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23 January 2009

look at THIS!!!

arabella has arrived!!!
{pat sloan's brand spanking new fabric line!!!}

rachel, when asked to comment on arabella's arrival, simply said:
"tehehehehehehe!!! tehehehehehehe!!!
this IS my happy face!!!
tehehehehehehe!!! tehehehehehehe!!!
i'm SO excited!!!
tehehehehehehe!!! tehehehehehehe!!!
some of that belongs to ME!!!
tehehehehehehe!!! tehehehehehehe!!!"
we are told this is a direct quote.

sources say she's getting a fat quarter bundle and a secret garden kit!!!

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Anonymous said...


Kritta22 said...

She is sooo awesome!!

I love that fabric!

Stacey said...

I just joined in on the fun also, now I am doing this and the calendar quilt challenge with you. Sounds like loads of fun!

Lisa said...

i love that fabric! thanks for posting about it because i MUST get some!!!!

a good yarn said...

Pat is a fabric design diva! We are not worthy....

Shelly said...

Did I understand you to say that Pat DESIGNED this fabric? OMG it is gorgeous. I'm jealous of any and all of you fortunate enough to get some of it now. Maybe I'll be able to later, but just can't swing it now.
P.S. Rachel, did you ever get the comment "from one Rachel to another" from DragonsDolphin? If not, you really need to go check out the Dragon's blog to see what is waiting for you there. If you're not interested, please let me know so that I may bestow it on someone that is interested.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the fabric...and your block with perfect points...wonderful.Don't think I have ever made perfect points on anything??????Congrats.

Cheryl said...

Very, very lucky!!!!

Sara said...

Yeah for you! She is great, love the fabric!

You have been busy, everything looks great!

Lynn E said...

Me Too!!!! FQ and Kit

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