irish flood quilts.

01 December 2009

it's NO secret that i ♥ ireland.
it's our homeland...our roots.
knowing this, yall will understand why this is SO close to my heart.

yall might {or might not} have heard about the flooding in ireland.
it's said that it's the worst occurrence in the past 800-ish years.
the south & west ends are effected first, followed by the midland areas.

500-600 homes have already been effected.
the news in county cork displaced families at a staggering 18,000.
it could be weeks or months before many residents can even estimate damages.
i know!!! heart breaking!!!

so here is where we can come in!!!
we can take our hobby and put warmth back in ireland for the flood victims.

how can yall help???
yall can make & donate disappearing nine patch blocks.
yall can make & donate charity quilts.
yall can donate backings & battings.
yall can donate longarm quilting.
easy peasy stuff.

i am colaborating with irish quilting magazine for this cause.
these ladies are the best of the best and are already putting things into action.

any blocks, quilts, backings & battings can be sent to me.
{in case you can't send international mail.}
or you can send them directly to ireland.

i realize that it's the christmas season...
please just take a few minutes to consider helping.
a disappearing nine patch block takes about 5 minutes to make.
that 5 minute block will warm someone's heart EVERYTIME they see it.

pattern resources:
disappearing nine patch tutorial here. {& here.}
lap size disappearing nine patch quilt tutorial here.
irish quilting flood relief quilt pattern here.

if there are any questions, i will update this post.

question #1: when is the deadline???
we currently don't have a hard date.
i know that we are aiming to do this as soon as possible though.

question #2: can i donate towards shipping costs???
absolutely!!! any and all donations are appreciated.
i can write you a reciept too for tax purposes.

question #3: can i just send blocks???
yes!!! your blocks will be made into a quilt top.
{either by myself or the ladies at irish quilting magazine.}

question #4: what address do i send my blocks/quilts to???
if you are sending to me...
i will give you my address upon request.
{i don't want to publish it on my blog.}

if you are sending to ireland...
irish quilting magazine
flood relief in action
berowra djouce
county wicklow

question #5: can we donate completed quilts that aren't disappearing nine patch???
finished quilts do NOT have to be disappearing nine patch quilts.
please feel free to donate whatever type of quilt you are lead to donate.

please take a button and spread the news!!!

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Stacey said...

i am going to see what i can do, i posted a link of your blog here on ravelry (my knitting community, they like to help a lot on things), so keep your eyes out! i will let you know, how long are you collecting for??

Julie said...

I've got some batting I can send to you. DM me on twitter (thehappyatelier) and let me know where.

Lexilooo said...

I just made a few of these squares not too long ago, and haven't done anything with them yet. I'm a beginner quilter, and am not very good at binding. Is there someone that I could send my squares to, who could make them into a larger quilt?

Jennie said...

Hi Rachel!

I have this quilt ( done, washed and ready to be mailed. I could send it to Ireland this afternoon, if it will work. It's 48" x 60". It would be good for a little girl, maybe!

Let me know, and let me know an address if it will work! I don't mind shipping international.

~ Jennie

Molly said...

Just posted about this on my blog, and I'm hard at work on my blocks! :)

Allie said...

Hey Rachel,
I could longarm one if you need it.

Rafael's Mum said...

Hey Rachel, of course I'll help. Can I send directly to Ireland? Do the magazine ladies put blocks together or do they just receive full quilts? From the UK sending direct makes more sense!

I have tried to put the button on my blog but I must be doing something wrong as I just get text....

two hippos said...

I can try and make some blocks and send you some material. Can you please send me your address? Thanks!

Barb said...


I have a few made up already, just regular quality fabric if that is okay? I would be happy to send them to you.

Rose said...

I would love to send a couple 9 patch blocks to you, send me your address please! Also, we should start those off with 5" squares?

Kaaren said...

I will be sending a finished quilt off by the end of the week to the gals at the Irish quilting magazine and will be posting about this on my blog tomorrow.

Having visited Ireland many times in my "younger" days, it's a place that will always be close to my heart. My husband's family is from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland.

Kaye Prince said...

I just posted about this on my blog (and linked back to you and Irish Quilting Magazine). Hopefully some of my sewing and quilting buddies will want to get in on the action too!

I am going to make a few blocks to help out. I'll probably send them direct (since I'm in Canada), but if I need your address I'll email you. We Irish have to stick together!

an encourager said...

Yes, I do want to be counted in!!! I haven't yet looked at the pattern, but with as much of a stash as overflows in my sewing room, surely I can whip out a few for you. I will send them to you as soon as I can get back into my sewing room (I have a newsletter that I must finish's taking forever!) You may send your address to thanks.

l said...

my daughter and I helped out with the Australian Bush Fire Quilt project and I know she will love to help the Irish as well. I would like to make a couple of blocks and send them to you.
Here's my e-mail:
thank you for doing this, I always appreciate when our quilting can help out others.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

you know i'm in. i'll quilt some tops that you make from blocks ppl send in.. if you want them to send backing or batting donations right to me thats ok.. you know my addy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I will be mailing you hopefully two blocks ( I don't have my fabric right now) and I'm spreading the word on my regular message boards and on my blog (

Can you email your address so I can mail them to you? Does it matter what size the blocks are?

Bree said...

This is so sad, I can't beleive I missed it in the news! My heart hurts for them! My dad's family is from Ireland...I'll send a few blocks to them!

Amber Polk said...

I posted this on my blog. I'm new to blogging so I don't know how much traffic it will get.

I plan on sending as many blocks as I can make this week.

Babs said...

I too have deep Celtic roots. I would love to make some blocks and tops, but I can't quilt them. Can you please send me your address and give me some sort of idea of a deadline? Thanks for all your work in this effort.

Kathi said...

My dad was from County Leitrim. I stopped reading news in January so I had no idea this was happening.
I have a pink & white string quilt top that would be great for a girl.
No time to quilt it but can include batting & backing so your people can do it up!
Send address and I will get it out ASAP.

Amber Polk said...

I forgot to ask for your address!! My email is amberrpolk @ yahoo(dot)com

That's two r's in the middle.

Anonymous said...

p.s.: your blog is crap.

Sherry said...

Is there not a country zip code?

My great-great grandfather was William Griffith born 1828 in Georgia USA...we haven't traced back further than that...yet.

Eileen said...

Hi Rachel ~ I'm in, too!

Brooke said...

Is this still going on?? I was looking for a deadline but did not see one. I lived in Ireland for a time and its close to my heart. I would love to participate.

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