introducing alyssa jane.

18 November 2008

here is miss alyssa jane. and me.
she's the cute one.

born today!!!
6 lbs. 10 ozs.
18 inches long.

she is SO cute.
and i immediately fell in love.

who is she???
well my sister-inlaw. {who i refer to as the sister.}
her twin sister melinda is the mommy of alyssa jane.
{did yall catch that???}

we are all very close.
and melissa & melinda might as well be my real sisters.
so we call ourselves sisters.
so miss alyssa jane has an adopted auntie rachel.

here is the quilt i made her.
i didn't pick the fabric.
{the sister did. she's a HUGE betty boop fan.}
but i think it's SUPER cute.
{and i'm NOT a betty boop}

okay so the reason why the pics are SO shiny is:
my camera sucks. hardcore.
{hubby please make note to self that i need a new digital camera!!!}
the sister will take better pics for me...for yall.

and i thought i had baby fever i REALLY do.
i already broke the news to the hubby.

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Chookyblue...... said...

COngrats Adopted Aunty Rachel..........

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