27 February 2012

me & my sister.

yes, i know i'm slacking.
i was supposed to blog the minute we got back from NYC, but i had a NYC hangover.
and of course it lasted like a week and then WHAM!!!

not only did i just spend the most incredible weekend with the hubby, but he had a trick up his sleeve.
a BIG one.

he was VERY sneaky.
sneaky in that he had been telling me for a couple weeks that he needed to help his bachelor best friend with something late on a friday night.
he was acting a little funny this past friday, but i just went with the flow.
{after 12 years, you kinda just know when to not ask questions.}

so then at around midnight, as i'm laying on the couch, i see MY SISTER walk through the door.
my baby sister.
the sister that i haven't seen in 15 YEARS.

why 15 years?!?!
well to make a long story short, my daddy remarried after him & my momma divorced.
from that new marriage my brother & sister came into the world.
a few years later, there was a nasty divorce and my stepmom moved herself and my siblings all the way across the country.
so we three siblings were basically forced to grow up apart.
{rachel=georgia, siblings=colorado.}
it's been very hard not seeing them basically our whole lives and it's something i hardly ever talk about.

so back to the happy part . . .
my sister walked in the door, i took a doubletake, got off of the couch, walked across my livingroom, hugged her and sobbed like a baby.
yall know the sobs i mean, right?!?!
the ones where you kinda sound like you can't breathe and the only noise you hear is comparable to a barking seal. <--yep. that one.

not. even. joking.

so although i really wanna show & tell about new york city and my new projects . . .
i have ONE WEEK to be with my baby sister.

ps - this pic was courtesy of a cell phone, so don't judge it too harshly.

♥ rachel

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start spreading the news.

17 February 2012

i'm leaving today.
i want to be a part of it . . .
new york, new york!!!

i'll try to share pics via facebook &/or instagram all weekend.
and i'll try to keep my friends quotes/references to a minimum.
keyword: try

♥ rachel

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a little jabber.

16 February 2012

debonaire - sassy version.

today i'm living it up over at the jolly jabber.
so yall go have a little lookie doo.
psst: there's a giveaway!!!

♥ rachel

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february fourteenth.

14 February 2012

february fourteenth.

*que my best janice impression EVER*
"happy valentine's day!!!"
psst: if you're clueless, watch friends.
specifically the episode titled: the one with the candy hearts.

cupid brought me a kindle.
and with that kindle, i shall read during our flight to new york on friday morning!!!
:D <--this is me. i'm wayyyy excited!!! lol.

so what did cupid bring yall?!?!

and because i know someone will ask . . .
fabric = bliss by bonnie & camille for moda

♥ rachel

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a good week.

10 February 2012

dear stella.

so it's been a week. again.
is it just me or is this year flying by?!?!

this past week consisted of:
getting asked a million times about my biscuit recipe. <--coming soon. promise.
obtaining my new iphone.
my niece announcing she's pregnant!!! :D
becoming acquainted {& addicted} to instagram.
folding patterns like a mad woman.
falling in love with downton abbey.
booking our flights & hotel for next weekend in new york city!!! :D
AND planning the destiny of the fine fabrics pictured above.

it's been a good week my friends. real good.
did yall have a good week?!?!
tell me your favorite thing about this past week.

ps - if yall don't already, go and "like" ps i quilt on facebook.
we have a grand ol' time in between my blog posts. <--we even have giveaways :)

♥ rachel

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the one with the remix.

03 February 2012

the one with the remix.

let me set the scene . . .
it's morning. it's just me, miss lindsey & my spitfire 5 year old, andrew.
{friday is his day off from preschool.}

well i, all of the sudden, had a hankering for some homemade biscuits.
yall know the ones i'm talking about, right?!?!
great, big ol' mouth watering cathead biscuits like mawmaw used to make.
fresh from the oven. slathered in butter & honey.
biscuits so dang good you wanna slap your momma right in the mouth.
soo wee.

yep, i needed me some biscuits.
i was in luck because i had myself a handy dandy helper.
and that's a good thing, cause we made a big ol' mess.
naturally, while our biscuits were baking, we started cleaning up our mess.

so there we are, running a sink full of soapy water, and andrew breaks out in song.
now i knew i had heard the melody, but it took me a minute to place it.
yall know how little kids sing - kinda off beat and somewhat sporadic.
well once i figured it out, i started cracking up and knew i had to tell yall.

without further ado . . . andrew's remix:
just clean it.
clean it.
no one likes dirty dishes.
dip them in water, put them inside.
it doesn't matter what food you like.
just clean it, clean it, clean it.

i, rachel, am one proud momma.
the boy can help make homemade biscuits, clean up his mess AND be happy enough to sing about it.

♥ rachel

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