momma to the rescue

04 June 2008

so my momma is coming to the rescue...for the endless love quilt. {thank god.} after a million dollars for gas and groceries, i had enough 'play money' to get the photo fabric sheets {a big pack this time} and a few cuts of fabric for another quilt, but not enough for my printer ink. seeing as we will be leaving in 23 days for vaca, i need to get it done. so my momma is going to purchase the ink for me. yayyy. i really think that she is more excited about this quilt then anybody. tehehe. and i had to tell yall. so within the next few days, i will be rocking out some major one-on-one time with granddaddy's quilt and of course share it with yall.

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Rachel's Momma said...

I am so proud of you and your work. Your work definitley shows your beautiful personality. I love you so much!

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