no worries.

22 October 2009

*que bob marley*
don't worry...'bout a thing.
cause every little gonna be alright.

so i'm alive.
i'm getting reports of peeps freaking out due to my absence.
my blackberry is reflecting worried emails & texts.
not to mention the phone calls i've been getting.
{11 days=forever in blogland.}

no worries.
i'm okay.

some genius thought that moving around market time was a good idea.
that genius would be me. {& the hubby.}
*what the heck were we thinking???*

so i went to houston.
came straight home and moved.
and my new house is boxes upon boxes.

oh and...
i have less than 9 days to have a secret project in another country.
that's right...another country!!!
it's NO where near being done.
what i can tell you's bed sized.

i won't have internet at my house until monday-ish.
right now i am "borrowing" this connection.
it's either from a new neighbor or the middle school down the street.
so yeah...i better disconnect myself. lol.

i have SO much to show & tell.
and yes...i have tons o' stuff from market!!!
lots of goodies. lots of pics. lots of stories.

just please bare with me until i get this monster of a quilt made.
{& for my legal internet connection!!! haha.}

just know that i am alive.
and i miss yall like crazy!!!

in the meantime...i get emails on my blackberry.
so leave me some comments that'll make my heart happy.
{and distract me from unpacking!!! ewww.}

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Micki said...

Well, it is good to hear from you...I know you are waiting for New Moon in November...Don't forget that!

onlymehere said...

Wow, this is an insanely busy time for you but so exciting to get a new house! Well, at least new to you. I'll anxiously be awaiting when you can legally post again and show us those goodies you talked about! Cindy

Meg said...

So glad you're ok! Can't wait til you're settled (and legal!) again--look forward to your version of Market news. :) Be will and stitch fast in the meantime!

Ann said...

Oh thank God, Rachel!
Very exiting news, looking forward to your elaboration on these subjecs :)

Greg said...

You're alive!!!! Yeah!! Borrowing a connection huh? It's probably a new neighbor, schools tend to lock down their wifi (if they have it!) but your average homeowner doesn't. Where I sit I can access 9 different unsecured connections, but why would I want to? I have my own secure connection thats major fast and very well protected.

Hurry getting your etsy shop back open, I need a cool fabric fix....

Oh and, congrats on the move, when will we see more pix from market?

Deb Robertson Writes said...

Good on you! no chance of you getting bored - lol :) Look after yourself, we'll see you when you surface!
deb xx

Kelly O. said...

Wow! busy...yes you are!
good luck!

Rafael's Mum said...

Best of luck with the move! You'll get there and be all settled and unpacked and you'll be able to find everything! Just have that positive thought in your mind whilst in the mess ! :-)

No worries about us.. were here!! can't wait to hear all your market news!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sending you some bloggy love!!! Hope you settle quickly in your new home and that you are back online soon!!!

lisa said...

I am sorry I wasn't worried. Between Market and all the crud that's been going around, or better all the inspiration you might have been hit with...

Good luck moving. I used to do it every december for four years, and of course no matter which weekend it was that we moved it would be the one with sub zero temps and feet of snow. This will be my second dec without moving unless somethign happens between now and then =)

Lauren The Artist said...

I"m glad you're doing alright. 11 days IS forever in blog-years. We moved over market weekend too- it must just be something in the air. I hope yours is as smooth as ours has been.

Stacey said...

yada yada yada
man, for a minute there i thought you were never going to shut up~HA HAHAHA
just kidding, i missed ya, and i almost called you this morning haha!! maybe i will just to bug you tomorrow, ha!
i want to see goodies, and pics, and stories. it has been so hard here lately, with the weather, and the small cramped space, and the kids, being sick, and surgery coming for 7 yo dd, and echocardiogram on 4 yo ds, and worrying, and bored, and cleaning, and yada yada yada. i am all alone, no one loves me!!
booo hooo
just kidding, about the alone part. i cannot wait till you are legal on here again, we have some catching up to do. miss ya chicka
oh, yeah, and we are not moving this winter, gonna wait until spring, so i might have to jump in the pond! or have a great friend help me~u know who you are. ok, enough rambling, gotta cook the hubby some meatloaf, he's had a shitty day at work, email me, or call me, or maybe i will call you
have a good night
i am done

Trudi said...

I love unpacking! It's far more fun than the packing! Good luck with it, make it a game or reward yourself for each box or room, makes it more fun! Look forward to the show 'n tell :o)

Barb said...

