irish quilting magazine.

24 January 2009

two words:
love it!!!
and i think i'm addicted!!!
{okay okay so it was more like seven words...but who cares???}

and sherry...when i opened it up and held it in my hands...i actually got all teary eyed.
yes i, rachel, cried over irish quilting magazine.
it's okay though...cause that's how i roll.

yall can get a copy here.

p.s. i bought some magic sizing last night at walmart.
thanks yall for answering my questions.

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Kritta22 said...

What is this world coming to? Naked women on a QUILTING magazine! Oh man.

DId you get your box yet??

I went to a quilting class SOOOOO need to make this quilt. I'll share with you if you wanna. Check out my blog tomorrow for pictures.

Sherry said...

thanks Rachel!! So glad you like! Wait til issue two, hitting Europe TOMORROW (early!). Anyway it is 10 times better, more Irish,and no nudies --Kritta will be glad to know. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay I am sure your new Mag is awesome and it makes me happy that you are happy, BUT, I had to laugh my ass off about the naked chick on the cover!!!! What do naked chicks have to do with quilting?? Maybe they are trying to get Irish Men into quilting?? hehehehehehe
Enjoy your new mag sister!

a good yarn said...

So this is a quilt magazine for blokes?

Cheers...Ann :)

megha said...

lol they use woman everywhere.

Sherry said...

Hi Rachel, can you drop your mailing address to me? We are rewarding anyone who blogs about Irish Quilting with an Issue #3! The naked woman is in relation to Bortelli's classical Birth of Venus--if you look closely she is a replica in same stance---but more importantly, she got your attention!! ;)

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