all in a day's work.

30 April 2009

yayyy. yayyy. yayyy.
it's a good feeling to get these done!!!

the bottom one is just a top.
but at least it's a top that's completed.

to see more pics hope over to my flickr photostream.

now about that giveaway winner...
congrats go to dawn!!!
{email me dawn with your addy.}

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this. is. madness.

29 April 2009

see all that???
that is about 9 quilt tops needing to be made.
yeah. i know. madness.

my goal today:
tackle as many of these as i can.

please don't be offended if your emails aren't answered today.
{or maybe even tomorrow.}

this chick is on a mission.
and it'll be well worth it when it's over.

so with that being said...
i sew, i's off to sew i go.

don't worry...
updates coming a blog near you.

and one more thing...
thanks for all the moda bake shop love.
the giveaway winner will be announced on my next post.
{so there's still time to enter.}

p.s. yall can follow me via my sidebar now.
{you can follow my blog &/or my twitter.}

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fabric frame tutorial. {and nervousness.}

27 April 2009

well i got THE email...the email to join the moda bake shop family.
yes...THE moda bake shop family!!!

at first i thought i was getting punk'd.
i was literally waiting for ashton kutcher to show up.

after an email to my pal vanessa, i started to feel better.
and realized that ashton probably wasn't going to show up.
{which is kinda sad cause he's a cutie. lol.}

i'm SO nervous because it's MODA!!!
i wanna be able to hang with the big dogs!!!
{yes i know how higschoolish that sounds. lol.}

my stomach is in knots!!!
i did NOT think i'd be THIS nervous on my posting day.

so help a girl out and show some love...would ya???
yall can find my tutorial HERE.

p.s. now that it's officially real...i can say this:
i'm on the moda bake shop!!!
yayyy. yayyy. yayyy.

and guess what...i feel like celebrating!!!
a lucky commenter will win a little something from yours truely.
{double your chances by commenting at both places.}
giveaway now closed.

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a little lookie doo.

25 April 2009

details coming soon to a blog near you!!!

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a good day.

24 April 2009

i played with my patisserie honey bun.

and had a tickle fight with these two.

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cotton blossoms & simple abundance.

23 April 2009

i need yall's help...pretty please.

i am in need of a cotton blossoms charm pack.
in enough need that i'm willing to barter for one. {or two.}
it's my absolute fav moda line of all time!!!

so if you are willing & able to let one go...
please email me and we'll talk turkey.

ssg3369 {at} hotmail {com}

thanks SO much!!!

ohh. emm. gee.
i am SO in ♥ with it already!!!
i think it's already a safe bet to say that it's my 2nd fav moda line of all time.
yep. it already is.
i can't wait to get my hands on it!!!

p.s. who am i kidding?!?!
if you have any cotton blossoms you wanna barter, i'm your gal.
{but i seriously am in need of at least 1 charm pack.}

note to add: yall are awesome!!!
a charm pack is coming my way via jacque for a spiffy rachel made gift.
a jelly roll is coming my way via stacey for a nifty rachel made gift.
and 12 fat quarters are coming my way via john for an awesome rachel made gift.
{oh and lisa is on standby in case i need her to pick up something.}
so yall should stop tempting me now, because i can't say no.
maybe i need a cottom blossoms step down program.
do you think moda offers those???

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i wish i may...

22 April 2009

where's that genie in the lamp when you need him???
i need these yesterday.

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lucky or blessed?!?!

21 April 2009

i am either very lucky to get this amazing little doll quilt...
or i am totally blessed...i can't decide.

yall are looking at the cutest little doll quilt known to man.
well one of them anyways...the other one is HERE.
i am SO lucky blessed to own them both!!!

this adorable little quilt was made by a fellow georgia gal, claire.
{yall can find her under her flickr name: milliemorgan.}
she made this JUST FOR ME for the doll quilt swap 6.
and she totally just gets me. lol.

i gotta tell yall...
when i opened my package, i cried like a baby.
{i know, i she goes with the crying again.}
i ♥ the quilt. ALOT.
but what made me cry was the pincushion.
WHAT!?! <--- i heard yall say that. lol.
just keep reading.

