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11 October 2013

is this thing on?
- - - - tumbleweeds blow across the screen - - - -

so, apparently i'm a lame blogger. oy.
it wasn't a goal i was trying to achieve, but there you have it.

in all honesty, i've been a pretty busy girl.
sit back and relax while i show you what i've been up to.
also, thank goodness for instagram. (@rachelgriffith)

my name is rachel and i collect "you are here" mugs from starbucks. (both old and new designs.) of course i'm not the only one. in fact, there are so many of us quilty peeps that collect these, that the awesome @sukie80 started a mug swap. she's either a
after what seems like a million years, i joined a swap.
it's the ur here swap where we are swapping starbuck's "you are here" mugs.
and in case y'all don't know this, i'm a sucker for starbuck's mugs.
true story.

i had a bad day. or two.
it happens.
sometimes it's just hard.
i know you know this.
okay, moving on.

my daddy and me. #familyismyfavorite #daddysgirl #teachntravel #latergram
i went home to georgia and taught classes at the georgia quilt show.
i saw lots of friends and family and even celebrated my birthday there.
biggest highlight ... seeing my daddy.
i'll always be a daddy's girl. always.

this is how i roll. :) #rachelisms #perfectschmerfect
i had a quilty playdate with my local friend, emilie.
after i threatened her.
we made some burlap pumpkins.
good times.
oh, and she didn't have to undergo a sharpie tattoo. in case you're wondering. ;)

this just in: a whole stack of awesome!!! if you preordered a signed copy, it will be in the mail by friday!!! #quiltsmadewithlove
my first shipment of my book came!!!
and because i'm still on cloud nine about them, i'll admit that i love that new book smell.
for real.

i'm SUPER excited to boast that one of my besties, @jaybirdquilts, and her fella, @lawrence_kaplan, got engaged whilst in maui!!! i'm so dang excited for these two to tie the knot!!! so, let the epic wedding planning begin!!! ;) #lawlovesjulie #bridesmaid
most of y'all already know that julie herman & i are real life bffs, right?
well, we are.
and guess who got engaged, while in MAUI ... julie and lawrence!!!
and guess who is a bridesmaid ... this girl!!!
hellllllo, california AND eternal happiness for this adorable couple.

judy (the owner of sew deja vu) and i needed a book signing selfie. a big thanks to everyone that came out! #sewdejavu #quiltsmadewithlove
i had my first book signing for quilts made with love.
this is me and judy, the owner of sew deja vu here in ohio.
we had a fun time.
my hubby even came.
we all swooned over his quilt hanging skills and his bulging biceps.
wait, maybe the bicep thing was just me. ;)

even teachers like to be students of other teachers. especially when the teacher is someone like joanna. i can't wait to take this @becraftsy class. are y'all enrolled yet?
i signed up for joanna's first craftsy class!!!
y'all should, too.
just sayin'.

look! it's the very first amazon review of my book, quilts made with love! day = made! i may have watery eyes, but y'all can't prove it. ;) #quiltsmadewithlove
i cried because i saw the first review of my book.
thank you, e. guhl. you made my day year!

i'm here! and i'm with @gogokim! yay! #teachntravel #stillneedstarbucks
i traveled by train for the first time in my adult life.
which was AWESOME.
i taught a few classes in fredericksburg at the original sewing & quilt expo.
i had a sleepover at go go kim's house.
it was epic.

so, @gogokim left me alone at her house while she took her kiddos to school. do y'all think she'd notice if i smuggled these fall katie jump rope fabrics into my luggage? #teachntravel #naughtynaughty #fallgirl
oh, look.
here i am pondering how i'm going to steal kim's fallish katie jump rope fabrics.

becky. a ridiculously stupid grin on my face. kim. amy. #teachntravel #iheartmyfriends #littlebitlatergram
whilst in virginia, i had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my favorite bloggy/instagram friends.
don't mind the ridiculous grin on my face.
i'll blame it on the fact that i was trying to hurry and snap a selfie before i was late to teaching class.
(left to right: becky, me, kim & amy.)

this is the best dang vanilla bean frappuccino i've EVER had. daaaannnng. #teachntravel #starbucks
i had THE best vanilla bean frappuccino i've EVER had. like EVER, people.
it was in DC at the union station starbucks.
daaaaaanng, it was gooooood.

oh. yes. i. did. it's called leverage. mwhahaha. #motheroftheyear #littlebitlatergram
i took the liberty of getting some leverage on the griffith kiddos.
what can i say?
when opportunity knocks, you answer. ;)

sigh. #thequarterback #glee #corymonteith
oh, and i cried like a baby watching glee.

so, i've been busy.
pinky swear.
now, i need to get busy on quilty stuff. (build a quilt workshop peeps, watch for a post TODAY!)
quilt market is in two weeks and i teach in fort worth next week.

what have y'all been up to?

xo, rachel

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Ellyn said...

looking forward to meeting you in Fort Worth on Thursday! what am I up to? packing & getting ready!

mascanlon said...

Well you have been busy! Me too but I have yet to figure out how to capture a series of text messages like yours. Your new book is wonderful, great quilts and ideas! Congrats again Rachel.

Mary Ann said...

I have finished piecing both quilts (Pinwheel and Impromptu) from the classes I took at GA quilt show. Digging tough the stash for backing. I do believe both will be going to soldiers that are returning shortly from Afghanistan. Thanks for great, fun classes!

ipatchandquilt said...

Your blog post was read fun to read!
Thank you for a glimps into real life!
Okay, I need to get of the internet and clean my house, I mean for real!!!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

Barbb said...

So happy that you dropped in for a visit......I wondered if you were buried under a mountain of amazing fabric, or here it would of been laundry. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your new book. Have fun at quilt market and in Ft. Worth!

Melissa Bratland said...

What a fun post! I've missed your posts! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your book! I have read it twice, and keep paging through it planning and plotting all the quilts I want to make from it (in addition to the approximate 123 other quilts I want to make!) It is truly a wonderful book--congratulations and THANK YOU!!!


Karee said...

enjoy each day. looking forward to your book!

Diane said...

What a fun post! You have been busy!! Congratulations on the amazing book.

Julie Hirt - 627handworks said...

Love this post and I understand the feelings.. I do! Just remember, don't compare yourself to anyone online. They only post what they want you to see!

Catherine said...

Well....I'm much like you these days, crazy busy running around like a chicken with no head, trying to get everything done and make everyone happy (or at least quiet for 30 seconds, seriously, I'd take that at this point). Binding like a mad woman, holding quilty photo shoto shoots and trying to get ready for market. SO PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! My house looks like a tornado followed by an earthquake, I haven't eaten anything but pizza and chef-boy-ar-dee since last Thursday, and my car is so dirty you might swear that is was brown, rather than grey. But hey, market is in 2 weeks and the madness will subside. Until then, soldier on and see you at Market!!!

Mrs. Monkeyboy said...

I think you are fabulous!

Lea said...

Congratulations on the book! I hope you are feeling better about life, from reading your blog you are doing many fun and amazing things also:) Oh, and P.S. thanks for keeping it real, it is so refreshing to hear your honest take on life!!! You are an inspiration to me and so many!

audrey said...

Busy busy busy!!! Sometimes that can be a good thing!

Sheila said...

Lucky me! The Fat Quarter Shop pulled my name to win an autographed copy of your new book, "quilts made with love". It came yesterday. I've thumbed through it several times and want you to know that I love it. I look forward to piecing some comfort quilts using the sweet patterns in your book. Thank you, Rachel.

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