisesurprise #teachntravel #lovethisgirl #quiltsmadewithlove

the girls got out of the van and then we did it.
we gave kim her own deployment quilt.
it was perfect.
so very perfect.

these women!!! god, i love them!!! muchly!!! three major pieces of my heart right here!!! #lovethesegirls #rachelisms #teachntravel

i heart good friends.
especially these three.
they are so very special to me.
lookie who came to play with us!!! america's favorite @j_q_adams!!! y'all can officially be jealous now!!! (; #lovethisguy #teachntravel
oh, and lookie at who else showed up ... mister quilt dad himself.
it was refreshing to see him and the hubby do some longarm quilting!

quilt stats:
size = 66" x 66"
fabric = scrappy awesomeness from three different stashes ;)
piecing = me, amy webb & becky collins
quilting = becky collins
thread = aurifil
pattern = look to the stars from quilts made with love

ps. y'all should see kim's post about this quilt. ;)

xo, rachel

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merry and happy.

25 December 2013

merry christmas, y'all. xoxo.
xo, the griffith family

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quilty fun sew along & blog tour.

18 November 2013

quilty fun tour
hey, y'all.
welcome to the quilty fun sew along & blog tour. :)

quilty fun tour main
if y'all aren't familiar with quilty fun, y'all should be.
it's brought to us by the lovely lori holt.
and guys, it's SO dang cute.

blogger's choice.
i am the week 3 stop.
(see the full line up HERE.)

today, we're going to talk about courthouse steps.
l o v e.
here are the fabrics that i pulled.
l o v e again.
in honor of lori, i had to embrace my fun, scrappy fabrics.

photo 2 (1)
y'all have your book, right?
say yes!

download the courthouse companion pdf here, then turn to page 90 because we're about to make courthouse steps blocks.

they are so quick & easy to make.
like less than half an hour, people.
no kidding.

my courthouse steps blocks.
here are my courthouse steps blocks.
adorable, right?!?!
me thinks yes!

and they just so happen to match my kitchen.
note: our kitchen is about to get a fresh coat of yummy natural almond behr paint. sigh.

although these are slated to go into my own quilty fun quilt, i really want to make another set just like this.
well, because i want an adorable mug rug!
wouldn't that be SUPER cute?!?!

we're also going to have a giveaway!
once y'all have the blocks sewn, post photos to the quilty fun sew along & blog tour flickr group for a chance to win one of THREE omnigrid marking ruler trios.
to see lori demonstrate these rulers, check out this video!
winners will be announced next monday on the jolly jabber.

also, i think i have a mad crush on lori holt. and her house. for real.
two words: aqua piano. ;)

xo, rachel

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tap, tap.

11 October 2013

is this thing on?
- - - - tumbleweeds blow across the screen - - - -

so, apparently i'm a lame blogger. oy.
it wasn't a goal i was trying to achieve, but there you have it.

in all honesty, i've been a pretty busy girl.
sit back and relax while i show you what i've been up to.
also, thank goodness for instagram. (@rachelgriffith)

my name is rachel and i collect "you are here" mugs from starbucks. (both old and new designs.) of course i'm not the only one. in fact, there are so many of us quilty peeps that collect these, that the awesome @sukie80 started a mug swap. she's either a
after what seems like a million years, i joined a swap.
it's the ur here swap where we are swapping starbuck's "you are here" mugs.
and in case y'all don't know this, i'm a sucker for starbuck's mugs.
true story.

i had a bad day. or two.
it happens.
sometimes it's just hard.
i know you know this.
okay, moving on.

my daddy and me. #familyismyfavorite #daddysgirl #teachntravel #latergram
i went home to georgia and taught classes at the georgia quilt show.
i saw lots of friends and family and even celebrated my birthday there.
biggest highlight ... seeing my daddy.
i'll always be a daddy's girl. always.

this is how i roll. :) #rachelisms #perfectschmerfect
i had a quilty playdate with my local friend, emilie.
after i threatened her.
we made some burlap pumpkins.
good times.
oh, and she didn't have to undergo a sharpie tattoo. in case you're wondering. ;)

this just in: a whole stack of awesome!!! if you preordered a signed copy, it will be in the mail by friday!!! #quiltsmadewithlove
my first shipment of my book came!!!
and because i'm still on cloud nine about them, i'll admit that i love that new book smell.
for real.

i'm SUPER excited to boast that one of my besties, @jaybirdquilts, and her fella, @lawrence_kaplan, got engaged whilst in maui!!! i'm so dang excited for these two to tie the knot!!! so, let the epic wedding planning begin!!! ;) #lawlovesjulie #bridesmaid
most of y'all already know that julie herman & i are real life bffs, right?
well, we are.
and guess who got engaged, while in MAUI ... julie and lawrence!!!
and guess who is a bridesmaid ... this girl!!!
hellllllo, california AND eternal happiness for this adorable couple.

