it's homemade, not flawless

23 May 2008

well i decided that for mother's day i would make my ma-inlaw a little something. nothing TOO outlandish, but something thoughtful. well i thought about her and what i could make that would be useful to her...and have it done by mother's day. {yeah right.} and here's what i thought: when she places a casserole dish on the table she always puts 2 potholders underneath it to keep the table safe from heat. thought was, 'why have 2 potholders when i can make her a 'hotpad' to use instead.' it seemed like a good idea to so i started searching for a quick-to-do project and i came across the 'rolling stones' project on this website. fabric cutting took no time at all. then i started putting the pieces together, and i swear they are SO tiny to work with. it actually frustrated me. and it frustrated me enough that i didn't even want to attempt the 'flying geese' sashing. i just finished it this evening. {yeah i know mother's day was almost 2 weeks ago, but she's been out of town, and won't be in town until sunday.}'s my version of 'rolling stones'...made to match my ma-inlaw's favorite green dishes. did i mention she has about 12 sets of dishes??? lol. oh, and i cheated and used a pre-made, iron-on quilt label {since this is only 8 3/4 x 8 3/4, and the adhesive smeared. oh's homemade, not flawless. tehehe. {and the label doesn't look that translucent in person, must have been the flash.}

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