let's talk solids.

27 January 2012

let's talk solids.

i personally love solids.
but anyone that has been reading this blog should already know that.

i utilize solids in almost every single quilt that i design or make. {see proof here.}
there's just something about the crisp, clean break from prints that just melt my heart.

well like i told yall the other day, i've been working on new patterns.
to give a little sneak peak . . . one of those new patterns uses nothing but solids.
specifically the solids pictured above.
{fabric = pure elements by art gallery fabrics}

while picking fabrics for this particular pattern, i started to wonder what other peeps thought about solids.

you see, i believe that some quilts can look just as good, if not better, in solids.
that's not to say that i don't love me some prints. <--yall KNOW i do.
BUT i think that sometimes you just need a burst of color.
a color that is completely null & void of any distraction from prints &/or pictures.

so what do yall think about quilts made entirely of solids?!?!
are you for or against it?!?!
inquiring minds want to know.

♥ rachel

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24 January 2012


i've been binding quilts and working on new patterns.
this is normally a super exciting thing, but when you can't take good pics, {thanks ohio} it's kinda stressful.
nonetheless, new patterns are coming soon.

i've been needing to get my hairs did, get a pedicure & get my eyebrows waxed.
my eyebrows are really driving me insane.
you know it's bad when you feel like eugene levy.
hubby says they're fine.
of course i cook all his meals. he HAS to say things like that.

i've been under the impression that there aren't enough throw pillows or aprons in my house.
i can't figure out which one to tackle first, so i don't tackle.
i just keep making these yummy pillows & aprons in my mind.

i've been planning my flower beds for like the past month or so.
i'm totally blaming desperate housewives for this.
i mean, have yall seen how flippin' gorgeous their yards are?!?!
i want to grow wisteria and i want to grow it now.

i've been evaluating my bloggy irregularity.
i used to post 3 times a week, without fail.
now i'm posting like once a weekish.
me no likey. me no likey at all.

i've been living on pinterest.
man oh man is that place a slippery slope.
i always have the best intentions.
i even try giving myself a time limit. keyword: try.
there's just something about pinterest that just sucks you in.

i've been meaning to reorganize my quilty area.
i gave the boys the little dresser i had that held all my magazines and such.
it kinda looks like an episode of hoarders is just waiting to happen.

i've been trying to plan a new tutorial.
i haven't posted a tutorial in forever.
this bugs me, hince the planning.

i've been needing a glue gun for years. <--yes years.
i don't own one. seriously.
i'm not sure how i make it through the day, let alone years without one.
and of course everything i want to make lately requires a glue gun.
i specifically wanna make these three things: bed skirt, fabric pom poms & hydrangea wreath.

i've been working on secret stuff.
stuff i'm dying to tell yall about, but can't.
this ties rather nicely into the "bloggy irregularity" problem.

i've been trying a new cleaning method for our bathroom.
so far, so good.
what is it with little boys?
they have the ability to aim, yet miss every single time?!?!
this boggles my mind.

i've been planning a trip with the hubby.
a trip to new york city.
have i ever mentioned that hubby & i have never had a getaway?!?!
well we're finally going to do it. next month.
just us. without the kids. in the big apple. and we're totally stoked.

i've been pretty saddened by the fact that picnik is closing.
i've been using it for years.
rest in peace picnik.
i will truly miss you.

i've been formally introduced to scentsy.
oh how i've been missing out.
my bathroom has never smelled better.
now i just need warmers for every room in my house and i'll be good to go.

i've been planning how to finish the girl's room.
we painted it last year, then nothing.
it's not that their room isn't cute, but their walls are bare.
i really need to rectify this. and soon.
this goes back to needing a glue gun AND living on pinterest.

i've been making homemade heating pads for the wives of hubby's coworkers.
at christmas the hubby asked me to make one for some dude's wife, now all the other dudes need them for their wives too.
good thing hubby is taking me on the aforementioned trip.

and lastly . . .
i've been missing yall.
there's something to be said about writing to yall and seeing what yall write back.
i promise i read every single comment and email.
so tell me what yall have been up to lately.

♥ rachel

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urban cowgirl winner.

15 January 2012

so my hubby is the real western fan in our house.
i tried to enlist his help in picking a winner. keyword tried.

i read him comment after comment.
he had reactions like "ohhh yeah, that's a good one" and "just because someone wears a cowboy hat doesn't mean it's a western" <--yall know how guys are. lol.

well then it happened.
someone mentioned brad pitt.
then someone else mentioned my all time fav movie, legends of the fall.
hubby had a hayday with this.
"yeah, your readers really know YOU." <--insinuating that some of yall might have been trying to butter me up by playing the brad pitt card ;)
note: every time i read him a comment that said "tombstone" or "mclintock" he was ready to deem those readers as automatic winners. and then he told me to pick anyone that said "shane" since that's his name. silly hubby.

no worries though.
everyone had a chance of winning regardless of their movie choice.

so without further ado . . . congrats to our winner!!!

the urban cowgirl fat quarter bundle goes to trish.
trish has an ubber cute blog and i just love how bright & cheery her projects are.

please email me: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com

thanks everyone for playing along.
i love getting to know more about yall.

♥ rachel

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urban cowgirl.

12 January 2012

{comments are closed.}

urban cowgirl.

i am totally diggin' on this fabric line.
especially that mustard yellow and those lacey looking floral prints.

fabric = urban cowgirl by urban chiks for moda

i'm not entirely sure what i'll be making with this yummy bundle.
i love the endless possibilities though.

debonaire - urban cowgirl edition

here's my debonaire quilt gone cowgirl :)
-this was the original design. the published pattern sports french general fabrics.-

i designed this pattern for the fat quarter shop as part of their it's sew emma pattern line.
more on this later. promise.
{debonaire pattern can be purchased HERE.}

urban cowgirl.

so do yall likey this fabric?!?!
wanna have a fat quarter bundle of your own?!?! <--compliments of fat quarter shop.

to enter, simply tell me what your favorite cowboy/cowgirl/western movie is.
{winner will be drawn sunday.}

♥ rachel

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my 2011 favs.

02 January 2012

my 2011 favs.

well it wasn't easy...but i did it.
i give yall my favorite projects of 2011.
{well out of the ones i'm allowed to talk about. more on that later. promise.}

i hope that yall are as inspired by my collage as i am.
i can't wait to see what unfolds for me & ps i quilt in 2012.

happy new year yall.

♥ rachel

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