judy (the owner of sew deja vu) and i needed a book signing selfie. a big thanks to everyone that came out! #sewdejavu #quiltsmadewithlove
i had my first book signing for quilts made with love.
this is me and judy, the owner of sew deja vu here in ohio.
we had a fun time.
my hubby even came.
we all swooned over his quilt hanging skills and his bulging biceps.
wait, maybe the bicep thing was just me. ;)

even teachers like to be students of other teachers. especially when the teacher is someone like joanna. i can't wait to take this @becraftsy class. are y'all enrolled yet?
i signed up for joanna's first craftsy class!!!
y'all should, too.
just sayin'.

look! it's the very first amazon review of my book, quilts made with love! day = made! i may have watery eyes, but y'all can't prove it. ;) #quiltsmadewithlove
i cried because i saw the first review of my book.
thank you, e. guhl. you made my day year!

i'm here! and i'm with @gogokim! yay! #teachntravel #stillneedstarbucks
i traveled by train for the first time in my adult life.
which was AWESOME.
i taught a few classes in fredericksburg at the original sewing & quilt expo.
i had a sleepover at go go kim's house.
it was epic.

so, @gogokim left me alone at her house while she took her kiddos to school. do y'all think she'd notice if i smuggled these fall katie jump rope fabrics into my luggage? #teachntravel #naughtynaughty #fallgirl
oh, look.
here i am pondering how i'm going to steal kim's fallish katie jump rope fabrics.

becky. a ridiculously stupid grin on my face. kim. amy. #teachntravel #iheartmyfriends #littlebitlatergram
whilst in virginia, i had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my favorite bloggy/instagram friends.
don't mind the ridiculous grin on my face.
i'll blame it on the fact that i was trying to hurry and snap a selfie before i was late to teaching class.
(left to right: becky, me, kim & amy.)

this is the best dang vanilla bean frappuccino i've EVER had. daaaannnng. #teachntravel #starbucks
i had THE best vanilla bean frappuccino i've EVER had. like EVER, people.
it was in DC at the union station starbucks.
daaaaaanng, it was gooooood.

oh. yes. i. did. it's called leverage. mwhahaha. #motheroftheyear #littlebitlatergram
i took the liberty of getting some leverage on the griffith kiddos.
what can i say?
when opportunity knocks, you answer. ;)

sigh. #thequarterback #glee #corymonteith
oh, and i cried like a baby watching glee.

so, i've been busy.
pinky swear.
now, i need to get busy on quilty stuff. (build a quilt workshop peeps, watch for a post TODAY!)
quilt market is in two weeks and i teach in fort worth next week.

what have y'all been up to?

xo, rachel

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a book sneak peek.

26 September 2013

quilts made with love.
excuse me while i shout it from the rooftops ...

quilts made with love. bitsy baby.
-bitsy baby-

y'all read that right.
quilts made with love is readily available.
it's in your local quilt shop, it's in your favorite online shop, it's on amazon and at your favorite bookstore.
and yes, this is me geeking out!!!

quilts made with love. oh happy day.
-oh happy day-

the good folks over at martingale are highlighting my book today via their blog, stitch this!
so, run along and take a peek.
learn my inspiration and how quilts made with love will fit into YOUR quilting.
pssst, they're having a giveaway, too!!!
(direct link HERE.)

quilts made with love. happily ever after.
-happily ever after-

if you preordered a signed copy from me, they will be in the mail by this weekend.
also, if you're in the northeast ohio area, i'll be signing books at sew deja vu this saturday between 12pm-3pm.

quilts made with love. unconditional.

it's a happy, happy, happy day!!!

so far, which quilt is your favorite?!?!
it's totally okay to say all of them.
wink, wink.

xo, rachel

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jelly roll jam.

16 September 2013

jelly roll jam.
today, i'm going to share something fun with y'all.
it's also really cute.

the lovely peeps over at fat quarter shop have been busy. like always.
this time, they've been cooking up a series of shortcut quilts.
we all love good shortcuts, right?
i know i do.

jelly roll jam.

the first in their series is the jelly roll jam.
what's jelly roll jam?
well, it's an adorable baby quilt that utilizes those 2 1/2" strips we all know and love.

jelly roll jam.

this free downloadable quilt pattern is quick and easy to complete.
and each baby quilt uses just half of a jelly roll!
two baby quilts from one jelly roll?! sign me up!
(you'll just need to add backing fabric.)

in case you are a visual learner, kimberly made this video tutorial.
it shows the step by step process of making the jelly roll jam quilt and includes helpful tips.
(hey, kim. xoxo.)

jelly roll jam.
i was asked if i wanted to play along.
of course i wanted to.
i picked out this yummy boho jelly roll.
(by urban chiks for moda.)

jelly roll jam.
here's my cute quilt top.
i wish i was cool enough to show a completed quilt, but there's only so many hours in a day.
darn sleep. too bad i need that. ;)

jelly roll jam.
oh, and to celebrate the release of jelly roll jam, ALL jelly rolls are 20% off this week at fat quarter shop!!!
just make sure to get yours before september 22nd.

so, who's making one (or six) of these delicious baby quilts?

xo, rachel

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freckled whimsy winner.

