mary poppins gets the job done

17 June 2008

do you ever wish you were mary poppins??? that you could just snap your fingers and the fabric would just cut itself...perfectly??? you know you have...right???

well i have spent the last, oh i don't know, million hours cutting fabric for my ohio outdoor quilt festival quilt. and i STILL have fabric to cut!!! geez. lol. i have about 3/4 of the fabric cut, but ummm, i HAD to piece some stuff together. {i needed a change of pace because i was getting bored fast. lol.} does that ever happen to yall???

i don't have pics just yet for yall. but i will in my next blog. but to refresh yall's minds. {or for people that missed that blog} here is what i'm working on.

holly holderman's sweet retreat. {june 08' american patchwork & quilting}

more details coming a blog near you.

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