a 'winner' in my book

05 May 2008

so in early january i decided to enter my 1st contest. it was a new experience for me, it was very fun, and it made my creative juices flow. you had to design a "new" 12x12 quilt block, using any fabrics, shapes, colors, etc. and although i did not win, or even come close, i wanted to keep the block. well it's just been sitting here, hanging out in my quilting stash. and i thought, "why should i keep it hid just because i didn't win???" so yesterday i vowed to make something out of it. i thought either a pillow, a small wall quilt, or a small table topper. and that's just what i did. i made a 12x12 wall quilt. it's cute, and mini, and i love it. i decided to hang it in our master bedroom, underneath this charming rustic shelf my hubby bought me about 4 years ago. so that is where it will call it's "home sweet home" and it fits perfectly. i'm SO glad that i decided to do something with my "loser" of a quilt block, because now it's a "winner" in my book. tehehe. oh and i absolutely LOVED using a feather stitch for the quilting, it added SO much character! {these pictures were taken in my kitchen, just so i could hurry up and show yall the finished product.}

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