05 April 2013

in the past 14 days, 3 out of 4 kiddos, plus the hubby, had the stinkin' flu.
so. not. fun.
but thank the good lord above that that's over.

things are starting to get somewhat back in order.
today is the last day of spring break. (again, thank you, jesus.)
i'm starting to get a bit stir crazy with these kids. lol.

i've spent the last week cleaning like a mad woman.
legit spring cleaning.
and i decided that my kitchen needed a pick me up.
although i'd love to knock out a wall, paint, install new flooring and refinish the cabinets, i had to stick with some new decorating.

see that platter on the wall?
it's a turkey platter.
and i love it there.
hanging plates on the wall makes me think i'm turning into my great grandmother.
i'm okay with that.

oh, and look at those yummy fat quarter bundles.
left: honey honey by kate spain.
right: simply style by v and co.
i think they'd play quite nicely with each other, don't y'all?

xo, rachel

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mascanlon said...

They do look yummy together!! I have a stack of Honey, Honey but some of us have to wait until fabric is available to public....sigh...I love Vanessa's new line so much! ( And I have my Grandmother's plates on the wall, she used them to serve Ladies lunches on Canasta day)

Lindsey said...

SO pretty!

Sorry on the flu - I had a kid home sick last week and was so worried it would pass through the house.

I'm normally very eager for the kids to go back to school after winter/spring/summer break, but now that it means me going back to work, I wish it wouldn't fly by so fast (but I'm sick of the kids fighting. I might sell them.)

Carla said...

Indeed they would! Enjoy your sewing and decorating ; )

Julierose said...

Boo to the flu for sure!! Hate, hate hate it--we were struck earlier on and you are just so tired after!!
I think those fabrics will work very well together--really nice bundles!! That should perk you up...Julierose

Karee said...

oh, these FQ bundles look wonderful together! How thoughtful of Kate & Vanessa.

Lisa said...

Hope everyone stays healthy! Yes I could see these two lines in a beautiful quilt!

Ellie Roberts said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! Honey Honey is my favorite line right now, LOVE it!

ceromero said...

I've been hacking for 6 weeks now! yuk! Love both of the bundles! And, love the quilted heating pad tutorial, too!

Sinta Renee said...

Yummy is right! The fabrics are gorgeous! I'm glad that your little family are feeling better!

Tamie said...

Oh my- you deserve another spring break next week when everyone goes back to school. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend.

Ten Cow said...

Pretty fabric!

Erica at Sew So Crafty said...

Glad to hear you are over the flu! I must admit, although I love holidays and love having my daughter at home, I am always pleased when school starts again and life goes back to its routine! So I do identify with you :-)

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, Yum! Whatchagonnamake???

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