the fact that she made me something that reflected my home state...
let's just say it was touching to say the least.

thanks SO much claire!!!
it was fun to go back through the teaser pics & see my comments about this quilt.
{for those that don't know, our swap partners were secret.}

this little quilt is amazing!!!
i ♥ the fabric choices!!!
i ♥ the scalloped border!!!
and i really ♥ how it looks on my dining room table!!!

so...i'm SUPER lucky.
and i'm SUPER blessed.

oh and do wanna know something funny???
when i look at this quilt, for some reason, it reminds me of nanette.
i don't know why, it just does. lol.

p.s. we've had very ireland-ish weather here, so please excuse the pic quality.

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books for barter.

20 April 2009

okay yall.
i have been doing some spring cleaning in the rachel quilty stash.
today's unwanted treasures...books.

i don't wanna just hoard these books anymore.
what's the point??? lol.
i've used them and now i'm done with them.
all of them are in mint condish. promise.

so here's where yall come in.
if you want any {or all} of these books, email me and we'll talk turkey.
{we can barter for a few fat quarters, a charm pack, or whatever.}

ssg3369 {at} hotmail {dot} com

all books are still available.
lots of scraps went to donna for a sweet charm pack by moda.
quilts for baby went to krista for a candy kisses charm pack by moda.
both christmas books went to pat.
{i'll update this post as they go.}

p.s. to see full cover pics of all of these books: see my flickr photostream.

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my all time fav quilt. {bloggers quilt festival.}

17 April 2009

so this is my all time fav quilt.
i made this for my granddaddy last year.
the quilt was my version of a symbol of his love from my grandmomma.

most of my everyday readers know this quilt's history.
so to my new visitors via bloggers quilt festival...
if you wanna catch up on this quilt and it's story...follow this list:
{please excuse the older post blahness.
they were transplants from my old blog.}

to see more quilters share their fav quilts of all time...go HERE.
{and thanks amy for hosting this!!!}

thanks for stopping by.
yall come back now, you here.

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bee{ing} productive.

16 April 2009

these 2 lovelies were made for meredith.
{this is my april block for bee inspired.}

and this little number was made for john.
{just because he asked me to. lol.}

so that was my day.
{along with catching up the laundry.}
hope yall had a productive day too!!!

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bloggers quilt festival.

15 April 2009

{click the pic for details.}

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14 April 2009

i ♥ this fabric!!!
i highly encourage yall to get some.

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hijacked by twilight puppets.

13 April 2009

...rachel can't come to her blog right now...
she's too busy playing with us...her new twilight finger puppets!!!
{compliments of stacey.}

she promises to be back to blogging tomorrow.
right now we're reenacting the movie with rachel as the director.
{she's focused on the meadow scene being shot the right way!!!}

edward {vampire}, bella {virgo} & jacob {werewolf}

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easter sunday.

12 April 2009

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rachel's famous pasta salad.

11 April 2009

rachel's famous pasta salad:

2 bottles robust italian dressing.
1 box garden rotini pasta.
1 pint grape tomatoes.
1 medium sized cucumber.
1 medium sized green bell pepper.
1 brick extra sharp cheddar cheese.
1/2 brick pepper jack cheese.

while you are cooking the pasta per directions on box...
cut up green veggies, the cheeses and rinse tomatoes.

pour those veggies in a bowl with 1 bottle of italian dressing.
{this is so the flavors will marry.}

when pasta is done, drain it.
rinse in cold water and then throw a big handful of ice on top.
the ice will begin to melt and make the pasta cooler.
when the pasta is completely cool, add it to the veggie mix.

cover and place in fridge for at least an hour.

when it's time to serve, mix in 1/2 of the other bottle of italian dressing.
{unless you want to add the whole thing.}

and there you have it.
you have just made rachel's famous pasta salad.

i make this throughout the spring & summer for our house.
and it's perfect for potlucks, bbq's, and family gatherings.
just make sure you double goes fast in a crowd.

oh and one more thing...
if pepper jack cheese isn't your cup of tea, 1/2 a brick of mozarella works perfectly.


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