10 September 2013

the winner of the freckled whimsy giveaway is ... joyce.

congrats to you, joyce!!!
email me: rachel at psiquilt dot com

thanks to all of y'all that entered.

xo, rachel

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build a quilt workshop: skedaddle.

09 September 2013

in september of 2011, i started a build a quilt workshop series.
there was a basics class, facade class and cascade class.
the first set of build a quilt workshop classes went over really well.
so well, in fact, that i've been asked to add more classes. (i've been listening. promise.)
because of that, i've been gearing up & making plans for the new class.

in case y'all missed out on the first classes, here's a little refresher.
the idea is to host online workshops in a quilt along style atmosphere.
we'll be using a private flickr group as our platform.
and everyone loves taking classes with their friends, right?!?!

class will start at the beginning of october.
once your class fee is paid, you'll be invited to join our private flickr group.
and that's when the fun starts.
(providing we all continue to like this concept, more classes could be added at a later time.)

skedaddle class-
in this class we will build a modern patchwork quilt using low value/volume fabrics and saturated (or bright) prints/solid fabrics.
we will go over several different options are far as fabrics are concerned.
this class is perfect for beginners through advanced quilters.

BAQW: skedaddle. (scrappy low value.)
pay the skedaddle class fee HERE.
limited spots available.

benefits that are included in the class fee:
step by step quilt along style directions for cutting, constructing & finishing your quilt
free pdf pattern of your choice from rachel griffith designs
20% discount via fat quarter shop towards your next purchase. (code will given via flickr group.)
exclusive giveaway to celebrate our show & tell quilt parade

so, who's ready to build some quilts?!?!
i know i am.

xo, rachel

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sponsor giveaway: freckled whimsy.

08 September 2013

we haven't had a sponsor giveaway in a while, so let's do this!

FWblog header
today's featured sponsor is freckled whimsy.
freckled whimsy started off as a blog, written by karrielyne winters, and evolved itself into a full blown pattern company.
awesome job, karrielyne!

if y'all aren't already reading freckled whimsy, do so.
karrielyne is both funny and inspirational.
y'all should read her toxic waste post. especially if you have kiddos. i can relate. ;)

up for grabs for one lucky ps i quilt reader:
8 fat quarters of spot on for robert kaufman
3 large spools of aurifil thread (50w, 40w, & 28w)
1 roll of bakers twine
1 mini charm pack of sunnyside by kate spain for moda
and 1 aurifil color card

to enter:
1 entry for liking freckled whimsy facebook page. (or tell me if you already do.)
1 entry for following freckled whimsy blog. (or tell me if you already do.)
1 entry for visiting freckled whimsy shop and then telling me your favorite pattern. (mine is promenade.)
(winner will be announced tuesday.)

on top of freckled whimsy's generous giveaway, she's offering y'all a special promo because it's her birthday weekend!!!

so, let's celebrate her birthday is style and try to win some free goodies!
on your marks, get set, go!


xo, rachel

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falling for fall.

03 September 2013

falling for fall.
it happens every year.

i fall madly in love with fall.
i just can't help it.
i'm a fall/winter girl.

i'll take falling leaves, friday night football games and pumpkins long before i'll take budding flowers, insects and watermelon.
it's just in my nature.
also, i can't stand watermelon. bleh. lol.

i'm amazed that i haven't decorated for fall yet.
normally i cave and do it the last weekend of august.
i bet my family is wondering what's wrong with me.
and i bet you can guess what i'll be doing this week.
yep, decorating.

when do y'all decorate for fall?

pic above = my fall fabric wreath.
tutorial can be found HERE.

xo, rachel

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pinwheel o'strings.

27 August 2013

quiltmaker's block network. (pinwheel o'strings by rachel griffith)
so, about a million and a half years ago (more like 3 years ago) i designed a fun quilt block.
i had just discovered string piecing.
i decided to couple string piecing with my love for half square triangles and pinwheels.
boom. pinwheel o'strings was created.

the block was featured in volume 2 of quiltmaker's 100 blocks magazine.
read more about it HERE.

quiltmaker recently started releasing nifty videos featuring different quilt blocks.
they showcase blocks from the 100 blocks magazines and teach techniques, tips and designs ideas.
well, guess which block is featured in their newest video.
yep, my pinwheel o'strings.
and just like that, my quilt block is brought back to life.
thanks, quiltmaker.

if you’ve wondered about string piecing, watch this episode of quiltmaker’s block network.
i personally enjoy watching videos of people creating things.
i'm a visual learner.

also, check out the post over at the quilty pleasures blog today.
they're having a giveaway for a few different string piecing books.
direct link HERE.

have you ever tried string piecing?
if yes, do you enjoy it?
if no, after seeing the video, don't you want to try it? go on. you know you do. :)

xo, rachel

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