see y'all real soon.

29 June 2012

escapade loves poseidon.

so it's wisdom teeth extraction day!!!
this is me saying yayyy in the most sarcastic way EVER.

i have to be there in less than an hour.
and i'm wayyyyyyyyy anxious.

obviously y'all aren't gonna hear from me for a few days.
but in my absence, look at this pretty picture that has absolutely nothing to do with what i'm posting.

see y'all real soon.

UPDATE as of 9:45am: i was sent home. without having the surgery. apparently my iron level is too low to safely perform the procedure. *sigh*


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a joyful soul fabrics winner.

27 June 2012

the winner of the $50 gift card to a joyful soul fabrics is lori.
congrats, lori.

email me: rachel{at}psiquilt{dot}com

thanks to everyone that played along.


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it's a shore thing.

26 June 2012

it's a shore thing - header

it's a shore thing is a SUPER cute line by jack and lulu for dear stella fabrics.
it's SO cute that you really don't want to cut it.
y'all know those fabrics that you just want to keep in big chunks and stare at.

i first noticed dear stella fabrics at quilt market this past fall.
i had to admire them from afar because their booth was always SUPER busy.
and if i'm being honest, i was kinda bummed that i didn't get a chance to meet with them.
but then, after market, they contacted me.
and that made my day.

so after some emails, i knew that something rachel griffith was going to be in their spring booth.

impromptu - it's a shore thing

that something ended up being an impromptu quilt made with it's a shore thing fabrics.
note: the pattern is for a 90 1/2" x 90 1/2" quilt, but we went with a lap size for the booth.

my good friend marci made the sample and did the amazing wavey quilting.
{hi marci. xoxo.}

even though y'all know i'm not a summer girl, this fabric embraces what i actually DO like about summer . . . the beach. and flip flops.
oh how i love them both. so very much.

what do you like about summer?!?!

and for the record, i foresee myself using more dear stella fabrics in my future.
just sayin'.


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a joyful soul fabrics.

25 June 2012

{comments closed. winner will be announced shortly.}

a joyful soul fabrics

i'd like to welcome my newest sponsor: a joyful soul fabrics

they specialize in fun, funky fabrics & patterns.
i love how they have some pretty hefty superstars included in their stock.
just to name a few: amy butler, art gallery, tula pink & heather bailey.

there's NO better way to celebrate than having a giveaway, right?!?!
so let's have one!!!

one lucky ps i quilt reader is gonna win a $50 gift card to a joyful soul fabrics.
yep, 50 bucks to spend on whatever fabrics your heart desires.

here's the deal...we're giving yall three chances to win!!!
one: leave me a comment telling me which item in their shop is your favorite. please be specific.
two: like a joyful soul fabrics on facebook.
three: spread the word via twitter, facebook &/or your blog.
{winner will be drawn on wednesday.}

ready. set. go.


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my summer bag.

19 June 2012

my summer bag.

remember how i said i was gonna make me a new bag?!?!
well i did just that.

meet my summer bag.
and of course i've already pulled fabrics for my fall bag.
i know it's sick, but what can i say?!?! i'm a fall girl.

oh and i feel like i'm growing up.
this bag made me tackle darts AND curved piecing.
it's not perfect, but i owned it.

so does anyone else make bags for the current season?!?!
i'm curious.

my summer bag.

and because i know one of y'all will ask . . .
pattern = 241 tote by noodlehead
yellow fabric = pearl bracelet in yellow by lizzy house
striped fabric = washi tape in beige by rashida coleman-hale
solid = kona cotton in eggshell
please note: anna's pattern does not have a pieced handle, i did that on my own :)


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an update.

15 June 2012

an update.

first: ps i quilt had a little work done yesterday.
i thought it was time for a little refresher, so to speak.
{if you're reading via google reader, please click through to see.}
it makes me feel refreshed just looking at it, so i hope y'all will enjoy it the way i do.

second: remember how i said i had a root canal yesterday?!?!
well a few hours after i blogged, i had a phone call.
long story short, next thursday is my root canal.
yesterday was my consult with the oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth.

speaking of that . . .
so i'm at the oral surgeon's office, with hubby, and i'm already nervous.
like ridiculously nervous.
i've given birth 4 times, so i think i'm a trooper when it comes to these things.
well that was until they showed me the nightmare on tooth street video.
okay so it's not really called that, but it certainly didn't help my anxiety about the surgery.

i had watery eyes talking to the surgeon, but i felt okay.
then i went up to make the appointment for the surgery.
i cried. like a baby. to the receptionist.

surgery is the 29th at 9am.

so here's to taking advantage of nervous energy for the next 2 weeks.
my to do list sure could use it.


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sure, why not?!?!

