a halloween tale.

05 November 2012

trick or treat - edit
once upon a time there was a momma who thought she would be wicked cool and order amazing trick or treat-ish fabrics to make THE best trick or treat pillowcases on the planet.
so the momma purchased the aforementioned fabrics after halloween LAST year vowing to make THE best trick or treat pillowcases for THIS year.
the question is, did that happen?!?! of course it didn't.
BUT the momma has vowed to her children, and now you fine folks, that THE best trick or treat pillowcases WILL be ready for halloween NEXT year.
pinky swear.

a few things ...
#1} the green lantern would like for me to point out that he was NOT picking his nose. he was adjusting his mask.
#2} the witch is my mother in law. the lollipop girl with the jack-o-lantern bucket is my niece.
#3} thanks to hurricane sandy, we didn't trick or treat until this past weekend, so i promise that i'm not super duper lame for not posting this sooner.
and #4} we always used pillowcases for trick or treat growing up. did y'all?!?!


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harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

YES we used pillow cases ; however , I am much older than you ! :D sew the pillowcases now , or you won't do them for next year !!! just some advice there from experience . AND Last : DARTH VADER ROCKS !!! and please tell the green lantern : YEAH ; WHATEVER >>>>>>

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

There was no trick or treating when I was a kid and we didn't even really celebrate Halloween. Sad, you might think, but I should add that I am from the UK (now in Canada), so we had a different celebration, actually tonight Nov. 5th. With bonfires and food and fireworks and last night was our night to go out and cause mischief....oh oh.
type Guy Fawkes night or Bonfire Night and Mischief night U.K. into Wikipedia.
Brings back memories; we used to tie a piece of clear fishing line to the neighbours door knocker and take the line and go hide in the ditch, yards away. We made one particular neighbour come to the door several times. How bad we were. (not me, but others, would take gate hinges off and make the gate balance, so then the first time someone tried to open the gate, it would fall over.....)

Sandra said...

yes, i agree. make the pillowcases, use them as gift wrap for some of the kids Christmas gifts and then they'll have them (before they get too old for trick or treating....O)

quiltzyx said...

Yep, I used a pillowcase for trick or treating too!

I think it's funny reading about this, because I was part of a group of 15 sewists who made 270 pillowcases YESTERDAY for ConKerr Cancer! They will all go to children with cancer or other serious diseases.

CitricSugar said...

We did pillowcases, especially on warmer nights (which were rare because we usually had snow) and had the patented spin and twist move before throwing the sack over the shoulder once it got heavy. :-)

yarnivorous said...

Umm, maybe the pillowcases should be made now, and given for Christmas?
I saw the most awesome Darth Vader last week - he had white runners with sparkly lights inside the soles. Imagine how menacing he would've been in the films wearing those?

Suvi said...

I was wondering what the big deal with the pillowcases was until I got to the end of the post, hee hee! No halloween here (italy) or in my homecountry (Finland). The kids did some halloween decorations at school, but that was it.

Sandra, bonfire night in the UK is awesome! We used to go to Lewes for bonfire night when we lived in the UK (I was in Souhtampton, my sister in Brighton so Lewes was handy for both).

Josie McRazie said...

We just always used walmart type bags.
and tell Green Lantern we don't buy the whole adjusting his mask story! ;o)

Jenny Watson Blogs said...

Kids are looking fantastic in this pic thanks for sharing.

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