endless love: phase two

21 May 2008

batten down the hatches yall...the quilting storm is about to roll in. lol. i spent the better half of my morning yesterday making my granddaddy & grandmomma's wedding picture come alive on fabric. i thought that this was a fun experience and i made sure that i took pictures at all the steps to share it with yall. it was very easy, all you had to do was print, iron, colorfast, lay flat to dry, pat dry, iron again, then cut...and there you have your own personal work of art. i will say that the picture fabric will shrink a bit, so DON'T cut your fabric the size you want it until after ALL the steps. {2nd time was a charm for me. tehehe.} i made the picture an 8x8 square, so that after seam allowances i will have a finished 6x6 block. yall should know that i was SO excited after having the picture on fabric, that i made a mock layout in my bedroom floor. in my last blog i said i was feeling uncomfortable about those 4 darker squares around the middle, but when the picture was put in place, my hubby & i picked a different fabric to put there, and now it just comes alive. so with that being said, enjoy phase two. i'm sewing rows together today so...phase three is coming soon to a blog near you.

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