Will still be here when you get back in the swing.....good luck unpacking all the boxes.

Glad you are okay

Rose said...

Ugh, I hate moving. Glad it's you and not me. {evil laugh}. Hope it's going ok, and I would just dive in and unpack and get it over with. Good luck!!

Pat said...

I'm glad you are okay and got to check in with us......I thought you were never coming back to us!!! LOL I didn't know you were moving. Aren't you the one who was within walking distance of a quilt shop? I guess you aren't any longer. *sigh*

Gloria J W said...

Oohhh Rachel...I think it sounds exciting...but...the unpacking and the moving around to the "just the right spot"! Good luck...I'm going to have to move soon...the first time in 42 years...I'll nedd all the support I can get then...I can tell you!! Must get my blog page going and then I can share the thoughts and pics as well! Would love to see pics of your new place. Hugs for now... from sunny Queensland, Australia

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Enjoy making that quilt and don't think about all the other stuff (except the family) until you're done.

Donnelly said...

Life has to be crazy to be interesting!
I have been sewing for my daughter for a musical for the last week and haven't checked any of "my blogs", didn't know you were missing. Sorry.
Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see your "monster quilt" going to another country.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day!

Jana Nielson said...

I totally thought you were dead, or something. Unpacking your whole house could acutally be worse!

I know what you mean about those secret projects that have to be done, and shipped...before the 27th. YIKES!! Isn't it fun!

I'm relieved to know that we will be hearing from you again soon!
Big Hug!

wishes, true and kind said...

You have been busy -- CRAZY busy. Don't worry about blogland; we'll still be here!

Denise :) said...

LOL! Rachel, even under the gun you're funny! Good luck with your unpacking. Yuck. We're moving from our house to a fifth wheel in a couple of weeks. But we're downsizing (because we have to) so there won't be as many boxes to unpack! Have a great weekend!! :)

Jackie in NC said...

Add me to the list of worriers Rachel, so I do appreciate your detailed update.
Congrats on your new home, may you have many blessed & happy years under your new roof :)

a good yarn said...

Only you could juggle all this and survive Rachel. Can't wait to see the quilt. Ann :)

Dandelion Quilts said...

YOu sound a bit overloaded...that's a big quilt in a few days. YIKES. Best of luck.

Vickie E said...

well did you get the beast finished?? hope all is well for you there...missing you too, here in blog's just not the same without you :)

paige said...

My son named his dog (who is a girl!) Marley, after Bob of course! Love everything you do here! Can we add you to the Where Women Create site? Hang in there:)!!!!

Kristine said...

Your post cracked me up, Rachel! Not too long ago when a storm knocked out our phone and DSL, I had to drive around and hunt for an unsecured wifi connection. Finally found one, so I was sitting outside a music store in my car working on my laptop for an hour. Fun times! Okay, get back to your unpacking or quilt-making (hopefully the latter...)!

Paula said...

What a lovely blog! I found you when I searched for "knitting project bag tutorial." My sewing skills have hibernated for a long time but you just might resurrect them with your creative ideas and instructions. Thank you!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

you so have your internet back... so um get that quilt done... {now that you have your border measurements} & get to blogging.. please ;-)

Carrie P. said...

Glad to hear from you. Look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

amy smart said...

Moving is such a drag! We just moved a month ago and I am seriously sick of boxes. On the one hand I just want to pretend they are not there so I can sit and sew and on the other hand I want to just get rid of every last one- which means I should finally just finish already. Boo. Good luck to you!

mini pendant lighting said...

i love your blog, its so cute!

Stacey said...

hey chicka~i miss you!! hope everything is ok, and hope you come back to me, i have wanted to call, but the kids have been unreal :O( but, talk to you soon, hope you come back real soon, and i am still waiting to hear all about market!!!

Hillary said...

Wow I hope everything has gone well with your quilt! I hope there wasn't to much procrastination on your part :) that's always my problem with giant new projects! The intimidation factor is huge! It sounds exciting though. I hope it went well & I hope we get to hear from you soon!

Kritta22 said...

Hi my long lost friend! did you get your quilt done? How are your boxes doing? Going away??

I WILL have my sewing machine out tomorrow...promise! I gotta finish our friends blocks.

Kritta22 said...

Do you know why rachel has a bandaid on her arm in Barbados?

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