18 April 2013

global bazaar. (blend fabrics.)
it's amazing how many times a quilter can fall in love with different fabrics, isn't it?
take these, for example.

fabric = global bazaar by josephine kimberling for blend fabrics.

the colors are so vibrant.
and the prints are oh, so dreamy.
this lovely stack just sat & sat because i didn't want to hack the fabrics to bits.
am i the only person that does this? i doubt it, but still.

this was my first time playing with blend fabrics.
they are very, very nice to work with.
i highly recommend y'all trying them out.

my sweet friend, jennifer, came into town a few weeks ago.
jennifer is one of the masterminds behind the vintage honey shop. (read more HERE.)
while our kiddos had a play date, we did, too.
yayyy. :)

jennifer & melissa.
because we couldn't bare to cut into the prints, we made infinity scarves.
here's the beauteous jennifer & melissa being perfect models.
i still have to finish my scarf, of course. slacker.
but i love the ones we finished for these two lovelies, don't y'all?

with our scraps, jennifer was planning to make some teething necklaces.
i can't wait to see how those turn out.

oh, and i have to say, i might have found a new addiction with making infinity scarves.
how about y'all?
have you tried your hand at making them?

xo, rachel

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IHeartQuilting said...

Wow, I just made myself an infinity scarf today. My sisters and girls and I started a sort of secret sewing project group recently. Each month or two, one of us buys enough of two fabrics so that everyone gets a 1/2 yard of each. We then have about 6 weeks or so to create something with the fabric, without telling anyone else what the project is. Then we get together for the reveal when everyone is finished. It is so much fun! Anyway, this month I purchased the fabric, with a coffee theme. I wanted to do something different and non-kitcheny with it, so I made an infinity scarf. I love it, and I love yours. They are so easy.

Boo McCready said... do you make an infinity scarf? Can guess at the process but what are the measurements? They look so fun and would be a great project for young sewers.

Alice in WV said...
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