smooth sailing.

31 May 2012

smooth sailing.

look at miss fancy pants pinwheel sampler hanging out over at connecting threads.

smooth sailing.

here's a closer look.

now y'all know i'm not a red, white & blue fan, but i love this version.
i think it's because it doesn't scream americana.
and i really like the grey and how the quilt has a modern feel to it.

it's always exciting to see someone else's version of something you designed. <--which is why i love it when y'all email me pics or post pics in the ps i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.

for those that are interested, smooth sailing pinwheel sampler kits are available HERE.
{pssst: the price is amazing!!!}

so what do y'all think of this version of pinwheel sampler?!?!
inquiring minds want to know.
*wink, wink*

note: although i'd like to, i can't take credit for the photography.
these pics were taken from the connecting threads website.

♥ rachel

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fat quarter gang.

29 May 2012

{comments closed.}


uh oh.
lookie what i got myself in to.
more details via the art gallery fabrics blog.
{direct link HERE.}

y'all have to come back and tell me which gang member pic is your fav and why. <--cause i'm nosey like that.
i'll pick a random commenter and send them a little goodie.

♥ rachel

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geared for guys winner.

26 May 2012

thanks for all the input on the "oddball" color choice dilemma y'all.
it was greatly appreciated.
stay tuned to see which color choice i've decided on.

the winner of their very own copy of "geared for guys" is . . . heidi.
heidi has a fun, modern blog and i suggest y'all check it out.

congrats heidi.
email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

♥ rachel

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25 May 2012

lollipop 1 -

lollipop 2 -

lollipop 3 -

lollipop 4 -

lollipop 5 -

lollipop 6 -

and that, ladies & gents, was lindsey's first lollipop.
i personally love pic #4.

oh and for the record, i call these suckers, not lollipops.
i just couldn't have a post named "sucker" and then show a pic of my baby.
that just seemed downright wrong. lol.

note: these were taken rather quickly with my iphone.
so please don't judge the pic quality too harshly.

♥ rachel

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geared for guys.

23 May 2012

{comments are now closed.}

geared for guys.

welcome to the geared for guy book tour y'all :)

geared for guys is an awesome book by my friend emily herrick.
{whaddup emily. xoxo.}

i love that she made a dudes book.
see i have all kinds of dudes in my life.
a hubby. two sons. brothers. nephews. and hubby's bachelor bff that is always around.

even though i know i'm capable of making a quilt geared towards guys, i'm lazy.
i wanted someone else to do it for me.
insert emily.

she gave me 8 great guy quilts to choose from.
the only problem is that they pretty much all fit the guys in my life.
so it looks like i still have some decisions to make.

but first up . . .

odd ball.

i really, really wanna make this "odd ball" quilt.
i love it. just the way it is.
BUT i might make it orange & brown since the hubby is a cleveland browns fan.
or i might just leave it orange & grey since we painted our living room grey.
decisions, decisions.

maybe y'all can help me.
leave a comment telling me which y'all would make: orange & grey OR orange & brown.
one lucky ps i quilt reader will win their very own copy of quilts for guys.
{winner will be drawn saturday.}


and please, go visit pink chalk studios tomorrow for another chance to win.

♥ rachel

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a sneak peek :)

20 May 2012

sneak peek - blog

♥ rachel

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15 May 2012

flea market fancy

so i finally bought some flea market fancy.
and now i feel like a real quilter.

but i do feel like i'm part of the cool kids club now.

i seriously love this grey print.
and now i kind of wanna buy more of the greys {& aquas} from the line. and maybe the greens too.
what have i gotten myself in to?!?!

ps - i'm trying to destash. again. lol.
if any of yall are interested in precuts, check out my shop.

♥ rachel

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mother's day.

13 May 2012

me & my babies - blog

happy mother's day yall :)

♥ rachel

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pat sloan's focus on the center book tour.

03 May 2012

{comments closed. winner will be announced soon.}

pat sloan frontCover

you read that right.
pat sloan has a new book :)

if you are a medallion quilt fan, you will loooove this book.
i wouldn't slate medallions as my favoriite quilt, but look at this one . . .

Pat Sloan L5531_bluelagoon
*blue lagoon - from pat sloan's focus on the center book*

i really like this one.
it doesn't scream, "i'm a medallion quilt!!!"
BUT it has great flow.

i was trying to figure out what fabrics i would use to make my own 'blue lagoon' and here's what i came up with . . .

my market loot.
*salt air by cosmo cricket for moda*

wouldn't that be yummy?!?!
especially those aquas. <--me thinks yes.

no blog hop would be complete without a giveaway:
two lucky ps i quilt readers will win their own focus on the center book!!!
just leave a comment telling me what one color dominates your stash.
{winner will be drawn may 7th.}

and don't forget to visit all the peeps on our blog tour:
{they'll also be having giveaways!!!}

april 30th
leisure arts

may 1st
vanessa christenson - v & co
carrie - la vie en rosie

may 2nd
bonnie hunter - quiltville
michele foster - quilting gallery

may 3rd
victoria findlay - bumblebeans inc.
rachel griffith - ps i quilt

may 4th
jackie kunkel - canton village quiltworks
dana bolyard - old red barn co

may 5th
vicki welsh - field trips in fiber
faith jones - fresh lemons quilts

and visit pat sloan EVERYDAY for even more chances to win.
pssst: pat asked me a few curious questions. yall should go see what went down. just sayin'.

happy hopping yall.

♥ rachel

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gearing up.

01 May 2012

gearing up.

it's that time again folks.

the time where apparently i can't get enough done, my to do list is the size of texas and i feel like i haven't slept in days.

i've been living on starbucks {& mountain dew}, utilizing my very trusty sample makers and probably driving my family insane.

yep. i'm gearing up for market.
so yall stay tuned.

♥ rachel

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