14 June 2012

sure, why not?!?!

the last day of school for the griffith kiddos was tuesday. <--hince my absence so far this week.

like most of y'all, "summer" is code word for "figure out new schedules and activities but make sure you keep everything balanced at the same time." <--am i right?!?!

so this is a transition week for us.
setting new rules. <--"no, you can't play wii as soon as you wake up!!!"
making new schedules. <--"y'all still have chores and we still have to work!!!"
and finding the perfect balance. <--*i think i can, i think i can, i think i can*

but hey, we all start a new project when we feel knee deep in something else, right?!?!
just to prove that we, in fact, CAN add another thing to our plate.
because we ARE actually superwomen. minus the red hot skirt and cape.

so this momma is gonna make herself a brand new bag.
my goal is to have it ready for date night tomorrow night.
but did i mention that i'm scheduled for a root canal today at 3:30?!?!

here's to everyone finding their summer balance.
and starting new projects because you need one like you need a hole in the head.

how's summer looking for y'all so far?!?!


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the vintage honey shop winner.

09 June 2012

i'm happy that i got to share the story of me, jennifer & melissa's friendship.
they really are the best gals.

and true story, miss jennifer {& family} drove up from tennessee this past week and we just might be able to rendezvous tomorrow.

so without further ado, the vintage honey shop $50 store credit winner is . . . sarah.
y'all should check her out.
her blog is cute AND it has a fun name.

email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

also, y'all can enjoy 10% off any order at the vintage honey shop all weekend.
simply enter "PSIQUILT" during checkout.

thanks for joining in everyone.

♥ rachel

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let's talk zippers.

08 June 2012

let's talk zippers.

so zippers...
you love them or you hate them?!?!
are you the zipper queen or do you avoid zippers?!?!
inquiring minds want to know.

and because i know someone will ask . . . my zippers were purchased via zipit.
for color reference, left to right:
bubble gun pink 513
creamy tangerine 507
green apple 874
turquoise 018
teal 046
lavender 553
vanilla 121
white 501
gray 119
slate gray 914

♥ rachel

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fat quarter gang winners.

07 June 2012

thanks for all the feedback on the decorative body pillow cover y'all.
i love mine so much that i've already made a christmas one.
y'all know me . . . fall/winter girl.

okay, so i held two giveaways for the fat quarter gang:
one for telling me which gang member pic was your fav. {prize = a little goodie from me.}
and one for telling me which print was your fav. {prize = 8 fat quarters.}

so without further ado, let's name some winners!!!
little goodie winner = fran.
fat quarter winner = alisa.

ladies, email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

thanks everyone for joining in.

♥ rachel

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the vintage honey shop.

06 June 2012

{comments closed.}

vhs - necklace 3

so here's a fun little story for y'all.

once upon a time my hubby {& almost everyone i know in ohio} went to this local church.
they were all in the same youth group.

well teenage hubby was real good friends with a certain set of brothers.
these brothers went on to marry a set of best friends.
are y'all following me so far?!?!

side note:
i never really knew these brothers or the best friends because i didn't grow up here in ohio.
i came later. after everyone in this group was in their twenties.
this group consists of about 20ish peeps that are all still friends because of this one youth group.
and the pastor of said youth group actually ministered quite a few of our weddings.
can you feel the love?!?! :)

back to the story:
so one day hubby brings up to one of the aforementioned best friends on facebook that his wife is the person behind ps i quilt.
and that was it. the end. all she wrote.
me, jennifer & melissa instantly became friends.

jennifer & melissa are the lovelies behind the vintage honey shop.
y'all know that "griffith" pillow that's on my bed?!?!
yep, miss jennifer made that for me.
{thanks again, jennifer. xoxo.}

they seriously make the cutest stuff, but my fav has to be their necklaces. {pictured above.}
i was lucky enough to score a few of these and i just LOVE them.

i love that i don't have to worry about miss lindsey pulling, breaking &/or biting it.
it's the perfect momma necklace.

and because i like to brag about my friends and their accomplishments . . .
i've seen them whip up some amazing rosette necklaces for bridal parties.
and guess who was featured in a bridal magazine . . . the vintage honey shop :)

so because i heart these girls {& their stuff} SO dang much, let's have a giveaway!!!
one lucky reader will win a $50 credit to the vintage honey shop.

here's the deal...we're giving yall three chances to win!!!
one: leave me a comment telling me which item in their shop is your favorite. please be specific.
two: like the vintage honey shop on facebook.
three: spread the word via twitter, facebook &/or your blog.
{winner will be drawn on friday.}

ready. set. go.

♥ rachel

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decorative body pillow cover.

04 June 2012

{comments closed.}

FQG - pillow tut - blog teaser

it's june 4th folks.
that means that today is the day that the fat quarter gang kicks off.
and the first tutorial is brought to you by little ol' me.

i'm gonna show y'all how to make a decorative body pillow cover.
it's SUPER simplistic and perfect for sprucing up any bed.

the tutorial is over on the art gallery fabrics blog.
so go check it out and tell me what y'all think.
{direct link here.}

FQG - pillow tut - 1

as promised . . .
a set of fat quarters {that matches the set i used for my project} is up for grabs.
so one of y'all lucky readers will win all 8 of the fat quarters pictured above.
{note: the solid pictured is not part of the giveaway.}

to get in on the giveaway . . .
my rules: leave a comment telling me which of the 8 prints is your favorite.
art gallery's rules: subscribe to the art gallery fabrics blog AND follow art gallery fabrics on pinterest.
{winner will be drawn thursday.}

hope y'all enjoy.

♥ rachel

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