endless love: phase one

19 May 2008

o'righty. so i FINALLY decided on a pattern for my granddaddy's endless love quilt. simple as it may sound, i'm doing a good ol' fashioned 'trip around the world' quilt. i wanted the quilt to be beautiful, but NOT in any way, shape or form take away from their wedding picture. so in the very middle of the quilt, instead of a nine-patch block, i will be placing the 6x6 picture. and since this is a 'trip around the world' quilt, i was limited to how many fabrics i could choose without going overboard. i chose the following 8 fabrics, which i think are the best compliments to my grandparent's wedding picture. i played with the squares a little bit today, they are 2 1/2 inch squares, and i think that i found the placement that i am happy with, and the one that does the most justice to the picture. so, here are the 8 fabrics...a mock layout...and their wedding picture. {sorry the fabrics blend in with my counter top...and the flash made the fabrics seem much lighter in the layout picture...lol.} i'm thinking that the 4 lonely {darker} squares around the middle will be finding a new home...there's something about it that just doesn't sit right with me. lol. what do yall think???

oh, and one more thing...i cut enough fabric to make 2 of these 'trip around the world' quilts. so i am actually going to be working on them both. and so i am thinking of putting my wedding picture in the 2nd quilt and giving it to the hubby...as a surprise. {he always says, 'making another quilt...that's not gonna be for me...*hint hint*'} so i think i will sneak and make him this one. and i'll be able to hide it well, because he'll assume it's my granddaddy's quilt. any thoughts on the matter???

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