my blog finds a new home

23 June 2008

o'righty. i have moved my blog. to yes, you guessed it, right here. i have found that it was very hard for some people to navigate where it was before, over at, so i made this happy quilting place...mixed with some everyday life.

i did take the liberty to repost all my older entries from the other site. it felt easier that way. lol.

this blog isn't quite where i want it but it's mine. tehehe.

so enjoy. tell me what yall think.

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Fer said...

Nice one Rachel!

I've had a separate blog for a little while as I wanted to show stuff un-quilting related that I didn't think suited APQ.

I'll have to put you on my blog roll as well!

Cheers, Jen :o) (Lonnie Girl)

Ruth said...

I started out at APQ also. I still post there once in a while, but mostly post on my blogspot site. Hope you will add me to your list. I am putting you in my google reader to keep up with you, since I have read almost all of your APQ posts. Good luck! Ruth

Eileen said...

Nice to see you at your new blogspot home! Hope you get it "just where you want it".
And so glad you joined us in the Summer Stash!

Anonymous said...



You've done great!


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