build a quilt workshop: skedaddle.

09 September 2013

in september of 2011, i started a build a quilt workshop series.
there was a basics class, facade class and cascade class.
the first set of build a quilt workshop classes went over really well.
so well, in fact, that i've been asked to add more classes. (i've been listening. promise.)
because of that, i've been gearing up & making plans for the new class.

in case y'all missed out on the first classes, here's a little refresher.
the idea is to host online workshops in a quilt along style atmosphere.
we'll be using a private flickr group as our platform.
and everyone loves taking classes with their friends, right?!?!

class will start at the beginning of october.
once your class fee is paid, you'll be invited to join our private flickr group.
and that's when the fun starts.
(providing we all continue to like this concept, more classes could be added at a later time.)

skedaddle class-
in this class we will build a modern patchwork quilt using low value/volume fabrics and saturated (or bright) prints/solid fabrics.
we will go over several different options are far as fabrics are concerned.
this class is perfect for beginners through advanced quilters.

BAQW: skedaddle. (scrappy low value.)
pay the skedaddle class fee HERE.
limited spots available.

benefits that are included in the class fee:
step by step quilt along style directions for cutting, constructing & finishing your quilt
free pdf pattern of your choice from rachel griffith designs
20% discount via fat quarter shop towards your next purchase. (code will given via flickr group.)
exclusive giveaway to celebrate our show & tell quilt parade

so, who's ready to build some quilts?!?!
i know i am.

xo, rachel

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pinkquilter said...

Rachel I am so happy your doing this new class!!!! I was so upset! Your coming to Texas and I wasnt going to be able to attend your class! My daughter-in-law is having my 2nd grandbaby and is due right around the same time so I will be on standby to head to North Carolina.My son is an Army Airborne Ranger at Ft Bragg. Its a boy!!! I have already signed up and paid!! Whoa!!! So I'm way excited!!! I just love everything you do!!! Your are my inspiration! I couldnt go with your blogs!! I so look forward to them!!! Love ya from Texas!!!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! I just signed up. I had difficulty signing up from within Bloglovin. The shop didn't think I had it in my cart, when in fact I had added it- several times. So, I just went directly to your blog, outside of Bloglovin, and had no problem. Except I forgot to say which pattern I wanted, in my excitement that it worked. Will fix that later.

Holly Kay said...

this is really cool! I would really love to do this :)

Unknown said...

looks so much fun! and easy to make too!

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Unknown said...

I've tried several times to sign up but it continues to tell me there's an error when I try to pay.

Unknown said...

I've tried several times to sign up but it continues to tell me there's an error when I try to pay.

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